I Will Love You Forever

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Three months later Olivia found herself standing atop a cliff over looking a beach. She was wearing a simplewhite gown that hugged her ever so slightly. Her hair was pulled into a low bun, anda simple veil was attached to the back. In her hand she held abouquet of lilies. Her daughter and three soon to be step daughters were standing to her side with Casey, and a now thinner Alex.

On the other side of the alter stood Munch, Fin, Cragen, and Dickie. And next to her stood Elliot, looking more handsome then ever in his black tux.

Olivia couldn't believe that she had made it here. After their vows Elliot slid a white gold wedding band onto Olivia's finger, and she slid his band onto his.

Both had a hard time containing themselves when the priest finally announced that Elliot could kiss his bride.

He wrapped his arms tightly around his new wife, and dipped her into a low kiss.

The reception was held right on the beach. They had rented a tent, and the caterer set up a dance floor.

Elliot and Olivia held each other as they swayed late that night.

Most of the guests had already dispersed, but the two newly-weds didn't care.

"I never thought I'd see you again." Olivia said, tilting her head to look into Elliot's crystal eyes. As they swayed to the rythm.

"I never thought I'd get to hold you again." Elliot smiled back.

"Funny how things work out huh?" Olivia asked. "I guess someone up there really wants to see us together."

"Remind me to thank them someday." Elliot answered.

"I love you." She whispered.

Elliot responded with a kiss. He slowly probed her mouth with his tongue as he held his wife tightly against him self.

"Why Mr. Stabler, aren't we frisky tonight?" Olivia smiled.

'Well, I must admit, I'm hoping to get lucky tonight." He flirted.

"Really, you have anyone special in mind?" Olivia flirted back.

"Well there is this really gorgeous woman I know." Elliot smiled. "But she's married."

"Oh, and too bad for you, because fromwhat I hear, her husband is the sexiest, sweetest, kindest man alive." Olivia answered.

"Oh, guess I'll just have to work onher then." Elliot smiled.

Olivia swatted him gently. "Now is that anyway to talk to your wife?" She asked.

"I love how that sounds.' Elliot answered. "My wife."

"I like it to." Olivia answered. "I really want to be withyou, for the first time as my husband." She informed him. She sounded sweet, not horny though.

"Well then, Mrs. Stabler, I say we call it a night." Elliot smiled. He took her by the hand and led her off the dance floor.

"Time for you too love birds to ride off into the sunset?" Fin asked. He, Munch, Fin, Cragen, Alex, Casey, Huang, their dates, and Elliot's kids were the only people still there.

"More like into the sunrise." Dickie corrected.

After everyone hugged the new couple, and whished them good luck, and Olivia gave one final kiss to Andrea, who was just barely awake. She and Elliot finally got in their limo and made their way to their honeymoon.

Olivia lay awake in bed that night, but for the first time in a while it was because she wanted to be awake.

She was curled close to Elliot's chest, and loved the slow rhythm of his chest rising and falling and the feel of his warm breath on her neck.

"I'm not going anywhere Liv, you can sleep." Elliot whispered as he held her tighter.

"I just don't want this night to end." Olivia answered as she shifted so that she could face her husband.

"But after tonight, we get to have the rest of our lives, together." Elliot smiled. "I love you Olivia Stabler." He said as he kissed her softly.

"I love you too Elliot Stabler. And I will never stop." She answered, returning the kiss. She rested her head against her husband's chest and let her self drift off to sleep in the protective, warm, familiar, loving arms that she never thought would hold her again.

In her dreams she saw her and Elliot with their family. They were sitting on a bench in the park watching Andrea play with her siblings.

Olivia and Elliot fell asleep with smiles on their faces that night. Their lives had been ripped apart, and they had finally come back together.

They knew that no matter what happened in their lives, nothing could ever keep them apart ever again.

Elliot and Olivia would love eachother forever.

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