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Chapter 3: Luca Harbour

The ship docked into the harbor at the Luca Port as a number of people moved towards it. "Here they are, folks, three popular Blitzball teams." A voice said coming from a speaker nearby, "All the way from Kilika, it's the Kilika Beasts!" a slight cheering is heard as the Kilika Beasts walked out and waved to the crowd. "Their hometown was recently attacked by Sin. Isn't that right, Kinkaku?"

"Yes, Ginkaku. They're going to have to try their hardest to try and bring back the cup this year."

"Well, well, well look here. If it isn't the Besaid Aurochs!" the crowd jeered as the Aurochs walked off the ship. "They're a living, breathing, statistical impossibility! I've never seen a team this bad! In twenty-three years they have never made it past the first round. Only a few die-hard fans are in the audience today." The voice said as he chuckled which soon turned to laughter. "I'm sorry folks; it is just so hilarious that they even dare to show their faces."

"Well I wish them the best of luck and a safe journey back to Besaid."

"Right brother. Moving right along, our next team is... Oh here they are, folks! Our very own Luca Goers!" The whole dock seem to erupt in cheers. The Luca Goers walked off the ships with their heads held high...albeit a bit too high. "They have the whole package. Power! Speed! Teamwork! They're an all-around first-class team! And they're back home in Luca!"

"Without a doubt, they are the favorite this year, Ginkaku. After the way they dominated last year, it'd take a miracle for them to lose today."

"You can say that again, brother. The Luca Goers are number one!"

Suddenly a voice rang out through the dock. "Maester Li Touten is here. The number 3 dock. Hurry!" The crowd rushed forward and headed to another set of docks.

Goku just stared questioningly at the crowd, "Where are they going, Sanzo? Who is this Li Touten?"

"What the…? You don't even know who Maester Li Touten is? Kono Baka Saru!" Gojyo jeered at him.

"Shut up the both of you." Sanzo said angrily.

"Goku, here let me explain, Maester Li Touten is the leader of all the peoples in Spira, one of the four Maesters that govern this land. They are the head of the church." Hakkai explained patiently.

"Ohhh…let's go see. Please…." Goku runs towards dock 3 without waiting for a reply.

The four of them proceeded to dock 3 to catch up with Goku. Trumpets sound as someone steps out of the boat.

"Who is that?"

"Is that a Guado?"

"Isn't that…Maester Ken'yuu?"

The person called Maester Ken'yuu turned around a made the 'prayer' towards the boat which was soon followed by everyone in the crowd, everyone except our five heroes of course.

Maester Li Touten walked off the boat and said to the crowd, "People of Spira, I thank you for your generous welcome. Rise Maester Ken'yuu and all of you as well. I present to you the son of Maester Goudai Guado who departed for the Farplane a fortnight past. As some of you already know, he has been officially ordained a master of Yevon."

Ken'yuu bows slightly towards the crowd, "I am Ken'yuu Guado. I am honored to receive the title of master. In life, my father Goudai worked to foster friendship between man and Guado. I vow to carry on his legacy, and to fulfill my duties as master to the best of my ablities." The crowd bow towards Maester Ken'yuu as he and Maester Li Touten walks away.

"Ne Sanzo, can we watch the game please? Please Sanzo can we? Can we…can we?" Goku begged to Sanzo.

"Well it's been quite some time since we had so much fun." Hakkai said with a smile.

"Do what you want but only one game. We are already wasting too much time." Sanzo said in his I don't care voice.

"Sankkyu." Goku said happily and started cheering all the way to the stadium

"Today, on this glorious day, prayers from all over Spira have assembled here to participate in this great contest of bravery, skill and strength." Maester Li Touten's voice rang all over Luca on the Sphere. "All of these fine teams, equally renowned, deserve to win the cup today. Such is the nature of this contest." The sphere shows the leaders of all the blitzball teams. "Let us, the spectators, play our role accordingly: Let us sing to the glory of the winners, and applaud equally the valor of the defeated. Contestants, may Yevon be with you." The games had officially begun as the teams all got into position.

"Hey where did Sanzo disappear to?" Goku asked as he looked around, "Wasn't he just here moments ago?"

"Who knows where he went? He appears and disappears whenever he likes. He'll just pop up soon enough." Gojyo said absently.

"Hakkai!" someone called. Hakkai turned around to see the head of the Besaid Aurochs. "The Al Bhed Phychs have just send a ransom note, they have kidnapped Lord Sanzo so they want us to loose the match.

"If they're only blitzball players, I doubt they'd do anything drastic. Just play the game as planned, we will see to Sanzo." Hakkai said kindly.

"They are asking the Aurochs to throw the game? As if they needed to." Gojyo said smugly.

"That's what I thought too." Said the Aurochs Head. "The game is starting; tell me if we need to throw the game." The Aurochs head ran back towards the locker room.

