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Locked Doors

Part one: Suspicion

They were calling him the Bible Beater, though it was a very mundane title thought up by the press and did not ring true for the actual crimes. If it were merely a beating that the victims were going though, the authorities would have been a lot less stress and a lot less people would be dead. It was happening on earth, though people living out on the colonies were just as weary of answering the door now.

Heero was looking over a pile of photos and manila folders, it took up all of his large oak desk. His office was a mess, he hated it, but these days there was not time to worry about the details. All that mattered was stopping the killer. He'd been called in on this one, he was used to terrorists, not serial killers. However, they'd pulled in everyone on this case, there were too many dead now to waste any more time on pride. 'They' being a council consisting of mystery men who had "Only the safety of the public" in mind.

The press couldn't get enough of the Bible Beater, and Heero's office had several rolling bulletin boards set up around the walls with just newspaper clippings tacked to them. There was also a white boards a wash in marker lines that inevitable led to nowhere. Heero ran his hand though his hair again adding to the normally messy tangles. He stared down at the paper in front of him. It lay gently over photos, photos that Heero never wished to see again after this was all over, images he logged with horrors he had seen during to war and tried to forget.

Heero really didn't want to go though with the plan he'd already fabricated in his mind. Didn't want to follow the strategic steps he'd laid out for himself that would lead to either devastation or relief and another dead end. Heero sat back in his chair and looked around. The cold cup of coffee on the desk still looked appetizing and Heero decided it was probably time for a lunch break.

Heero began to straighten out the photos on his desk and sorted some back into their files when his buzzer sounded. He reached past the cold coffee and hit the flashing button.

"Hn?" He grunted at the speaker.

"Captain Yuy? Mr. Winner is here to see you." The timid voice of Linton, his secretary replied quickly. She was still trying to adjust to his method of conduct since she had replaced Caser, his previous secretary. Though Heero thought he really didn't need one, he had finally admitted to himself that she did help the cause and saved him time when he was needed elsewhere and she could be there doing small tasks that would normally eat away his time.

"Come in." Heero said sharply, knowing that Quatre would hear him. The door opened shortly after and Quatre stepped in. He smiled easily at Heero and walked up to his desk where Heero finally finished sorting the photos. Heero felt some of his stress melt away with Quatre simply being there.

"I thought you might be ready for a break, are you free for lunch?" Quatre asked.

"Yes." Heero stood and took the piece of paper that was causing him so much trouble and tucked it in his suit pocket.

"Good, where would you like to go?" Quatre asked as he led the way out the door. Heero grunted. "I was thinking about this Italian restaurant just around the corner. One of my partners recommended it the other day."

Heero left a small pack of papers with Linton. "I'll be back in under two hours." Heero said, giving himself time to eat and clear his mind. He didn't like being away from work so long, but it was possible to miss things if he let himself get too wrapped up in the case. If he let his mind clear, he might see something when he returned that he missed before due to stress.

"Yes sir!" Linton took the papers and placed them right next to her current project that Heero was glad to see was nearly done. She was efficient and quick, he would give her that. But she was still so young. Heero felt the years on his belt as he walked away with Quatre. It wasn't that so much time had passed since the war, only seven years had gone by, it was the experience that had come with those years, the knowledge added to what he'd learned during the war.

"She's nice, and a hard worker." Quatre smiled at Heero again, as they waited for the elevator. "What's her name?"

"Linton." Heero ran his hand through his hair again, but trying to straighten it out this time. It was a lost cause.

"She replaced Caser?" Quatre had known him well.

"Yes." Heero stepped into the elevator when it arrived and leaned against the back wall. Quatre follow suite and pressed the button for the ground floor.

"Have you made any head way in the case?" Quatre's voice lost something when he asked, some easy swagger his voice usually held when he talked to Heero. He wasn't involved as Heero was, but he tried to help Heero wherever he could with contacts or funding. And so Heero shared what he could, when he could, hoping that maybe Quatre would see something he didn't.

"No, just dead ends." Heero fingered the paper in his pocket; he had been reluctant to share this information with Quatre. It had been carefully kept a secret, no one had been allowed to give this to the press or any contacts they had. This was a deciding factor, and Heero was still reluctant to share it with Quatre for what it would mean.

"I haven't heard anything, but I'm keeping all lines open." Quatre gave Heero a weak smile, he hated seeing his friend like this. Bags neath his eyes, pale skin, and he was sure Heero had been steadily losing weight. But more than anything was the hollow emptiness settling in behind Heero's cobalt eyes.

