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Katara's affectionate, hidden feelings for Aang are revealed one night and result in a kiss…Little did Katara know that one kiss from the sweet airbender could changer her life forever…

- Vyntresser -

The Airbender's Love

Book One – The Journey Begins

Chapter One – Held Captive

"When are we going to be there? I'm getting hungry," Sokka complained as Aang, Katara, Sokka, Momo, and Appa flew over the wide-open ocean of which they were all too familiar with. Spread evenly over the brilliant blue sky were big, white billowy clouds. Katara beamed as the gentle morning air brisked against her smooth skin; it was so fresh, so clean and so clear, she couldn't help but take deeps breaths every so often, just to get the calming feeling of morning.

"Sokka, be patient. We're almost there..." Katara said softly as she turned around to face Aang. "Aang, Where exactly isthere?" she asked nervously as she gently peeked over Appa's saddle. The young airbender cocked his head slightly to look at the pretty girl behind him. He raised one eyebrow with a charming smile. He then shrugged and pointed to a small island not too far away in the distance.

"Somewhere over there…I've been waiting to see that temple in the distance for hours now," He smiled happily; he then took a deep breath, letting his eyes widen with joy, "Yip yip!" he called to Appa, instructing him to descend down to the crystal blue water.

They quickly came to the shore of what seemed to be a small Earth kingdom village. It was rather enclosed; large earth like walls surrounded the whole town and it didn't look like a very happy place to be. The three slowly began to un-board Appa; they were in search for food and supplies to stock up on for their long trip.

"Sheesh, this water is cold… I mean, I know we're close to up North and all, but-" Sokka was interrupted.

Two armed guards were manning one of the earth kingdom's many gates and could be seen laughing amongst themselves loudly. Aang and Katara obliviously walked up to the guards in hopes of finding food and supplies for the long journey ahead of them. Aang bravely stepped forward when the two had reached the tall, armed men.

"Hi, I'm Aang," He greeted with a cheerful smile as well as a small wave, "My friends and I are here to-"

He was interrupted suddenly; one of the guards had ever so suddenly pushed Katara to the hard ground, sticking his sword just inches from her throat. Katara instantly began to tremble, not having a single clue as to what was going on; nor knowing what to do and defenseless to anything that could happen. Aang quickly airbended the man off of her and stood in front of her in a protective stance; feeling anger fill his heart.

"What was that for!?" Aang yelled angrily as he quickly glanced over his shoulder. He then immediately, yet carefully helped Katara up to her feet. Her shaking hands gently gripped in his for support. The guard instantly grew furious as he regained balance; he quickly and harshly slammed his hands onto Katara's wrists; holding on tight so she couldn't get free.

"Your filthy friend is a girl," the man said rudely; spit spewing as he yelled.

Aang pondered for a moment, wondering what the issue was with having a girl with him.

"Well, yeah, is that a problem?" Aang yelled as he quickly began to struggle to get her free from the guard's grip. Katara trembled in the man's strong grasp, not knowing what to do. She knew she could easily move him aside and do a few simple waterbending forums to get away from this sexist idiot, but she felt as if her arms and legs wouldn't let her. She nibbled her lip slightly, feeling as if she had been caught off guard totally and one hundred percent and with her jumbled thoughts, a lone tear gently trickled down her soft cheek.

"Of course it's a problem; women are a disgrace to this world. We're going to have to take her, so you should be on your way now… " The man heartlessly said as he opened the enormous double doors to the large kingdom before them. He then quickly began to step inside, dragging the young waterbender with him. Katara quickly turned her head, sending Aang a horribly terrified look for help. She let his name fall from her lips, softly, only causing more tears to fall down her cheeks.

"No! You have to let her go, we'll-we'll just be going," Aang said desperately as he quickly pressed his hands to Katara's now shaking arms.

"You can just come with, little boy…The king will want a word with you anyways," Another tall, muscular guard said as he stepped closer to Aang and let a strong hand fall upon the young airbenders shoulder. Aang's eyes widened as he quickly attempted to whirl around.

"Sokka!" Aang hollered, only to have the guard next to him slam one hand over his mouth. Aang only mumbled a few things. Sokka finally trudged up the large sandy beach, clueless as to what had just happened. He being too busy worrying about the cold water underneath him.