"The Al Bhed boat is in Dock 4, let's go." Gojun said as they ran towards the dock.

They were stopped by some machinas, "What are these things?" Goku asked.

"These are ancient machine salvaged by the Al Bhed," Gojun said with a grin, "They are weak against lightning…leave them to me." He used thunder on the machine and continued towards Dock 4. They were surrounded by more machina, "How many of these things do you guys salvaged?" Gojun directed to Gojyo who just rolled his eyes in response.

"The Aurochs are keeping the game tied with some excellent defense but they had better start using an offense or they are not gonna win." The narrator said over the sphere.

The four of them reached Dock 4; the Al Bhed ship was leaving the dock. "Let's go!" cried Goku as the four of them jumped onto the ship. A huge machine waited for them. "Oh crap!"

"We can use this crane!" Gojyo said as he moved towards the crane. "Crap it's out of power."

"Leave that to me. The rest of you see to the machine." Gojun cried as he thundered the crane. The crane finally generated enough power; Gojyo ran towards the crane and activated it. The crane picked the giant machina up and dropped it real hard

Gojun used the final Thunder and down the machine went. Gunshots were heard from inside the machine as Sanzo came out holding a gun and a fainted Al Bhed with a bleeding shoulder next to him.

"There you are, you made us miss the first game." Gojyo said unhappily.

"Tch, whatever." Sanzo said as he reloaded the gun he was holding.

"Aren't those banned for the holy Yevonites?"

"Shut up you cockroach!"

"The game!" Goku cried out suddenly. Gojun sent out a signal in the air.

"I can't believe this for the first time in so many years the Aurochs have finally won!" The narrator over the sphere exclaimed shock filling his voice.

"Come on let's go see the finals." Goku cried happily and ran back towards the stadium as the other four just shook their heads and followed him.

"This is it folks, the championship game." The narrator exclaimed as the five of them sat in their seats. "But who could have imagined a championship game between these two teams? Our legendary Luca Goers going against the horrendously ill-fated Besaid Aurochs! This looks like history in the making."

The two teams get into position; the Luca Goers head put his hand out to the Besaid Aurochs head who almost takes it to shake but the shake was soon turned into a punch. "They're already going at it, folks! The Goers are taunting the Aurochs."

"Hey, that's not fair. Get them Aurochs!" Goku screamed from the stand. Sanzo just slapped his head and shook it.

The Aurochs have won the game, but suddenly screams were heard. "Fiends! Fiends in the stadium."

"I guess it's our turn." Gojyo said with a smirk as the four of them stood up and proceeded towards the oncoming fiends. Goku summoned his nyi-bo, "Nyoi-bo go!" The stick Goku had summoned attacked the first batch of fiends.

"My turn, monkey." Gojyo said as he took out a steel crescent blade attached to a chain. He shot out the blade with the chain and attacked the second batch of fiends.

Gojun just shooked his head as he used black magic and attacked the next batch of fiends as Hakkai smiled and used chi onto the fiends.

Bullets flew out of the gun Sanzo had found on the Al Bhed ship. "I highly doubt I have to sit in the sidelines anytime soon." Sanzo said with a smirk.

Suddenly, a big fiend blocked their path. "Great, this is going to take forever." Gojun sighed. "This place is filled with fiends; I highly doubt we'll destroy them all in a day." Gojun said as he used a Fire spell. "'Kai, watch out!" he cried as the big fiend moved menacingly towards Hakkai. A flash of red and fire, and the big fiend became pyreflies.

A man with blackish-indigo hair landed with a smirk where the fiend was previously standing. He was carrying a sword engulfed in flames and shackles were binding his hands together.

"Thank you." Hakkai said as he stared at the stranger, "Who are you?" he asked skeptically. "

"Homura!" the stranger said as he moved towards the next fiend. He attacks it and it turns into pyreflies immediately.

"Homura…?" Gojun asked bewildered. "I've heard that name somewhere." He felt hot breath behind him; he turned around and all he saw was a mouth and then pyreflies.

"Think later, fight now!" Hakkai said as he created another chi ball and attacked the fiend next to him.

"Gomen nasai!" Gojun said as he turned to a fiend, "Are you thirsty?" he taunted as he used water on the fire fiend.

Without meaning to, they turned towards the Maester's stand. There Maester Ken'yuu stood witnessing the massive destruction. He makes a prayer gesture and suddenly, a huge anchor drops from the sky in front of him and pulls out a giant aeon. The aeon blasts a fiend which turns into pyreflies immediately. It goes on blasting and blasting until they were no more fiends. Maester Ken'yuu just smiled at his glorious handiwork.

Author's Note: Hey, just some handy info here. Maester Ken'yuu (as everyone knows takes the place of Maester Seymore) is actually Dr. Ni Jianyi before he became a Sanzo and a scientist. Maester Goudai was Ken'yuu's master.