Dick Remembers
By DC Lady

Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story are owned by DC.

A special thank you to Djinn for the beta and to Cindy Watts whose piccy inspired the story.

Nightwing looks out from the rooftop, to the mist-filled city before him. It used to be his city -- his and Batman's. Now he has his own city to protect, but he can't help but come home on occasion.

He remembers each rooftop, and the cartwheels and handstands he did as Robin to pass the time. Batman would scold him on occasion, but mostly he let him alone. He knew that gymnastics were part of who Dick was -- who he still is.

But Robin grew up -- Dick grew up.

Bruce couldn't deal with it at first, and Dick resented him for not dealing with it. For not allowing him to spread his wings.

Now, Dick knows, and if he's honest with himself, he knew then too, that Bruce feared what would happen if he grew up and walked out from under his protection. But Bruce's protection became stifling, and words were said that should never have been uttered, and battles waged that should never have been fought.

It took a long time for the relationship to heal -- for Bruce to accept Dick as a grown man. Bruce has to be reminded of this every now and then, but Dick doesn't mind that Bruce forgets. Not anymore. He knows it's because Bruce loves him -- even if Bruce can't say the words.

Now, he remembers the good times. When Bruce held him on his shoulders at the Gotham Knights game, playing soccer in the backyard, dinner time with just the three of them -- Bruce, Dick, and Alfred.

He remembers and he smiles. It's good to be home.

The end.