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He's Your Son

Chapter one

Prince Legolas stood on the balcony of his home and looked out over his home forest of Mirkwood that was previously known as Greenwood the Great. Lately everyone seemed to notice that Legolas was edgier and much sharper than usual. Legolas had always been edgy and easily provoked and noone really knew the reason why. Legolas was a hard worker and though he had high expectations of people he took no nonsense from anyone and no one dared to do anything horrible to anyone else. The reason was because Legolas liked to deal with it himself and that was a fate worse than death in the minds of many of Mirkwood's residents. Legolas played no favorites except maybe towards children. He showed the only compassion he had towards the children, he allowed them to make the mistakes that he held adults in contempt for. However, if anyone had any doubts as to Legolas's approach toward the running of Mirkwood all they had to do was compare the Prince to his father. King Thranduil was a nasty individual at best. Thranduil was known to have strict and unnecessary laws put into place and the King had a mental pecking order as it were. Some families held more dignity and honor in his eyes then in others. For example, two families could commit the same misbehavior but one family might get off with a warning while the other with a steep tax or maybe even a beating. Even children were not safe from the King's wrath and held less dignity in Thranduil's mind then the economically poorest adult, who was a the bottom of Thranduil's pecking order. It was clear who the better ruler was however, until Legolas was declared King the people were forced to adhere to Thranduil's wishes.

One day Legolas was patrolling the borders of Mirkwood when Elrond and his family arrived. The border patrol immediately leapt from the trees and halted the party in its tracks, "What business do you have in Mirkwood Lord Elrond!" "We are here bearing information for your King." "Noldor elves are not welcome here! Leave!" Comments flew from the members of the patrol. Comments that held insults and orders that were at best rude and disrespectful to those above your station. The comments continued until Legolas's icy tone rang out, "Silence!" The Rivendell elves watched curiously as the patrol automatically fell silent no one dared challenge Legolas.

Aragorn was but a child at the time as was Arwen for an elfling that was. Legolas was similar to a child himself for he was only 16 years old in an elf's eyes, but Legolas made sure that no one would know his age offhand. Legolas turned back to the Rivendell elves, "Follow me please." He turned and walked into the woods followed by his patrol and the Rivendell elves. Legolas led them to the front of the Palace and Thranduil came down the stairs in one of his rages "By the Valar! LEGOLAS! How dare you let them just walk in here! Noldor are strictly forbidden from entering Mirkwood. But here you are going behind my back as always!" "But Adar, they come bearing news for you." Thranduil grumbled something under his breath that sounded like, "Very well" When suddenly he spotted Estel. "A human child!" he hissed. Legolas jerked his head and saw the tiny five year old who was on top of a horse shaking visibly in fear of the King. Legolas's eyes softened, he had nothing against children and the child was being raised with elves. "I hate humans you know that Elrond! How dare you bring him here!" Legolas turned toward his father, " Adar he is but a child. He has done no harm here and so I expect no one to do harm to him." he hissed. The villagers stepped backwards not wanting to incur the wrath of Legolas. Thranduil growled, "I'll deal with you later Legolas!" Estel was shaking so badly that he ultimately fell off the horse. Legolas moved and caught the child easily, "There, there Estel. Have no fear. I welcome you to Mirkwood and everything will be well." The child looked around himself at the forest and then at the hooded elf who had treated him kindly and he forced himself to stop crying. Maybe the stay here wouldn't be so aweful as he had thought.

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