Team Possible Version 2.0

Chapter 6 - Games Over

By: NoDrogs

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With Rina Molerat balanced on her shoulder, Sheki reached out for the knob of the second door. As she touched it, the door behind her slammed and locked closed. "Well, Rina… No way out now but forward." said Sheki.

"Oh-'ay" squeaked Rina, adjusting the glasses perched on her nose.

Sheki opened the door to reveal a large, cavernous room. Argon lights in the ceiling illuminated a giant chess set, leaving the walls cloaked in shadow. The board was set so that Sheki was standing next to the white king and queen.

The pieces reminded her of something out of a Harry Potter novel; the Rooks stood at least twelve feet tall, stone towers mounted on massive treads, with robot archers perched behind the narrow windows. The knights and rooks were humanoid figures each about six and a half foot tall, the knights mounted on rearing robotic horses. The pawns were a row of eight kneeling humanoid figures, each one holding a lance. The white king was recognizable as a life size statue of Deven Chee sitting in a throne, peering at a chess board set up on one oversized arm of the throne. The white queen piece was a matching throne, right down to the chess board, but empty; not having a figure in it.

The black set of pieces, for the most part, were obviously mirror images of the white pieces, only painted black. The differences was in the black king and queen. Perched on the black queen's throne was a life-size statue that Sheki at first thought was supposed to be her mother Shego, then realized was actually statue based on Sheki herself. And in the black king's throne…

"Welcome to my little game, Sheki." said Deven, smiling. He gestured at the board between them. "I'm sure this should prove… diverting."

Sheki looked around. "If I want to go home, I have to play?" she asked.

"No, my dear Sheki." said Deven. He smiled. "You have to WIN."

"What if I just start plasma blasting?" asked Sheki.

"Certain sensors in the ceiling will notice the heat build up." said Deven. "Safeguards will go into effect. I'm afraid that the results for you and your sister would be… rather painful. Refusal to play or taking too long on a move will also activate those safeguards."

Sheki hopped onto the base of the white queen's piece, and then managed to climb into the throne. Once she was seated, straps emerged from the throne, holding her torso and legs down but leaving her arms free. Sheki reached for the board on her throne arm. "White, I presume, moves first?" she asked.

"Ladies first." agreed Deven.

Sheki reached out to the board and moved one of her pawns two spaces forward. The pawn figure in front of her stood up, stepping forward two squares.

Deven sighed. For the first time since Sheki had entered the room, he was no longer smiling. "A conventional opening. How… disappointing."

Deven made a move on his chess board. On both the giant board in front of her and on the board on her throne, Sheki watched as one of the mounted black nights moved forward, brushing against two of the black pawns.


Kasy pushed open the door in front of her slightly, opening it only a narrow crack. Through the thin slit, she could see what appeared at first to be the jungle outside, but which she quickly realized was some sort of large stone room, filled with artificial lights and plants. In situations like this, Kasy often found it beneficial to ask herself what Sheki would do.

Sheki would probably slip in, trying to hide inside the false plants while assessing the situation. Mommy Kim had often pointed out the advantages of stealth and reconnaissance when facing a new opponent. Mom Shego also favored stealth on occasion, relying on concealment until she chose to make her entrance.

Having decided what Sheki would do, Kasy promptly did the opposite. She spun-kicked the door, slamming it open, and then cart wheeled in. "Heeeere's Kasy!" she announced proudly, posing dramatically with her hands raised.


The artificial greenery in the room was arranged to leave a clear corridor through the middle of the room, running from the door Kasy had just come in to the other side of the room. Standing at that end was Lee O'Nardo, now dressed in a bright red cat suit that clung tightly to her body, outlining her sensuous curves. "Quite an entrance, kitten." she said, smiling. "What do you do for an encore?"

"Perhaps a kiss?" asked Kasy. She kissed her fingertips, then blew across her open palm. From her fingertips a blast of heavily electrically charged plasma flew, designed to knock anyone it hit unconscious. The technique, which Kasy had rather melodramatically named 'The goodnight kiss', was what Kasy had developed and practiced.

Lee gestured negligently, letting the plasma strike her raised forearm. "Oh, sorry, kitten… I never settle for just a kiss."

Kasy nodded. The fact that the woman's outfit apparently protected her from plasma was no surprise; the woman, had obviously studied up on Kasy's abilities. The woman knew more of the situation the Kasy did; she was taller, and in age closer to her physical peek then Kasy was. If Sheki was here, she'd probably start worrying about the odds. Kasy grinned… good thing Sheki wasn't here.


