When the Bough Breaks - Chapter Eight

"Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration."

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"Hey," Jess calls out as Rory emerges from the house, he's just coming up the walk with a cup and a bag in his hand.

"Hey," Rory returns the greeting as they meet halfway.

"I brought you coffee and a Danish," Jess states holding out the bag, "I know how you're starving and all."

"Thanks," Rory awkwardly accepts the bag and the coffee.

"I figured you'd need the largest cup I could find, you were out cold last night."

Rory grins, "I know, and yet I magically made my way to bed." Rory laughs, she'd fallen asleep somewhere just after the wall licking scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

"I had to do something," Jess laughs, "you were asleep on my shoulder and it was starting to fall asleep."

"Ha ha," Rory rolls her eyes, "I'm on my way to see if I can get Ellie to come back to the house, care to join me?"

"I can't," Jess shakes his head, "I'm meeting with Caesar to go over some things. But hey, how about I make you and Ellie dinner tonight, maybe that'll be some motivation for her to go back to the house?"

"You had me at dinner," Rory responds, "six sound good? You can cook here."

Jess nods and after offering brief words the two part ways, Jess to head back to the diner and Rory toward Sookie's with the hope that she talk her sister into coming home. Sookie is waiting when Rory shows up at the house and she looks more worried then Rory would care to see her, "Sookie what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Sookie waves her off, "I thought maybe you and Ellie could have some lunch together. I made a picnic for you guys to talk along. And talk."

"Did you talk to her?" Rory asks.

Sookie looks torn and Rory realizes that it's whatever Ellie had told her that's got Sookie so nervous, "yeah, and she's ready to talk to you."

"Sookie, what is it?" Rory asks.

"I feel like I should warn you," Sookie states, "but I think it's something you should hear from Ellie herself."

"Sookie..." Rory doesn't get any more of the words out before Ellie appears at the door with a picnic basket in hand.

"Let's go," she states before taking the stairs off of the porch quickly, "come on Rory."

Ellie avoids any kind of eye contact with Rory on the walk toward the lake but as soon as they've spread out the blanket and settled on it, with Sookie's wicker basket in between them she blurts out, "I don't want to live in Mom and Dad's house anymore. I want to move."

This revelation shocks Rory speechless for several minutes, "you what?"

"That's Mom and Dad's house," Ellie is on the verge of tears as she says this, "I can't live there without them."

Rory's voice shakes as she states, "that's not Mom and Luke's house. That's mine and Mom's house."

Tears slip down onto Ellie's cheeks and she hiccups back a sob before she states, "I can't live there Rory, not without them. I'm sorry," the sobs overtake the little girls emotions and within minutes she's thrown herself at Rory, clinging to her sobbing. "I'm sorry."

Rory wraps her arms around her sister tightly, trying to stay in check with her own emotions. Breaking down in front of Logan, and even Jess was acceptable. But it just wasn't with her eight-year-old sister. Finally after Ellie's sobs have subsided Rory takes a deep breath, preparing to ask a question that she's afraid might break her heart, "you really can't live there?"

"I know you and Mommy lived there for a long time by yourself before she and Daddy got married. And I know Mommy loved the house but everything reminds me of them and it smells like them and it looks like them and it makes me sad to even think about going back."

"Okay," Rory resigns.


"Yeah, we'll find somewhere else to live."

"Sookie didn't think you'd do it." Rory remains silent at this and Ellie adds, "Sookie said that I can stay with her...until we find another place to live."

"That's fine." The sisters fall silent for a long time before Rory asks, "do you think that you can handle being at the house for a little bit? Jess wants to make us dinner."

"Jess?" Ellie's eyes go wide, "Jess is back in town?"

Rory nods, "he got back the other day, he's going to run the diner now."

"He's going to stay here?"

"For now. So dinner?"

"I don't have to stay the night?" Ellie clarifies.

"You don't," Rory agrees.

Ellie thinks for a couple minutes before nodding, "okay."

Rory is lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling when there's a knock at her front door, "it's open!" She calls, she hadn't moved from the couch since she'd gotten back from lunch with Ellie and she had no intention of doign that so that she could see who was at the door. By the darkening outside she'd guess it to be Jess, but for all she knew it was a serial killer. Hell, maybe part of her was hoping that it was a serial killer knocking at the door.

"You shouldn't just leave your door open," no such luck, it is Jess with the warning.

"I was hoping for you to be a serial killer," Rory mumbles.

"Who knocks?"

"A polite serial killer," Rory sighs, remaining flat on the couch, eyes still trained on the ceiling.

Within moments Jess comes into view overhead, "did I wake you?"

"No," Rory meets his gaze and eventually he breaks the contact, the hazy shade of blue in her eyes made him sad. Losing Lorelai had damaged her permanently, he could see that.

"How'd everything with Ellie go?" Jess asks attempting to make simple conversation as he heads toward the kitchen.

"Oh fantastic," Rory states, sarcastic seeping into her tone, "we're moving."

"What?" Jess is standing over her again and this time his eyes lock onto her, "moving where?"

"Hell if I know," Rory snaps, "Ellie can't live here without Luke and...and Mom...She wants to move."

"Well that's..."

"What Jess?" Rory sits up quickly, "you want me to tell my recently orphaned eight-year-old sister that it's just to damn bad and that she's going to have to suck it up and live here?" Rory's lip trembles and that only makes her more angry, an anger that had started the instant she'd set foot in the house. Anger at her Mom for dying. And Luke. And the stupid drunk driver who'd killed them. And God for taking them. And whoever else she could blame. "What the hell happened to my life Jess?" Rory begs for him to answer this question, to give her some sort of answer that would make it hurt less. "I don't know what to do anymore. My mom...my is dead...gone..." She gasps for air but doesn't stop talking and doesn't start crying, "I've got nothing Jess, and yet more then I can deal with. I don't have my mom. I don't have a marriage I can depend on. Or now apparently my house. But I've got a sister I don't know how to take care of a and a baby on the way and..."

"A what?"

Rory's face pales considerably, but nothing else can be said because Sookie pushes the front door open, "you here Rory?"

"Yeah," Rory's voice shakes, "we're in here."

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