Come Fly The Shego Skies, Chapter 1

By: NoDrogs

This is the fifth (Wow, fifth already?) story in the 'Small Possibilities series. Please read 'A Small Possibility', 'What I Did During Kimmy's Graduation', 'Telling Times', and 'Wedding Bell Greens' first.

Kim Possible and associated characters are property of the Walt Disney Corporation and are used without permission for non-profit reasons. Kasy Ann Possible and Sheki Go Possible are my original characters (well, not THAT original) and may be used as long as I get a mention.

Kim/Shego and Ron/Monique romance elements. You have been warned.

Kim sat at the controls of the Kimminator mark 1. After the honeymoon (which had involved Kim and Shego joining the Mile High club in the Kimminator mark 1), Kim had vowed to try to learn to fly the Kimminator on her own. Kim glanced around the cockpit. Display screens reported on the Kimminator's exact status, ranging from a color-coded outline of the Kimminator which displayed the exact temperature of any spot on the Kimminator's hull to the current angle, pitch, and tilt of the Kimminator in respect to the ground below.

On the view-screen itself was an Enhanced-Reality view of the air-space around the Kimminator. Other planes were marked with yellow diamonds, to make sure Kim could easily spot them, along with yellow lines representing current speed and direction. Green lines, letters, and numbers were superimposed over the window, showing the current compass heading. A soft flashing white light indicated the location of the airport.

Kim spoke into the headset. "This is private aircraft KPS-1, requesting permission to land.". One hand rested lightly on the yoke, the other hand on the controls for the Kimminator's two main engines.

"Roger, KPS-1, you are cleared to land on runway 4." came the voice. The display shifted, the white light changing to an elongated white rectangle that outlined the indicated runway.

"Understood, tower. KPS-1 maneuvering to position.". Kim's eyes darted left and right, trying to keep track of everything at once. Wheels were extended, entry angle looked good… The thermal-readings seemed fine. The KPS-1 seemed to be drifting a little to the left, and Kim turned to check a monitor reporting on the current meteorological status of the area. She didn't notice she was turning the yoke slightly, and still hadn't lowered the thrust coming from the engines. She realized something was wrong as the cabin began to tilt. She franticly turned the yoke the other way and shoved the thrust controls all the way forward. The cabin tilted the other way, even as the nose dipped forward…

Kim just had time to see the ground rushing to the front of the cockpit before…

The words "YOU CRASHED" appeared over the view screen.

The sophisticated simulator cockpit turned back to its normal, upright position, and then the top panel opened up.

Kim blinked, looking arround, to see Shego and the simulator operator (and the man who had been playing the voice of the control tower operator) looking at her.

"You CRASHED me?" came a voice from the simulator cockpit. On the main monitor, a face made up of glowing green lines appeared. The face was in the shape of a woman's face; actually, it was based on a composite of both Kim and Shego. KIGO (Kimminator Integrated Governing Operating system) , the AI control program for the Kimminator Mark 1, had hooked itself/herself into the simulator.

"It's not her fault." said Shego, leaping to Kim's defense. "She's still learning."

"Of the last twelve simulator runs" KIGO said, "She's crashed eleven times and the twelth time had to make an emergency landing because she completely missed the airport. You, on the other hand, have performed flawlessly in the simulator."

"I'm a trained jet pilot." Shego said. "Kim isn't."

"Databanks indicate there are people born with 'instinctive piloting skills'." said KIGO. "Kim Possible is not apparently one of them. Monique, for example, is currently about 2.03 times the pilot Kim is, despite less physical access to the Kimminator mark 1 and the simulator."

"I've got skills!" said Kim, defensively. "I've been doing better then Ron."

"RUFUS has been doing better in the simulator then Ron." said KIGO derisively. "I wouldn't let that boy near my yokes. Keep him in the food prep area, where he belongs."

KIGO was growing into her role as the Kiminator's AI, going from the androgrnamous voice she had started out to a more feminine but strong willed creature. The change was to be expected, since her two primary role models were both strong willed women. Unfortunately, one of those two women was turning out to be a complete clutz as a pilot.

Shego considered. "Wait, I've got something I want to try. Kim, get back in the simulator."

"But…" started Kim. Her latest crash had been the second simulation of the day, and she was finding them both emotionally and mentally exhausting.

"This is for your own good, princess." Shego's tones made it clear she was determined to have it her way.

"All right." said Kim. The door of the simulator closed as Kim settled back at the controls.