Sheki lifted a pawn, placing it carefully on the board on her throne. On of her white-clad foot soldiers stood, taking his new place between Sheki and Deven Chee.

Deven frowned, ignoring the figures as he studied his own board. "A rather poor move, my dear." he said. He reached out, lifting the pawn and putting it back. The pawn moved back to his original spot on the floor. "I will allow you to take that one move back. "

"Chivalry isn't dead." said Sheki. She moved the pawn back to where she had placed it before. "I could not bring myself to abuse your generosity."

"As you wish.". Deven moved. One of his knights rode forward upon his house, swinging a powerful mace. The pawn rose his lance to block the blow, but the mace simple smashed both lance and wielder to pieces, scattering them in a spray of wreckage. The knight's horse moved to stand in the center of the square, ignoring the wreckage beneath it.

"So, my dear." said Deven. "You have lost a pawn. And gained… nothing."

Knowledge thought Sheki. I have gained knowledge. She looked at her board, where the black knight had replaced her white pawn. She reached out, her fingers passing through the knight without moving it or moving it's life-size counterpart. His board can control all the pieces… and losing a piece means its destruction.

"Tell me, Deven." said Sheki. "What would happen if the queen is taken?"

Deven smiled, and gestured at the damaged remains of the pawn.

Sheki nodded calmly. "And when the king is taken?"

"It's chess." said Deven, smiling. "The game ends before the king is taken."

"A considerable advantage for you." said Sheki. "One might argue that this game is hardly fair."

"My game, my rules." said Deven. "Or do you wish to forfeit?"

"I said one might… not that I would." said Sheki. "The game is still winnable."

"That's the spirit." said Deven. "It's no fun playing against someone who already knows she's beaten."


"You fight well, kitten." said Lee, barely breathing hard. Her arms seems to blur, blocking a plasma-enhanced punch from Kasy and then easily sidestepping a leg sweep.

"Glad you approve…"said Kasy, panting, her chest heaving. She tried a high kick, followed by a knee strike to Lee's mid riff. The taller woman parried both blows easily. "Why don't you… give up then."

"I said you fight well… not that you fight better then I." said Lee. She switched to the offensive, and Kasy found herself having to backtrack furiously. While Lee was unable to create plasma like Kasy was, she moved as fast as Kasy did… and her body delivered powerful attacks, hitting with enough force that Kasy was prepared to swear was beyond human.

"What happened…" panted Kasy. "An asteroid fragment hit you?"

"Oh, no." said Lee. "Just a constant exercise regime… and a tiny bit of nanobot performed enhancement." Lee kicked out, hitting one of the fake trees. The tree cracked and broke, falling down. Whatever the material the tree had been made of, Kasy already knew it was fireproof… the plasma blasts which had hit the trees hadn't so much as scorched them. Whatever material was used to make the suit that Lee wore, it seemed to resist both heat and electricity.

"Someone has been eating her Wheaties." said Kasy, trying to think of some weakness this super-powerful woman had.

A loud noise resounded through the chamber, causing the floor to shake. Lee looked around, distracted. Kasy saw her opportunity and took it… slipping under the underbrush of the artificial greenery. It's not running away, it's making a strategic withdrawal Kasy told herself. She ignored the tiny voice in her head that insisted that doing this is exactly what Sheki would do.


"And there goes one of your rooks." said Deven. He frowned at his chess board… in addition to one of Sheki's rooks, one of her pawns had also vanished. He tentatively poked at the board.

Sheki said nothing. After being hit by one of Deven's bishops, the treaded tower had tipped over… smashing one of her own pawns and producing a crash that was probably felt and heard all over the island. Sheki moved one of her knights, mind busy working on a strategy.


"Come out, come out, wherever you are kitten…" said Lee. She lashed out, smashing a tree at random with one forearm. The tree trunk split open at the blow, the top half of the tree falling to the ground.

Kasy waited until Lee was facing away from her hiding spot, then leapt out with her fists already glowing. Lee turned, bringing up gloved hands to block Kasy's attack. "Come on, girl…" Lee said. "This suit was designed originally with you mother's powers in mind. It blocks electrical attacks, thermal attacks…."

Kasy opened her fists, firing an almost pure kinetic energy plasma blast against Lee's hands. Much to Kasy's surprise, the other woman didn't even twitch. Instead, Lee finished speaking. "…and even disperses your plasma when you try to use it to add extra physical impact."

