Hiya! I'm Sam, but just call me Guardiangirl1. This is my first Super Robot fic, and I'm modeling it after fics I've seen where the 'All That' Know your Stars guy tortures the cast of the show. So first up Chiro. R & R, tell me what you think! And for the record, characters from my other favorite shows will make small appearances.

Victim 1- Chiro

Chiro walked onto stage and looked around, "Where am I?"

"Sit down Chiro"

Chiro's eyes bugged out, "What? Who's there?"
"Just sit!"
"Sit where?"

"In that chair behind you", Chiro whirled around and saw what looked like a directors chair behind him.

"Okay…", he said uncertainly, flopping down in the chair.

"Hem, hem…Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars…Chiro-"
"Uh, hi"

"Don't interrupt", the voice snapped, "Now, as I was saying…Chiro…he's in love with Starfire"

"With who?" Chiro asked, confused. There was a small squeal from back stage, and then a crash. Chiro looked around and saw two boys, one green and one half metal, trying to restrain a third boy, this one with a mask over his eyes. Next to them, a girl was jumping up and down, squealing with delight. "She's a Chiro fan-girl", the voice said with a snicker.

"Okay…", Chiro said, "Weird…"

"Hem, hem, anyway…Chiro-"
"I said don't interrupt!" Chiro shut up instantly, "Now, as I was saying, Chiro…sits home every Saturday morning and watches Power Rangers in his underwear"
"No I don't", Chiro said, "I watch the Sun Riders"
"In your underwear?"
"That was more than I needed to know", the voice said, "Now, Chiro…thinks Starfire is ugly"
"Who in the world is Starfire!" Chiro yelled, jumping up from the chair. There was a small gasp and yell of joy from backstage. Chiro looked around and saw the group of teens were still there, except now the girl looked ready to cry, and the boy looked like he wanted to jump for joy, "Would you get out of here!" he yelled at them. They just sort of shrugged and walked out. Chiro sat back down in the chair huffily.

"Okay then, now that the Titans are gone…" the voice said, "Chiro…is the son of Skeleton King"
"What!" Chiro yelled, jumping up, "Okay, that's it, where are you, you sicko, I'm seriously going to make you pay, I swear, where are you!"
"Hahahaha…" the voice snickered evilly, "Going to go running home to papa Skeleton and say that the big bad voice was mean are you?"
"Okay, you weirdo!" Chiro yelled, "He is not my father! Where in the world did you get an idea like that anyway?"
"Well in Star Wars the main character's enemy turned out to be his father", the voice said, shrugging (even if you couldn't see her).

"Yea, well that's a movie", Chiro said, breathing heavily.

"And you're a TV show, what's your point?"
"Now sit down", Chiro shrugged and flopped back in the chair, "Good. Chiro…will be attacked by a rabid fan-girl before he leaves today"
"What the heck do you want already!"
"BE QUIET!" the voice roared. Chiro gulped and obeyed. "Good, now, Chiro…" is in love with Nova"
"No, that's Otto"

"What!" three voices screeched from backstage. He looked around and saw and Otto, Nova, and Sprx all looking at him. Nova looked horrified, Sprx and Otto looked angry.

"You promised you wouldn't tell!" Otto yelled at him.

"So it's true!" Sprx declared, turning on him, "Oh you're going to pay for this green-boy…"
"Bring it on Sparky!"
"Okay…", the voice said, "If Monkey Theater is over…"

"Right", Chiro said, turning back around, "Right…"
"So then, Chiro…thinks the Power Primate is lame"
"Huh?" Chiro looked around, confused, "When did I say that?"
"I have a recording of it", plays clearly cut and pasted record of Chiro saying, "The Power Primate is lame"
"I never said that!" Chiro yelled, "You're lying!"
"Sure…" the voice said.

"Who are you anyway!"
"What business is it of yours", the voice snapped, "Now you know…Chiro"
"What in the world do they know about me!" Chiro yelled, jumping up, "They think I'm in love with Starfighter and Nova! And I'm not!"

"Her name is Starfire", the voice said boredly, "Which reminds me…turn around"
"Why?" Chiro looked around, and was ran into by Starfire, who yelled, "That is what you get for your lies!"
"Hehehe…" the voice snickered, "That oughtta teach him"

Let me guess, it was horrible, right? Well, it was fun, I liked using Starfire as the rabid fan-girl, she seems like someone that would a rabid fan-girl, don't you think? Anyway, next up is Nova, but I refuse to update until I see people telling me I'm not wasting my time. And no,I do not support Otto/Nova, I am actually aSprx/Nova person, but that part was way too funny to pass up!