Know your stars…Charmed Style

A:N/ This is some weird little thing they used to do on Nickelodeon all the time. This slow dragged out voice would say all kinds of mean and funny stuff about the celebrity and it was halarious! So, I'm doin it! Oh, Alex, I stole something from you.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned this. But I own nothing.

Voice: Know your stars…Know your stars…Know your stars…Alyssa Milano, she owns slaves.

Alyssa: (Sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.) What? No I don't! That's morally wrong!

Voice: Alyssa Milano…Is morally wrong.

Alyssa: That's not what I said and you know it!

Voice: Fine…Alyssa Milano… gives head for $2.50.

Alyssa: (Looking around.) Ok, that's-just-wrong! I've never given head in my life!

Voice: Uh huh, sure, whatever slave owner.

Alyssa: I DO NOT OWN SLAVES! Where are you getting this shit?

Voice: Alyssa Milano…She makes her slaves get her shit.

Alyssa: Will you stop twisting my words? And who the hell are you? Shannen?…Mom?

Voice: Alyssa Milano…she raped a clown.

Alyssa: That's disgusting! Why would I-

Voice: Alyssa Milano…is a clown.

Alyssa: That doesn't even make sense! If I'm a clown it means I raped myself!

Voice: Alyssa Milano…raped herself.

Alyssa: Alyssa Milano…is extremely pissed.

Voice: I don't care…

Alyssa: (Standing up.) That's it. I'm fucking out of here. (She walks out.)

Voice: Alyssa Milano…is fucking out of here…

END…If you want it to be

I'll do the other people if you guys want…