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Chapter 1: A Summoner is Born

Besaid is a small and peaceful village. It is always sunny the whole year through and all the villagers live happily with one another. There is a temple in the middle of the village and most of the villagers are loyal followers of Yevon. The Aurochs have never won a match in 20 years…but that is another story.

Our story also lies in the island of Besaid but this time it is in the middle of town. The whole village is anxious to find out what will happen, jumping at every little sound. They try going around their daily lives but most give up and start talking to each other in hushed whispers. All staring and pointing to the temple, something exciting must be going on there.

"He did it!" a shout rang into the distance, "He did it; we have a new summoner!" The villagers dropped what they were doing and ran towards the temple. A blond male stood on the temple steps as the villagers stared hopefully at him. Four equally young men were standing behind him acting indifferently.

The high priest of Besaid temple addressed the blond with a prayer before saying, "Show us what you can do." The blond glanced blankly at the priest with a blank expression then nodded his head and walked forward holding his staff to the front of him. After doing a series of movements, a bird call was heard. Everyone stared into the sky and there in the sky was the great aeon Valefor

The blond stroked the aeon without giving it much thought. He patted the huge bird slightly who took off and flew into the distance. The villagers all cheered and congratulated the summoner who just nodded without any visible expression and walked towards his house followed by the four men behind him.

The villagers disappointed by the summoners reaction turned around and continued with what they were doing. The ones that still couldn't accept the summoners reaction started muttering among themselves and shook their heads as they watched the summoner.

"We are so unlucky to have a summoner like this."

"I agree, he is nothing like a summoner."

"Just leave him be. Just as long as he stops Sin I'm happy."

"That's right. Praise be to Yevon."

The red head, slammed his legs onto the table huffily, no doubt one of the guys that was following the summoner, "Ooi Sanzo, how long more do we have to act so formal? This is getting irritating, I see a pretty girl past and yet I have to keep a straight face."

"I agree, it's hard standing straight while I'm so hungry," the youngest of the four complained. "I am sooooo hungry. You sure were taking so long."

The other young man beside him who belonged to the Dragonian tribe, brushed away the white hair that covered his eyes, "Seriously, I think I'll break my back if we have to keep up with all of this."

"Stop complaining, we have to act like this until we…you defeat Sin right, Sanzo-sama?" the brunette said cheerfully as he pored some tea out and handed it to the summoner called Sanzo who took it.

Sanzo rolled his eyes at the last part, "Just shut up and act indifferently in front of everyone or I will kill you," he put simply as he laid down the empty glass. "We have a long journey tomorrow, you better get some sleep," he said as he went into his room as Goku trailed behind him muttering about still being hungry.

"Sheesh grumpy much? As if I can sleep at this kind of time," Gojyo said while grabbing his coat. "Hakkai, I'm going ou…" Gojyo struggled as Hakkai grabbed the back of his shirt, "Whaaaa…?"

"I know you are going to go flirt with some women. We can't draw that kind of attention anymore as Sanzo's guardians. So just sit down, have some tea and maybe go to bed early for once," Hakkai said cheerfully as he let go of Gojyo's shirt.

"Tch, yeah wouldn't want another reason for the villagers to hate you." Gojun said as he folded his arms across his chest.

"You are kidding! First the stiffness and now this? Argh, forget this! I give up," Gojyo said angrily. "I'm staying right here. I didn't want to go to Zanarkand anyway."

"Gojyo…you know as well as I that once Sanzo leaves you will be kicked out of here. The only reason you are allowed to stay is because Sanzo vouches for you. People are already talking about you being his guardian."

"Fine!" Gojyo exclaims loudly and kicks back the chair. "I'm going to bed." He says as he storms of to his room.

Hakkai shook his head slightly as a frown crept onto his lips. This was going to be tough. If fiends didn't tear them to pieces they would tear each other apart. Gojun sighed as he sat next to Hakkai, "Oh well, you still think this job beats sphere hunting?" He said as a smirk crept across his lips.

Hakkai gave a small smile, "We have a new duty now, we have to protect Sanzo until we get to Zanarkand…and you're still hooked up on sphere hunting?" Gojun shrugged and shook his head, "Hey, those were the good old days."

Hakkai sighed and stood up, "Okay then, I'm going to sleep. You'd better do so too, we have a long day ahead of us." Gojun nodded, "Fine, I'll sleep in a minute. G'night, Kai."

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