When the view-monitors activated, she discovered that the Kimminator was apparently flying through a heavy down pour. Visibility was poor. A quick check on the radar screen, however, indicated that there were no other planes flying. Not surprising, in weather like this. Even with the enhanced-reality Heads up display, Kim had trouble seeing the airport landing lights through the rain. "Ok, control tower, this is KPS-1, approaching for landing.".

"Understood, KPS-1." said the man at the simulator computer. "Come around to runway 2."

"Understood." said Kim, looking at the white rectangle that outlined the landing strip.

Outside the simulator, Shego said 'Now'. The operator, obediently, pressed a button on his keyboard.

Kim yelped as the view screens flashed bright white, then the cockpit dimmed dramatically. The heads-up display details vanished, and most of the data screens were now filled with the 'snow' of static. "Tower, tower, this is KPS-1 reporting mayday. My electronics are out. Repeat, electronics are out."

"Understood, KPS-1." the man's voice came. "We are clearing runway 2. Do you still intend to land?"

Kim thought quickly. Her last remembered glimpse of the KPS-1's fuel supply indicator had shown that she was getting low on fuel. "Confirmed, tower. I'm going to have to come in.". she said. With the monitors dead, she focused on what she could see through the rain-splattered window screen, gazing at the bright lights that outlined runway 2. "Going to need your help to talk me in." said Kim. "Let me know what the radar shows…"

A few minutes later, Kim slumped back in the seat. The simulator door rose, to reveal a smiling Shego and a very surprised looking simulator control operator. "That's my Kimmy!" said Shego.

"Much more impressive." admitted KIGO, over the speakers of the simulator. "Of course, the odds of a lightning strike disabling MY systems is approximately one in one million, nine hundred and…"

"Quiet, KIGO." said Shego. "Look, this just proves what I suspected."

"And that is?" said Kim, wiping sweat from her brow.

"You've been trying to do too much at once." said Shego. "The Kimminator is an amazing machine, but in the cockpit you've been falling victim to data overload. You can't do that. You just have to focus on a few, critical instruments and rely on the most critical sensor system of them all: The mark-1 trained human eyeball."

KIGO produced a credible sniff of disdain over the speakers. "Some of us aren't limited to human data-processing capabilities." she said.

"And some of us can be unplugged." said Shego, mock-sweetly. "Remember, KIGO, Wade has told me all about the emergency overrides."

Kim frowned. "But how do I know which ones are critical? There's the fuel, there's the weather system, there's the height-above-ground indicators…"

"I can't answer that." admitted Shego. "Flying is instinctive at a certain level. You just have to intuitively KNOW what information you need at any given moment." Shego sighed. "Kim, when the chips are down, you're an amazing pilot. I'm not sure I could have managed that landing you just did, in foul weather, on radio and eye-ball alone. But any other time, your instincts get buried under you trying to see and know everything at once. And THAT'S why Monique is turning out to be a much better pilot then you are."

"So what's the answer?" said Kim. "Just let you and KIGO fly me around?". Kim considered. "Not that I mind… if it's you flying." she told Shego.

"Hey! I can fly rings around Shego any day!" said KIGO.

"Overrides, remember?" asked Shego. "KIGO, your social protocols need work."

"So do yours!" snapped KIGO.

Shego sighed. "And that's another thing. If you want to keep up with me, you're going to have to improve, a lot, in the retort department."

Kim couldn't help it… she giggled.


Shego and Kim walked out of the simulator hanger at the Middleton Aerospace Center to find Rufus, Ron, and Monique there. Ron and Rufus were splitting an ultra-super sized order of cheese-covered nacos. "Hey, girlfriend." said Monique. "How you do?"

"She made an almost perfect landing, under emergency conditions." said Shego, proudly.

"After crashing twice, under normal conditions." admitted Kim.

Ron frowned. "Oooh, bad luck for the Kimster."

Monique frowned. "And who managed to set a new simulator record for shortest time ever to crash a plane?" she demanded.

Ron shrugged. "Hey, I'm a lover, not a pilot."

Kim glanced at Ron, noticed that Ron had a green fabric band wrapped around his arm. "What's that?" she asked, pointing.

"Oh!" said Ron. "There was a bloodmobile outside the Bueno Nachos… you know, 'give blood, save a life'?"

Rufus nodded, and pointed to a tiny green bandage on his arm.

"They had the MOLERAT give blood?" said Shego, rasing an eyebrow in surprise.

