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He's Your Son

Chapter Two

The elves and human from Rivendell stayed in Mirkwood for a few days discussing treaties. Legolas hadn't been seen for days by anyone. Finally Legolas emerged icier than ever. Though ever kind to the children. The children would often run to him when their families were mad at them. One morning Elrond and the others were preparing to leave when they saw Legolas walking around and they watched as the adults avoided him wherever possible. Suddenly, a young girl ran right into Legolas's leg, she'd been in the stables with the horses when her father found her and proceeded to punish her for neglecting her chores. She gulped and looked up, "Prince Legolas!" Legolas knelt down, "What is it Eren?" "Adar he's very angry with me." Legolas frowned, "Why?" The tiny girl's voice was shaking, "I…I went t…to ss…see the horses Prince... Adar got mad when he saw me near the horses. He's chasing me."

Legolas looked up and saw her father running through the streets and elves were dodging him trying to stay out of his way. "There you are! Get over here girl! You should be cleaning the house instead of visiting the horses!" The girl was visibly. Legolas scooped the girl up into his arms. "Silence Laren!" The guard visibly paled, "P…Prince Legolas?" Legolas, even hidden under the cloak was obviously fuming. He was very protective of children. The Rivendell elves watched with worry.

The tiny girl hid her face in Legolas's shoulder sobbing. "Laren you will not harm this child! She has done nothing wrong understood?" Laren nodded "Yes sire." "If I find out that you harmed her after we have had this discussion, you will get the same punishment as you give to her or worse and I'm imaginative so I pray that you don't try anything." Laren's eyes widened, the last person who had harmed their child after the Prince told them not to was horribly whipped like he'd done to his son. The man hadn't been able to walk for days. Laren nodded, "yes sire." Legolas waved his hand, "Now go do what you're expected to do." Laren nodded and practically sprinted away. Legolas was still trying to calm the child. "Th…thank you P…Prince Legolas." She said shakily. Legolas smiled, "You're welcome young one, now I'm sure the horses were enjoying the company, so you can go back to them if you wish." "Nay Prince, I was getting ready to leave anyway, but thank you." She smiled and ran toward home. Legolas watched her go with the eyes of a hawk.

Legolas spotted the departing elves of Rivendell and made his way over to them, "Leaving so soon my lords?" Elrond cleared his throat, "Yes Prince Legolas." Legolas smirked, " But the company around here is so wonderful." he said sarcastically making the Rivendell elves laugh. "Seriously I'm impressed you stayed as long as you did it shows enormous restraint I'm sure." The party from Imladris laughed lightly at Legolas's attempt at lightening the mood. Legolas personally escorted them to the borders of Mirkwood and watched Elrond and his party leave. Then without a second glance he turned his horse and made his way back home.

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