And so Quatre tried to meet Heero for lunch as much as he could during the week. He tried to keep his spirits up and strove to smile and reassure Heero that not all the world was as it read in the files that had piled up on Heero's desk. The body counts, the coroners report, the crime scene photos. All those people, dead. Quatre could see it physically wearing down on his friend, but he feared more for what he couldn't see.

They arrived on ground level and Quatre led the way out into the sun. Heero flinched slightly at the change in light, but followed steadily as Quatre started down the sidewalk. It was after lunch hour, when most people had drifted back to their offices and cubicles, so there were less people on the street. Quatre chose this time of day since large crowds seemed only to agitate Heero.

They arrived at the restaurant in less than five minutes and were seated immediately. The menus were handed to them and drinks were brought. Heero stared at the words in front of him, but his mind was elsewhere. Quatre ordered for them both and then turned to Heero when the waiter had left.

"Heero?" Quatre asked.

Heero seemed to look up as if he'd almost nodded off. A sort of jerk that made his eyes open wider. "Hn?"

"You seem more distracted than usual. Is something wrong? Did something happen?" Quatre asked, his eyes conveying only pure concern.

Heero was always surprised to see the pureness of Quatre's emotions in his eyes. He was so used to other people hiding things, or lieing with alternative purposes. He sighed heavily and told himself it was time to show Quatre.

"Nothings changed, but its' not all dead ends. There's always been one clue left alone." Heero admitted.

"But why haven't you followed it then?" Quatre asked earnestly as their food arrived.

"It's been left alone at my request." Heero confessed. He took a bite of the meat lasagna Quatre had ordered him. It was hearty and he felt the heat travel down his chest and into his stomach. It felt good; he hadn't realized how hungry he'd been.

"What's wrong Heero? What aren't you telling me?" Quatre picked a little at his own food, too nervous to eat.

Heero reached into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper and handed it to Quatre. Quatre looked hard at Heero and then looked down at the paper. His eyes grew large instantly and his mouth hung open. He looked up at Heero again, shock and horror written across his face.

"But this is…"Quatre trailed off and his shoulders tightened. "How is this possible?"

Heero ate more food, as calmly as anything while Quatre suffered shock just across from him. "I've been wondering the same thing since I first saw it."

"They think he's doing it, don't they." Quatre said it more as a statement than a question.

"Yes." Heero was glad he'd decided to show this to Quatre.

"I bet they're mad you wont let them pursue this." Quatre gave a little smirk.

"They are merely leaving this alone upon my request, but I don't think I can keep it up much longer, too many are dead." Quatre nodded.

"What are you going to do?" Quatre asked looking Heero straight in the eyes. Heero could almost hear Quatre's voice through his eyes, telling him what exactly he should do.

"I'll go myself." Heero sighed and looked down at his half eaten lasagna.

"Good." Quatre smiled, not triumphant, but truly glad.

"He won't be happy to see me." Heero said, more to himself, but Quatre heard him anyway.

"I wouldn't be either, if I were him." Quatre scolded. "They way you left him, what you two said to each other. But it is a wonder that you've stayed away this long considering the truth of the situation."

"I'm not going souly to apologize or resolve the issue, only to-" Heero started, but Quatre interrupted him.

"I know exactly why you're going. I'm just hoping that you'll finally see for yourself the reality of all of this and see this as an opportunity to put this whole thing behind us." Quatre frowned at him. "You were both foolish and there is no way this should have come this far but it did. And this is a chance for you to make things right. It's not right to deny your feelings like this. You shouldn't have lied Heero."

Heero wouldn't look at Quatre, but the words struck true. Heero knew what he'd done was wrong. He had lied, in a big way. He'd not only hurt others, but himself as well. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't regret it all and think about doing just what Quatre wanted him to. But in the end, his pride always won out. And he always let it go another day when he didn't make things right. Another day he wouldn't admit the truth or allow himself whatever might come next.

"I'm going. I'll go." Heero pocketed the paper again and then sat and waited while the waited brought them Styrofoam boxed to take their leftovers in. Quatre nodded to himself and packed up his meal when the boxes came. He paid for the meal, Heero paid last time, and they left.

Heero hesitated outside the door, as if unsure of what to do or where to go now. Now that he'd made up his mind to follow then plan he'd made since he'd first sent he paper, he was almost unsure of how to get started.

"Go Heero." Quatre said startling Heero into looking at him. "Go pay Duo a visit. It's long overdue."

Heero strode into the office and Linton jumped where she was sitting at her desk, just finishing the papers Heero had left her with.

"Did you have a good lunch sir?" Linton asked her voice betraying her startle condition. He always managed to sneak up on her. But she supposed he couldn't help it, being a war hero and all.

"Linton!" Heero barked at her, not really meaning to, but he was determined now. The girl jumped up and followed him into his office with a computer pad. She waited as he rounded his desk and pulled out a briefcase.

