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Julian McMahon-

Voice: Know your stars…Know your stars…Know your stars…Julian McMahon…he's getting old.

Julian: (In 'the chair'.) Whoa, what? I'm not getting old! I'm as young as ever! Satan and I have a deal. Never kiss Alyssa again and I get to live forever as my hot-sexy self.

Voice: Julian McMahon…he just admitted that Alyssa was Satan and that he liked to make out with her.

Julian: Ew! Lies! And in my defense, the only reason I dated Shannen was so I didn't have to date Milano.

Voice: Julian McMahon…he dated Alyssa and Shannen and liked it!

Julian: Hey! Don't make me kick your ass, man!

Voice: …At least I have one.


Julian: (Stands-up and looks at his butt.) I do too have an ass!

Voice: Julian McMahon…he's an ass, an ass with a balding head.

Julian: (hiding back tears.) I-I'm not balding! It's just a thin spot!

Voice: You could see it from space... Like the Great Wall of China.

Julian: Why are you being so mean to me! I understand why you did it to the others, but I got away! I-got-away! I'm on Nip/Tuck for Piper's sake!

Voice: Julian McMahon…he wants to get a little Nip and Tuck so he can get away with looking like Piper.

Julian: (Raises an eyebrow.) You're not even making any sense!

Voice: I know you are but what am I?



Julian: That's it! I gotta get out of here! I need someone to tell me I'm hot! (he runs out.)

Voice: Julian McMahon…he has an inferiority complex the size of his bald-spot. Hehe



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