Memoirs of A Jedi

Luke tossed and turned in his bed. It was stuffy, stuffy for a night on Yavin 4. Turning onto his back, he stared out of the window, at the gigantic shadow of Yavin Yavin 4 had changed. Changed by the war.

He closed his eyes, remembering.

So many memories…..

Ben Kenobi, saving him from the Sand People he had encountered. He remembered Ben handing him his first lightsaber, saying, "This was your father's."

The dianoga, attacking him, Han, and Leia in the Death Star's Garbage Masher.

The agony as Darth Vader, his father, sliced of his right hand, leaving him to fall through the never-ending Tibanna clouds of Bespin.

Yoda dying, sickly, on his sleeping pallet, a mere shadow of the Jedi Master he had once been before the Great Purge. "Strong I am in the Force, but not that strong," he had said, before he became one with the Force.

Jabba the Hutt's guttural laughter as he and the unwitting Gammorean Guard Jubnuk fell into the rancor pit. Jabba's sail barge later exploding over the Great Pit of Carkoon, while he, Han, Leia, Chewie, and Lando flew to safety on a stolen skiff.

The helplessness he felt when within close range of an Ysalamiri.

Dolph, now Kueller, taunting him as he crushed the life out of Pyrdr's people, every one of them.

He sighed. Those days had indeed been happy, compared to the days of late. The Second Imperium, then the Yuuzhan Vong, had caused so much pain…… Too much…..

Brakiss, one of his students, fleeing Yavin 4 out of fear.

Chewie bouncing the twins on his lap as they played by the river's edge.

Exar Kun, resurrected as a shadow, looming over him, gloating. The Sun Crusher taking off, Kyp in it. "Foolish Jedi!" Kun sneered, "He's mine! And there's nothing you can do to save him!"

Brakiss, returning with the armies of the Second Imperium, bombarding the forests of Yavin 4.

Nolaa Tarkona's cronie Kambrea, calling in the Diversity Alliance's troops to kill off the New Republic's delegation to Ryloth.

Mara, skeletal and sick, infected by Nom Anor's vile Coomb Spores.

Vergere, giving Mara an antidote, her tears, and later Ben's birth, which fully cured her.

The Yuuzhan Vong and Peace Brigade blockading Yavin 4 when Borsk Fey'la sold out his students. The Vong had landed their colossal barracks, called damuteks, crushing the temples under them. The shapers, who had nearly killed Anakin.

The death of Anakin, after he destroyed the voxyn queen on the Baanu Rass, killing hundreds of Yuuzhan Vong in the process.

Yag'Dhul, where the Givin heroically defended their vacuum-surfaced planet from the Vong.

The bloated squidlike slaveship, which the Vong had used to capture hundreds, maybe thousands, of the Empire's remaining citizens. The forging of an Alliance with Grand Admiral Pellaeon after he had recovered from his grievous injuries.

The Supreme Overlord Shimmra, towering over him, poisoning him with the Royal Amphistaff.

His reminiscing was interrupted by sunlight shing through his window. He blinked. Where had the eight hours gone? Getting out of bed, he punched the wall, sobbing. Why couldn't he forget? Why wouldn't the Force ease his pain? Why!