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Rain pelted lightly on the castle windows as the early morning approached. Not many people were awake, if not any, well, besides herself anyway. The rain had been going on for at least a week straight, and it was always light and very humid. Even so to wake her up so early drenched with humid-endured sweat.

Hermione groaned, it was only three in the morning, and she was officially awake at the moment, with her subconscious refusal to sleep once more.

Seeing as everyone was still slumbering in the girls dormitory as she stepped out of her Head Girls room and as how it wasn't very hygienic of her to stay all nasty with sweat. Of course, the thought of using a cleansing spell occurred to Hermione, but for some strange reason, she felt that it just wouldn't do a nice shower justice.

Making sure no one had awoken with her being there, Hermione silently crept down the stairs and out of the Griffindor Common room and headed straight for the Head Girls private shower.

Knowing full well that if she were caught by a teacher, she would most likely get a detention for being out late after curfew, she opened the doors to the showers and closed the doors behind her.

Hermione smiled, for some strange reason, she had lost most of her lines for authority and rules.

"Guess I have Harry and Ron to thank for that…" Hermione grumbled in a chuckling way. In her earlier years, she would have been in a right mind to be appalled by the thought and actions of what she was doing now.

Stripping her clothes and lying them on a bench, she turned on the shower to hot. The hot water cascading down her back made her feel better in her body and it seemed to have calmed whatever nerves that had been rattled.

"And besides, what's so disapproving of a nice shower? I mean honestly, you shouldn't have to break a stupid rule just to clean yourself no matter what time you wake up…"

Reaching out at a bottle of shampoo that had been on the bench, squirted some in her hair and began lathering. The grabbing a flower smelling soap, Hermione proceeded to further clean up. Then afterwards she rinsed everything off and turned off the shower head and grabbed her wand and immediately performed a drying spell.

And with a right flick of her wrist, muttered lightly, "Dryviso." And pulled on her robes and scooped up what she had had on previously and headed out of the shower room.

Hermione sighed as she began her way back to the Griffindor Common room, and as she passed a class room she turned her head. Something had moved, Hermione was sure of that for two reasons. One, she obviously saw it and Two, the rustling of clothing was non-mistakable.

Moving into the classroom that was supposed to be empty, Hermione was half shocked as to what she saw and with a gasp dropped what she had been holding in her arms. Two males were facing each other with their wands at the ready. And a crowd had surrounded them as well.

Harry Potter, one of her best friends since her first year at Hogwarts, was one and the other was Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin student who had been their sworn enemy, for lack of a better word.

"Harry! What on earth are you doing!" she huffed, but not daring to scream for fear of rousing other teachers and most likely getting them expelled.

Draco looked over at her and sneered, "Having your filthy little mudblood come to save you, eh Potter?"

The dark haired Harry took a chance and looked at her as well and said simply, "Hermione, stay out of this. It isn't your business," and with a snap of his head looked venomous at the white blonde haired boy, "and don't you dare call her that!"

"What do you think your going to do about it exactly? Are you going to beg on your knees for mercy? Even though you don't deserve it, go ahead. Get down on your knees and beg!" Draco yelled, probably forgetting about the tiny fact that if he indeed woke up Teachers it wouldn't be very good for anybody.

Hermione looked at the people just standing by and angrily said, "How can you people just stand there and watch!" Some of the people bowed their heads, most likely they were in Griffindor themselves. Hermione didn't really care as she held her wand out and pointed it at the two dueling boys just about to disarm them before anybody got hurt.

"Ha! Like I'd really do that! Ageosilniumgeni!" Harry yelled just at the same time Draco bellowed a, "Reductobirthryco!"

Hermione was about to say "Expeliarmus" when someone, most likely for Slytherin, pushed her hard, so hard in fact, that Hermione came between the two spells before they could hit their appropriate targets.

The two spells, who were basic opposite of each other, were never supposed to meet at once spot. "Ageosilniumgeni" was a very advanced aging spell that made the target grow old within an instant, and the "Reductobirthryco" spell was equally advanced and made the target descend in ages so quickly, they became a new born infant. The outcome is unknown when these two curses hit each other at the exact same time.

Clutching her wand in an unbreakable death grip, Hermione blacked out with the force of the spells and fell into what seemed like a slip in time and fell through it.

Everyone was shocked beyond belief to say the least.

"Well well well. Now what is going on here?" a cold voice from the entrance of the classroom spoke the question as id he didn't really care but for the sake of getting any Griffindor in trouble. And not soon afterward another voice came and surveyed the surroundings.

"Potter, Malfoy! What has happened?"

Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall had both arrived and not very pleased with what they had just bore witness to within the last seconds.