"italics" foreign language; aka Japanese.

"no italics" native language; aka english.


Tsunade sat at her desk, looking at the occupants of the four chairs in front of her.

Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Hatake Kakashi looked at her from the other side of the desk.

"we're going to be doing a long-term mission." announced Tsunade, linking her fingers together and looking at the four shinobi over them.

Kakashi, of whom knew what the mission was about, glanced at Tsunade over his beloved smutty book, then turned the page to read some smutty r-rated goodness.

Sakura tilted her head to the side, thinking about what this 'long term mission' could be.

Sasuke opened his deep black eyes and looked at the Godiame, almost looking curious.

Naruto grinned and leaned closer in his seat. he always loved long-term missions. they nearly always meant danger.

"we'll be going to the school 'hogwarts' for a year. this school is for witches and wizards. the headmaster, Dumbledore, has asked Kakashi to be his next Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, and for me to be a guest of honour." explained Tsunade, motioning a hand taward Kakashi when she said his name.

"Dumbledore said that we may bring some children as exchange students. and kakashi has chosen you three." Tsunade continued, motioning toward the two 16-year-olds and the 15-year old infront of her.

Sakura beamed. "a school! wonderful! i bet there are loads of things i can learn there!" she chimed happily.

"a school!" shreaked Naruto, waving his hands in the air. "a big load of poop that is! it's just a boring old school! and we're not children anymore, Tsunade-o-baa-chan! i may be the youngest, but i'm HEAPS better than he is! and he's older!" Naruto yelled, pointing at Sasuke.

"dumb ass..." muttered Sasuke softly, sighing and crossing his arms.

Naruto fumed, a vein popping in his forehead.

"you said 'witches and wizards', Hokage-sama..." Sasuke said slowly, bringing the words to the attention of his two teammates.

Tsunade nodded.

"but... i thought witches and wizards were things from fairy-tales!" gasped Sakura, staring at her female sensei and hokage.

Tsunade shook her head. "it's the same to them. ninja and shinobi are just from stories where they come from." she sighed, scratching behind her ear absent-mindedly.

Naruto gaped. Sakura almost squealed in delight. imagine how much she could learn from MAGIC! Sasuke's eyes sparkled ever so slightly with red. imagine the power he could gain if he could get a hand on this... magic...

"the school year will not start for another week, but Dumbledore has requested that we come a week in advance. so that means, today. anyway, we're due to leave in half an hour. get your stuff packed. say goodbye. we'll be staying there for around a year or less." Tsunade said, standing up.

Naruto grinned, saluted and ran out the door. Sakura bowed to Tsunade and ran just as fast out the door as Naruto. Sasuke gave Tsunade a polite nod and walked out of the door. leaving only Tsunade and Kakashi in the room.

"... you didn't tell them about the Potter boy... and what we're supposed to do with him..." Kakashi breathed softly under his mask, bookmarking his page and slipping the smutty book into his pocket.

Tsunade sighed, scratching behind her neck absent-mindedly. "... i know... i just... don't want Naruto to get too ahead of himself... just yet..."