Prompt from plushulala: "I like to make myself feel better about it by pretending that Toph and Sokka visit Ozai in prison every so often so they can make fun of him."


Missing Finale Moments:

Rub It In, Why Don't You


In the blackness, the voices of two children bounced casually off stone brickwork and dirt floors. They approached: a boy, and a girl, not quickly but not slowly either. Ozai could see no light in the prison hallway, and would have dismissed them as ghosts if the two had not been, themselves, discussing the absence of light.

"But it's so creepy down here!"

"It's a prison, it's supposed to be creepy. That won't change with you being able to see it."

"If you would've let me go back and get a torch or a lamp the creepiness of this place would have dropped by a third, at least. All that stuff about wasting time was bogus; we're not in a hurry anyway!"

"Did it ever occur to you that I can see what's going on around us and that it's horrible, and maybe I was trying to protect you from it?"

"Hah, nice try! Zuko already told us his old man is the only prisoner on this floor. You aren't seeing anything your little girl feet can't handle."

"Oh? If it's nothing, then why do you need a light, huh? Answer me that, smart boy."

"It's still enemy territory, you know. Rebels could be lurking in the darkness! Oh nevermind, we're here. Do you still have the stick to poke him with?"

Ozai hated children.