Memories Of Yesteryear

A YT1300 freighter entered the Coruscant system. The freighter was headed for Coruscant, once upon a time Imperial Center and Seat of the Republic. With her point five class sublight drives, the freighter, known to many as the Millenium Falcon, eased into orbit around Coruscant. On board, Han Solo was alone, as he was every year at this time. He would leave for Coruscant alone, to wallow in his memories. Memories of life before the war, the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. The war that had claimed the lives of so many, including two lives, two lives that were very dear to him.

As he orbited over what was once the Dhuryam's Well, or Well of the World Brain, he sighed. So many had died for, with 365 trillion being the war's death toll total. People had lost their loved ones, homes, possesions, lives, and peace. He leaned back in his chair, feeling the familiar lump in it pressing at his back. he closed his eyes, remembering...


"I didn't do it!" a five year old Anakin shouted defiantly, as pieces of what was once Calamarian vase littered the floor.
"You know you did it. Now clear up!" sanpped Leia, waaging a finger at Anakin, who sulked and picked up a vacuum cleaner.

Jacen showing off his Stump Lizard to Leia. "It eats Star-Flowers, mom!" he said, as the lizard snoozed on his shoulder.
"Jacen, maybe you should find a mate for it," Leia suggested. "I would like to, but they're really rare," Jacen replied.

Luke and Mara holding a newborn Ben Skywalker. "He's beautiful," Luke said.
"You bet he is! After all that trouble," joked Mara

"You scoundrel!" Leia scolded as he peeped at her showering in their quarters back on Coruscant.

"You equipped a TIE Fighter with a hyperdrive!" Han yelled, as Jaina explained how Qorl managed to escape from the Falcon's bombardment.

A red faced Jacen and Tenel-Ka caught kissing in a sonic broom closet.

"Those were the good old days," he said, sighing. 'Then came the war,' he thought.


Watching Urdorff City pull out of orbit, leaving Duro behind, as Tsavong Lah's forces butchered the remaining defenders into surrender.
"Come down to Duro's surface to consumnate your surrender in you... in yours... in person!" Tsavong Lah said, using an Oggzil to broadcast his threat.

The Ychna, eighty meter wide mouth open and mangled by a proton torpedo, floating in the vacuum of space, killed by Anakin, his son, when it was munching on Orr Om City.
"Got 'em!" shouted Anakin triumphantly through the comm channels.

The Errant Venture, blasting Yuuzhan Vong forces aside at the Battle for Yavin 4. Booster Terrik demanded to see his grandson, Valin, but opened fire on the Vong when he discovered that they were trying to kill Valin.

Elegos A'kla's polished skeleton, sent to Corran Horn by Shedo Shai, with a challenge from Shedo Shai. Ithor dying after the death of Shedo Shai during the challenge.

Ithor, burning when the Yuuzhan Vong ship, Legacy of Torment crashed into its bacterium poisoned atmosphere. The Republic and Imperial forces watched helplessly as Ithor became a sister world to Alderaan.

Jaina sticking her lightsaber into Tsavong Lah's throat at Ebaq 9, killing him.

Elan, the phoney Yuuzhan Vong defector, dying of Bo'tous poisoning.

Chewbacca, howling at Dobido, Sernpidal's smaller moon, as it came crashing down towards Sernpidal. Chewie, dying after saving Anakin, who later died on the Baanu Rass, after destroying the Voxyn Queen.

He snapped out of his reverie, and looked at the chronometer. He noticed that five hours, had passed, and he shook his head.

"Too many memories," he said, as tears stung his eyes.

"Why can't I forget? Why?"


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