Lee pushed back, knocking Kasy to the ground in a puddle of mud, apparently placed there just to add realism to the artificial forest scent. Before Kasy could scramble up, Lee stepped on her, using one foot to press Kasy into the ground. "Come on, dear… are you just a one trick pony?"

Kasy grunted, scooping up as much of the wet mud as she could and throwing it at Lee. Lee stepped back. "Oh really, kitten… mud slinging? That's not going to get you out of here."

Kasy back flipped out of the mud, her hands already glowing as she prepared a two-handed plasma ball.

"Kitten… kitten… kitten." said Lee, shaking her head. "You know that won't affect me. You're just wasting energy."

"Now you see me…" Kasy growled, and then hurled the plasma ball at the mud hole now between the two female fighters. "Now you don't."

As the super-heated plasma ball hit the mud, the water in the mud-hole converted to steam… spreading a sudden white cloud between Kasy and Lee. When it cleared, Kasy had once more hidden herself in the artificial jungle.


"You're going down." snarled Sheki, as her throne rolled into position… two squares away from Deven, and right in front of him. "Check."

"Oooh… Sheki, Sheki, Sheki." said Deven. "Too bad… so sad…. You're gotten so focused on this one part of the game you neglected to watch behind you." He reached out and picked up a piece, preparing to move.

Sheki twisted, stretching up a bit to look over the top of the throne. One of Deven's rooks was right behind her. Sheki swallowed, loud enough to be audible in the stone chamber. "You…. You'd kill me?"

"Oh, I doubt this will kill you." said Deven. "Not with your healing abilities. But it'll certainly hurt. Sorry, but I play to win."

Deven made his move on his board. The giant stone tower began rolling toward Sheki's throne, obviously planning to roll over the throne and smash both the throne and its occupant.


Kasy watched nervously as Lee approached the spot Kasy had prepared so carefully. Kasy was hiding in the tree tops, hoping her latest gambit would pay off. Lee had just stepped into a small opening in the artificial greenery and was about to place her foot in a small pile of artfully placed leaves….

Lee froze, then grinned. Instead of stepping in the pile, she kicked the leaves, sending leaves scattering and revealing a small grid of thin sticks covering a hastily dug hole. "Really, kitten… how pathetic. You call this a trap?"


Sheki tensed as she heard and felt the massive tower looming closer behind her. In front of her, on his own thrown, Deven watched gloatingly.

"Rina…. Hold on!" ordered Sheki as she suddenly stood up. The straps that had held her to the throne had been carefully cut earlier, using the stealthiest of plasma powers. Even as she felt the mole rat grip tight onto her shoulder, Sheki leapt across the floor, landing on top of Deven and pinning his arms to his side. Behind her, the black rook smashed her abandoned stone throne to rubble.

"Well, you survived." said Deven calmly. "But you only get to advance by beating me in a game. And I can still check mate your king in two more moves."

"Who said you'll get a chance?" said Sheki. "You're gotten so focused on this one part of the game you neglected to watch what's right in front of you. Rina… White knight advance to take black rook."

The mole rat scampered to Deven's chess board and picked up the white knight. Deven stared at the giant black tower in front of him, and then his eyes went wide. "But the knight… from this angle…"

"The rook will fall down and go boom." Sheki finished. "Right on top of you. I know I can get Rina and me out in time. You, on the other hand…"

"You would kill me?" asked Deven.

"Oh, I doubt this will kill you." said Sheki, deliberately echoing his earlier words. "But it'll certainly hurt. You're not the only one who plays to win."

Deven reached out for the board, where Rina was still standing and holding a knight. He flipped over the white king piece on his board. "Very well. I concede." The door in the wall behind Deven slid open.

Watching Deven closely for any last minute triks, Sheki climbed off and picked up Rina the molerat. Suddenly, smoke bombs exploder around the throne, startling Sheki and Rina. When the smoke cleared, Deven had vanished.

"Come on, Rina." said Sheki. "We're heading for Kasy, and then home."

"Yay, Kasy and home!" squeaked Rina. She climbed eagerly back to Sheki's shoulder as Sheki headed for the now open door.


"Actually…" said Kasy. "I call it a diversion."

Lee looked up, spotting Kasy. Kasy was standing in the tree tops, several feet away from where Lee was. The whip Kasy had taken earlier from Sheki was in Kasy's hands, with the tip of the whip tied to a sturdy branch directly over Lee's head.