"Well, they did poke him with a needle." said Ron. "I think they thought he was feeling left out."

Shego shook her head. "Great, there's someone around weirder then Ron."

"I haven't given blood in a while." commented Kim. "Mayby we should go see if the bloodmobile is still there."

Shego frowned. "We'll go, if you want, but don't expect me to go in. I had enough needles poked in to me after the little meteor hit to last me a lifetime."


When the group got to the Buenos Nachos, they discovered that the bloodmobile had left a while ago, soon after Ron and Monique had left.

"Oh, well, still time to party before we start college!" said Ron.

"I still can't believe you signed up for psychology courses." said Kim. "I thought for sure you were going culinary."

"Hey, I'm taking cooking classes also." aid Ron. "Just figured I'd want to be ready to figure out the criminal mind when you…"

Monique, who had been playing footsie with Ron under the table, suddenly kicked him.

"Ow… um, in case we ever have any run-ins with villains." finished Ron, lamely… remembering that Shego had rather firmly told Ron and Monique not to discuss with Kim the idea that Kim might return to the world saving game, now that she was a mother.

"When they figure you out, let me know." said Shego.

"Shego, what did I say about teasing my friends?" asked Kim.

"Relax, KP." said Ron. He laid back. "I understand that Shego's belittling attitude is a necessary psychological defense."

"It's a what?" said Shego, startled.

"Ron, you haven't even STARTED the psychology class." said Kim.

"No, but I've been getting ready. Been watching 'Dr. Pheel' episodes on TV." said Ron, smugly.

"Wow." said Shego. "Ron, just when I think there is no way anyone can be more of a doofus, you say something like that… and totally confirm my opinion."

"Don't talk about my man like that." said Monique. "It's all part of the Ron Charm."

"Forget figuring ME out." said Shego. She pointed at Monique. "Figure HER out. A hottie like her, interested in you?"

Monique blinked. "You really think I'm a hottie?"

Shego shrugged. "Sure, on a scale of 1 to 10, you're at least an 8."

"Ten!" said Ron, holding up his hands, fingers and thumbs up.

"Ten!" agreed Rufus, holding up what technicly looked more like a six.

"Glad to see I've got the mole-rat seal of approval." said Monique, then grinned and kissed Ron.

"She's an eight? And what am I?" asked Kim, mock-glaring at Shego.

"You're MY ten." said Shego, wrapping an arm around Kim.

"And don't you forget it." said Kim, snuggling up against Shego.

Shego smiled. "Wanna leave the twins overnight at your parents and…"

"Shego!" said Kim. "We got back from our honeymoon a few weeks ago."

Shego considered doing her own version of the puppy dog pout, but decided not to reveal it to Ron and Monique.

"So, Monique." said Kim, changing the subject. "What's your college schedule like?"

Monique smiled. "Club Banana scholarship paying me, so it's fashion classes all morning. Afternoons, working to get my single engine pilot's license, then on the twin engine. I'll be full licensed to fly the Kimminator before Ron here learns whatever the technical term is for fear of monkeys and mechanical horses."


"Oh, yeah! Now that's what I call a ride! Seriously!" said Motor Ed.

"De plane, boss! De plane!" lisped Motor Ed's current henchman in excitement.

The two men were standing in the top secret hanger of the Global Justice Aero-Space Strike Fighter. The only existing prototype sat in the hanger, its jet black finish hard to see in the dimly lit hanger. The overhead lights were off, leaving the only illumination the various banks of high-tech diagnostic computers plugged into the machine.

The cockpit of the plane was a sleek, needle nosed projection. Behind the cockpit, three jet engines set nestled side-by-side. From the sides projected two stubby black canard wings, extending from the back of the plane forward. At the end of each wing were two fins slanted inwards, one on the upper side and one on the underside.

"Get me my helmet, quick!" said Motor Ed. "This thing is perfect! We have to get it back to the garage and soup it up, stat!"

"But boss!" the assistant said, bringing over Motor Ed's custom helmet (complete with panel in the back to let his mullet out) "If it's perfect, why do we have to soup it up?"

"Because one of the things that makes it perfect", said Motor Ed. "Is that there's still room for me to improve on it! Yeah!"

Motor Ed leaped to the top of the plane, playing air guitar for a second, and then dropped it into the cockpit. He slammed the cockpit closed and began flipping switches, bringing the three engines up to power. "Don't worry, baby." said Motor Ed. "When Motor Ed gets done with you, you are going to fly! Like, seriously."