"I need shuttle tickets, I need hotel reservations, I need case files and I need a budget." Heero counted off. Linton's hand flew across the screen nestled in the crook of her arm as she pulled up various windows with the small screen pen.

"Destination sir?" Linton asked, forgetting to be shy as she found herself in her element.

"L3" Heero answered and he sorted folders into a basket for filing, and others into his briefcase.

"Time of departure?" Linton asked.

"This evening, is there a flight at seven?" Heero placed his laptop in the briefcase.

"There's one at seven forty sir."

"Book it."

"Return ticket?"

"I'll get it myself, I don't know how long I'll be gone."


"Start with two nights." Heero looked around the room for anything he might have missed.

Linton disappeared briefly and then reappeared with a sealed card. She ripped open the plastic seal and then swiped the card through a reader on her portable.

"Here's your budget sir." She turned the screen so he could see it. "And here is the code. If you need the perimeters changed just call me." Heero memorized it at a glance and then returned to his briefcase.

"I'm leaving to pack. Set up a secure line for me under this key." Heero reached over briefly to type it in on her portable and then led the way out of the office. "Get in touch with Bennett and tell him where I've gone. Give him the key but no one else."

Heero pressed the button for the elevator, only vaguely aware that Linton was still following him.

"And make sure all orders and cases are forwarded to me the second they go through." Heero paused as the elevator arrived.

"Don't worry sir, I've got it all, have a safe flight." And Linton smiled at him for the first time since she'd started working for him. And for the first time Heero noticed that she was five inches shorter than him, had bouncy brown curls that ended at her ear lobes and brown sugar eyes. She also had a mole at the corner of her right eye and always wore slacks instead of a skirt.

"Thank you Linton." Heero managed to get out as the doors were closing.

"No problem sir!" Linton chirped and then he was descending to the garage under the building.

Heero was at the shuttle bay at seven twenty with a small travel bag and his brief case. He had called Linton once to have her check that the line was secure and then went to the ticket counter and checked in for his seat.

Heero was unsure of what to do while he was waiting. He could feel tension and anxiety building up inside him as he began to have doubts about his trip. It always happened this way, only this time he'd actually gotten to the shuttle bay before the doubt started to rise in him. He'd planned this trip one thousand times, and it was only this time he'd gotten beyond just packing.

Now Heero tightening his grip on his bag and looked around. Should he really be doing this? Heero saw a small store full of magazines and gum, and small snacks for flyers. He stepped in, hoping to distract himself. He wound up buying a book and then went to his gate to wait.

He started reading right away. Didn't let his though go any further towards doubt. When his flight was called he let himself be herded with others onto the shuttle and took his seat in first class. Heero started reading again and paid no attention to what was going on around him. Heero didn't stop until they served food. Afterwards he slept a couple of hours and then read some more. He tried not to think about what was coming next.

Heero landed safely on L3 and took a cab to his hotel. Heero had arrived in the early afternoon. He checked in a dropped his bag on the bed. The room was spacious and designed in soft pinks and oranges. Heero opened the window and looked out at the city suspended in space. He paced the room once…twice…and then picked up his briefcase. Heero started for the door then turned back and put the briefcase back down. He considered flying straight back to Earth and then banished the thought. He took out a file from his briefcase and tucked it into his coat. It was late autumn here, where as summer was just beginning back home. Heero finally left the hotel and hailed a cab. He took the cab ten minutes to a small garage that Quatre had given him the address to three years ago. Duo was standing right out front waving goodbye to someone.

Heero paid the driver and stepped out of the cab and stood there for a moment. He stared at Duo. There was a slight breeze that lifted Duo's golden brown hair form his forehead and carried his braid round his waist. Heero's breath caught in his chest.

Duo looked not as Heero remembered him, but as he imagined him. His hair shown as if the chestnut brown had golden inlays in the sun. His eyes filled up his face and glowed brilliant violet under his long bangs. His lips were full of color with a white scar just above them on the left side. His slender waist and hips were hugged by dark jeans and red work shirt draped over his shoulders with a certain grace even though it was hard worn and stained with dark grease spots.

Heero wanted to storm over to him right then, take his mouth as his hostage and wrap his arms around that waist. To feel the muscles twist beneath his fingers. Heero tried to steel himself against this spell Duo seemed to hold over him but it was no good. Duo captivated him and held him bound to that spot.

Heero almost left right then, but Duo turned at that moment and saw him. The smile faded from his lips, his eyes lost that sparkle and his eyebrows darted together. Duo's face grew hard and Heero felt his heart drop and his stomach clenched.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Duo asked him.