Holding tight to the whip, Kasy stepped out, the whip turning her fall into a tight arc…. Ending with Kasy's feet impacting at Lee's mid riff. The taller, more powerful woman was sent flying back, slamming into two trees behind her. Before she could get up, Kasy managed to move behind her, wrapping a forearm arround Lee's throat. "How do I get out?" growled Kasy, securing the hold.

"My my…. Kitten has some claws after all." said Lee.

Kasy growled, tightening her grip and hoping that Lee would cooperate… if Lee refuse, Kasy wasn't sure what she'd do.

"Easy… kitten…" said Lee, having trouble talking against the tightening grip. "Open… sez… me…"A loud click echoed through the artificial jungle, as a door slid open. Kasy turned to look at the now open door, giving Lee the opening she needed to break out of the hold.

"It was fun, kitten…" said Lee. "Except for the part at the end. We'll have to do this again."

Lee threw something on the ground, releasing a cloud of smoke. The smoke dissipated in minutes, revealing that Lee was gone also.

Kasy shook her head and walked into doorway.


Both Kasy and Sheki had barely stepped through their respective doorways when they were enveloped in a cloud of sweet smelling gas…. Very familiar smelling gas….

Kasy opened her eyes. "Ow…. TWO hangover headaches in one weekend?"

"Not so loud…" complained Sheki, sitting up. She looked around The two of them were sitting in the 'conversation nook' of their own home… actually, a separate room from the living room, featuring three oversized couches facing a large television and holographic display unit. All three couches were currently occupied, with a still sleeping Rina occupying the one between them.

"Did we just dream that?" asked Kasy, noticing she was dressed the way after the party. "I mean, did you dream…"

"If it was a dream, why would that be there?" asked Sheki, pointing at the table between the three couches. The remote control for the TV and vid player had been laid out, with a yellow post-it note stuck to the remote. The post it note had a simple arrow, pointing to the play button on the remote, and the word 'Push' on it.

Kasy shrugged and pushed the play button before Sheki could stop her.

On the TV screen, an image of Deven and Lee appeared.

"Well done, girls." said Deven. "You managed to defeat both Lee and myself… not an easy feet."

"But don't get TOO comfortable." said Lee. "I want a rematch, Kitten."

"We'll be in touch." said Deven. "Adieu."

The screen faded to static.

"NO DATA" appeared on the TV.

Sheki frowned and tried to replay the CD, only for the NO DATA signal to keep flashing on the TV.

"Oh great… no proof now." said Sheki.

"Ah, they weren't so tough." said Kasy. "She was a powder-puff. How was that guy you fought?"

"Oh… a little boring." said Sheki.

The two girls looked at each other.

"Hardest fight in your life?" asked Sheki finally.

"Not counting against mom… yeah." admitted Kasy. "And with Mom, at least you're sure she's not going to do any major damage or kill you. The game?"

Sheki winced dramatically. "Had to think on at least three different levels at once… I think I sprained some neutrons."

Kasy stood. "Come on… let's see how long we have before Mom and Mommy get here…"

A familiar sonic boom sounded… The Kiminator, arriving in a typically Shego-style entrance.

The two girls looked at each other and reached the same horrifying conclusion.

"Oh no…"

"We never got a chance to clean up…"

"After the party!"

The two girls, panicked, rushed to the main part of the house to see how bad the after-party detritus was.

Much to their surprise, they discovered that the house was sparkling clean, everything put away. The few places on the walls that Sheki had noticed, during the party, that had been scratched or marked had been repainted. If anything, the house was in better shape then it was before the party.

Kasy and Sheki looked around.

"Ok…" said Kasy. "If you had a choice, between playing mind games between two excitement-seeking super villains or cleaning the house after the party, which would you have chosen?"

"The super villains. Definitely the super villains." said Sheki.

"Come on…" said Kasy. "Let's go see how the moms are doing after their weekend on the moon."


Lee O'Nardo lounged on a deck chair carved of solid ice, a white jumpsuit insulating from the cold. White puffs of syntho-fur lined the neck and wrist, and she held a steaming mug of hot cocoa in her other hand. "Well, that was exciting." she said.

"The sunset? Or round one?" asked Deven. He was dressed in the costume of a nineteenth century sea captain, complete to a heavy coat, and was standing in front of a massive wooden wheel.

"Round one, dear." said Lee. "Kasy and Sheki make such delightful playmates, I can't wait for our next encounter."

"Patience, dear heart." said Deven. "We must wait and prepare."

"If we must." said Lee. She relaxed back. "Oh well, I always did enjoy an ocean cruise."

The ice berg Lee and Deven was on continued sailing forth, into the night.