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Victim 12 – The Sun Riders

Johnny Sunspot

Johnny stormed out on stage. He was furious at his so called teammates, they were always arguing with him, talk about annoying…

"Hey, what's that?" he saw a chair sitting on the middle of the stage. "Hmn, might as well sit for a little while"

He sat…and nothing happened. "I heard monkey boy out back complaining about this chair", he said as he looked around, "But—"
"Got any queens?"

"Go Fish"

"Hey Sam, is this pepperoni?"
"Yup. There's some cheese there too, I think"

"What in the world…" Johnny looked up at the ceiling.

"Oh", one of the voices said, "Get to work Sam"
"Oh!" the first voice spoke up, "Duh. Ahem…Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars…Johnny Sunspot…"

"Don't interrupt!" the voice roared, "Now, as I was saying, Johnny Sunspot…likes to watch Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! On Saturday mornings"
"I do not!" Johnny yelled, "I can't stand them!"
"Riii-iight", the voice said, "Johnny Sunspot…is in love with Kari from Digimon"
"Who the what?"

A loud bang is heard out back; Ken and Yolei (also from Digimon), can be seen holding Davis back as he tries to get to Johnny. "What the heck is going on?" Johnny asked.

"Don't ask", the voice said, "Okay, Johnny Sunspot…is in love with Skeleton King"

Everyone both on stage and out back yelled at the same time "WHAT?.!"

"Okay, you now what?" the voice said, "I withdraw that one on the grounds of way too disturbing. Okay, lets' try again…Johnny Sunspot…is secretly stalking Jin May"
"What?.!" Johnny yelled, "As if, Monkey Boy can have her!"

"Then why do you still stalk her?"

"I don't!"
"I've seen you do it though"
"Well then you're seeing things!"
"Okay…" the voice said, "Johnny Sunspot…is really Eoin Colfer in disguise"
Suddenly, a girl runs out on stage. "Eoin Colfer!" she screamed, "Can I have your autograph, pleeeeeeeeaaase?.!"
"Forget this, I'm outta here!" Johnny yelled, jumping off the chair and running. The girl runs after him.

"Wait!" she yelled. Suddenly, a furry creature with antennas runs out after her.

"Shadow, come back!" he yells, disappearing off stage. The voice giggles.

"Got any threes?" a voice asks.

"Go Fish"

Aurora Six

Aurora Six wandered on stage, wondering what all the screaming was for. "What's this?" she asked, seeing a chair in the middle of the stage. She sat down.

"Sam, do you have any Coke?"
"Check the Fridge?"
"Oh, hey, someone's down there"
"Oooops", the first voice said, "Okay. Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars…Aurora Six…"

"Quit interrupting me!" the voice yelled, "Now, as I was saying, Aurora Six…enjoys listening to the Backstreet Boys"

"That lame band!" one of the other voices in the ceiling said, "What a loser!"

"Tell me". The first voice said, "Anyways…Aurora Six…is secretly in love with Chiro"
"WHAT?.!" Aurora Six and Chiro yelled at the same time.

"Don't ask me, it's what the card says", the voice said, "Anyways, Aurora Six…spends her night terrorizing and bullying little children"
"Only once!"

"Wait…" the voice said, "Okay, I don't want to know. Aurora Six…is plotting to steal Mr. Jeepers"

"WHAT?.!" A scandalized voice from out back yelled.

"She's lying!" Aurora Six cried, "I don't want to steal Mr. Jeepers! I don't even know who he is!"
"Then why do you want to steal him?"
"I don't!"

Whaaatever", the voice said, "Aurora Six…hates Green Day"
"Green Day hater!" Catie yelled from backstage, "You can't hate them!"
"I don't know who they are!"
"That's even worse!"

"Down girl", the voice said, "Now, Aurora Six…sneaks inside the Super Robot at night and watches Sprx sleep because she is in love with him. Aw, how cute!"
"I am not!" Aurora Six yelled.

"Tell Nova that"

"I will! Where is she?"
"Behind you", Aurora Six turned around…and saw Nova ready to punch her.

"Uh oh…" Aurora Six said, "I'm leaving, good bye!"
She ran away, with Nova chasing her yelling, "If I ever catch you in the Robot…"
"Sam, all you have is diet"
"Really? Oh, well blame Paul, he does the shopping"

"I'm tired of Chess, wanna play Checkers?"

"I'm waiting to see if Nova kills Aurora Six"
Suddenly, they both come running back on stage, Nova still chasing Aurora Six. "I'll get you for this you voice!"
"Why blame me, you're the one ogling Sprx"

Super Quasier

Super Quasier walked onto the stage, looking for the rest of his team. "Where is everyone?" he asked, looking around. He saw a chair. "Might as well sit…" he sat down.

"You didn't buy Park Place!"

"Yeah I did Sam!"
"Did she buy Park Place Catie?"
"I don't know, but I do know there's someone down there"

"There is?" the first voice says, "Oops. Will finish this later Shayna. Ahem…Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars, Know Your Stars…Super Quasier…"


"Have you ever considered anger management?"
"Can it", the voice snapped, "Now, Super Quasier…likes to watch the Power Rangers in his underwear"
"How did you know that?.!"
"Okay, not going there. Super Quasier…enjoys watching chick flicks"


"Then how come I have pictures of you sneaking into the movie "Step Up" at the movie theater?"

"That was a very touching movie, not a chick flick!"

"Okay, so not going there…Super Quasier…enjoys watching Pokemon on Cartoon Network"
"THAT'S IT!" Super Quasier yelled, jumping up, "I'm leaving, you know too much about me!"

He stormed out.

"Hey Sam?"
"How did you know all that?"
"I didn't. So did we figure out if you bought Park Place or not?"

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