The Not so Suit Life Zack and Cody

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Chapter 1: The News

The phone rang in the Tipton hotel and Mr. Moseby answers the phone. "Hello, Tipton hotel, this is Mr. Moseby, how may I help you?" Mr. Moseby said.

"This is Officer Burt from the Boston police; I'm calling for a Ms. Carey Martin. We hear she is living in your hotel." Officer Burt said.

"Yes she is; if this is about the twins may I ask what did they do?" Mr. Moseby asked.

"Can I talk to Ms. Martin?" Officer Burt asked.

"I'll ring up to her room," Mr. Moseby said and then saw Carey talking to Maddie. "Oh, wait, she's right here. Carey, you have a phone call and make it quick." Mr. Moseby told Carey.

Carey took the phone. "Hello," Carey said.

"Hello, is this Ms. Carey Martin?" Officer Burt asked.

"Yes, it is," Carey said.

"This is Officer Burt from Boston police and I'm calling to tell you that you're daughter a proven innocent. Turns out she wasn't the person who killed that man five years ago. She's being released tomorrow and is going to go live with you."

"T-t-t-thank you Officer Burt," Carey said.

"Good bye," Officer Burt said and hung up the phone. Carey hung up the phone to. Cody and Zack come running in threw the doors with Max.

"Zack, Cody," Carey yelled and Zack and Cody walked over to her.

"What did we do?" Zack asked.

"What did you do?" Mr. Moseby asked.

"You two did nothing," Carey said ignoring Mr. Moseby. "You're sister, Mandy is actually innocent. She's coming to live with us."

"Live with us," Zack said.

"Here in the Tipton?' Cody asked and Carey nodded her head.

"Who's Mandy?" Mr. Moseby asked.

"She's my daughter. She's been in jail for 5 years for murder but it turns out she's innocent." Carey tells Mr. Moseby.

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