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A black sensation seemed to take over her body as Hermione passed out. There was no telling how long she had been unconscious, for time passed quickly or very slowly when you aren't aware of anything. But as she neared the brink of life, Hermione became aware of a particular movement that happened on her body.

Very aware in fact, that she had no problem distinguishing what it was. Something was moving over her left breast in a circular motion. Now the last time Hermione check, nothing besides another human being could produce that lovely emotion of lust that ran through her veins.

Which, all an all, was basically silly she told herself. For Hermione was pretty sure that she had blacked out on the cold stone of the floor of an empty classroom.

But then why, she had to ask herself, was she on top of a nice mattress-like surface? But then, surely after what had happened, the Professors that had come on to the scene would have ordered her to be brought up to the hospital wing?

But then came the same doubt.

If she was indeed in the possession of Madame Pomfrey, why was she under the impression that someone was "manhandling" her left breast?

And that's when Hermione thought best to open her eyes to confirm surroundings and where she was. With vision as blurry as hers at the moment, no one could have had the talent to see where they were. But because she required not the assistance of spectacles, her vision slowly became as clear as her twenty/twenty vision allowed.

One other bed was visible with an occupant. Not entirely suspicious, considering she was under the impression of being in the hospital wing. But the strange thing was, that was all the beds she could see from her position of being horizontal on a bed. And it had dark blue canopy drapes around it on all sides.

And there was still the sensation of being manhandled not to be forgotten.

Taking great caution, Hermione glanced downwards and was shocked and horrified that a hand had been groping her most rudely and a casual leg had been draped around her hips. Taking ten deep breaths and thinking that there must be a rational explanation for this, this… person behind her.

Hermione craned her neck to see exactly who was behind her and let out a gasp. The person occupying the bed with her looked oddly familiar and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. And then slowly the eyes of the boy who was beside her began to open.

Grey eyes had opened a crack when Hermione let out a blood churning scream as she sat up quickly, "AHHHHHHHH!"

And everyone who had been sleeping peacefully awoke with a start. More likely, they woke up and fell out of bed due to quick reflexes. And to Hermione's happy moment, the offending hand and leg had left it's spot.

And then as another boy stood up, and also looking painfully familiar with a sly expression when he saw her, she stopped screaming due to fright.

"Oy Padfoot! What the hell are you doing? Bringing…" The boy who had stood up trailed off, obviously trying to put Hermione's face with a name and failed then continued, "a girl into our dormitory?"

"Prongs, I honestly have no idea what you're talking about." Came "Padfoot's" shocked reply. He was also looking at Hermione with great wonder as to who she was.

"You? Honest? I don't think that's ever happened." A voice from behind them said casually.

"Moony, you wound me!"

"Most unlikely." "Moony" retorted with the same casual sound.

Hermione sat there, gaping like a fish. Her mouth opening and closing and no doubt she probably looked silly. Things were beginning to add up just a bit. She knew who was "Padfoot", "Prongs", and "Moony" easily enough. But the fact was that she had to except it was different entirely.

Everything came at Hermione she barely had time to register it. First, she'd been hit with two completely opposite aging spells, then she was groped awake (which now is the least of her worries), and now she finds out that she had most likely been sent back in time into the Marauders Time.

"Excuse me, but who exactly are you?" Moony asked as he gazed at her thoughtfully.

Hermione gulped as all three of them leaned in to hear what tshe had to say, and then it comes down to two questions and she really felt like punching William Shakespeare in the face. To lie or not to lie, that was indeed the question. Knowing full well about the Marauders Map, she went with not to lie.

"I am… Hermione Granger…" she said in a quiet voice with her head bent somewhat.

"So you're new in Griffindor then?" asked Prongs, looking at her robes and putting two and two together.

Hermione looked at her hands. In her right one still clutched her wand. Well, that was good. Nothing was as important as her wand. And absentmindedly muttered a unmistakable yes.

"Well, I'm James Potter. And to my left, is Sirius Black and right is Remus Lupin. And welcome to the premises of the Marauders." Prongs, or rather James said as he puffed out his chest with pride when he mentioned the Marauders.

"Hello." Well, what could Hermione say? 'Oh yes, hello! I know your older selves except you James, cause you're already dead. And you Sirius, you just died recently and hi there, you're my old professor for the Defense Against the Dark Arts! And on that note, I'm from the future and anything I say could throw off the course or time!'

And then a thought came to her and she murmured it aloud.

"What did she say Prongs?" Padfoot asked James.

"Don' know. Hey, Hermione, what did you just say?" James asked her with his eyes brows raised slightly.

"I need to speak to the head master at once!" Hermione said louder this time.

"You mean Dumbledor?" Asked Sirius asked.

"No, I meant Santa Claus you dolt! Yes of course I meant Dumbledor." Hermione answered with sarcasm.

Both James and Remus laughed openly, not even trying to hide it. Sirius scowled at them and muttered something about "bloody" and "friends" and lastly "are traitors!" with a growl at the end.

She sprang up from the bed in which she had been laying on with Sirius, and made her way out of the boys dormitory and silently made her way to professor Dumbledor's office. And then was met with the stone gargoyle.

"Oh no…The password! Lemon drop?" Hermione asked uncertainly and got no response what so ever, so she tried again, "Fizzing Whizzbees? Chocolate frogs. Different flavored beans! Laffy Taffy, Sugar Cane, Chocolate Covered Toadstools!" Hermione puffed, and then was startled when the gargoyle began ascending upwards.

'Chocolate covered toadstools? Now that sounds just plain sick to eat' and began walking up the stair case to speak to Dumbledor.