"What's going on?" Sokka asked in a dumbfounded way as he scratched his head gently. Aang instantly rolled his eyes angrily as the five stepped into the large kingdom.

Aang ever so desperately squirmed in the man's grasp, attempting to get free. He quickly glanced at Katara; who was next to him. Her eyes fell to her feet, they were filled with tears as she fell into step with the guard that ever so tightly held her wrists clamped in his hands. Aang frowned, feeling as if he had failed his duty at the moment. He knew deep down he always wanted to be there for Katara; to protect her, to keep her from harms way…and right now, he wasn't doing a very good job. He quickly attempted to get closer to her as the four walked, but the guard held him back; he was helpless.

All at once, the one guard shoved Katara forward, causing her to fall to her hands and knees. The guard holding Aang did the same thing, causing Aang to tumble slightly. He fell next to Katara, but he let a small smile play across his face; it was his opportunity to get closer to her. Before anything, he quickly looked about, noting any ways of escaping, but there was none. He knew he could airbend but he couldn't fly without his glider, or Appa. And he knew there was no chance of getting around the seven or eight guards that had the area surrounded. Aang frowned and let his shoulders droop slightly before he quickly averted his gentle gaze to the young waterbender next to him.

She sniffled a few times and regained her sitting position before, to Aang's surprise, she gently dove into Aang's arms; sobbing into his warm chest and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. She held onto him tight, knowing at the moment, he was her savior. If anything, he knew that somehow they'd be free. She clenched onto him like he was her lifeline; tears streaming her cheeks, she was so useless without her element around. She knew she couldn't bend even if she tried; the village seemed so dry and so fresh out of water.

Katara continued to gently sob into Aang's chest and shoulder slightly; Aang lovingly embraced her in a warm hug as he pulled her closer to him. He took advantage of this moment, knowing there weren't many like this one. He rubbed her back, softly and leaned close to her delicate ear.

"Shhh…it'll be all right Katara…I promise," Aang said softly as he suddenly felt a small twinge of confidence in his heart. He gently leaned down and sweetly kissed Katara's soft cheek. Katara smiled, her face turning different shades of red even though she was crying. Aang smiled a bashful smile and looked through the corner of his eye to see Sokka staring at him with a questionable gaze. Aang blushed and pretended not to notice him. Curiosity got the best of him, though, and he looked at Sokka once again. Sokka was shooting glances back and forth from Aang to Katara. Aang smiled sheepishly and nervously at Sokka before he rolled his eyes and looked away.

Aang gently held Katara close to him as he quickly inspected his surroundings. There was a small wooden shack not too far from where they were knelt; Aang had a bad feeling about it. It was rather run down and small, and Aang's eyes widened in shock.

"What's that?" he asked nervously to Katara, but one of the guards over heard their small conversation.

Aang was somewhat surprised to see one of the tall, muscular earth kingdom guards ever so quickly rip Katara from Aang's gentle and loving grip; he then shoved Katara into the hut. The only thing heard was a soft yelp from the young waterbender. Aang immediately stood, feeling more angry then ever.

"What are you doing?!" Aang hollered as his hands quickly clenched into fist, "You sexist jerk, free her right now! I won't have it."

"This is where your little girlfriend will be stayin'," the guard said with a chuckle as he harshly nudged his friend next to him.

"Sh-she's…not my-"

Sokka interrupted Aang by putting his hand on the bender's shoulder and pushing him aside.

"What do you think you're doing? Just un-hand her and we'll be leaving, we won't bother you anymore," Sokka said loudly, feeling protective of his baby sister.

"Just follow me," the other man said rudely. He started to walk towards a large building that sat perched up on a dry, dusty hill. It looked like a large palace, a castle built for a king. Sokka eyed him and slowly followed, feeling totally odd about everything. Aang ran to the little window of the shack that Katara was in. He peeked in nervously, feeling awful.

"Aang... what did I do wrong?" Katara whimpered as another tear rolled down her cheek, "I-is it just cause I'm a girl?" Aang sighed and reached his hand through the barred window. Katara quickly, yet gently, grabbed it; holding onto it for dear life. She gently pressed her warm cheeks and lips to it, wondering if she'd ever see her airbender friend again.

"You'll be all right. I'll find a way for you to get out. Even if Sokka and I have to do it by ourselves, we will get you out... I promise," Aang said softly to her, gently squeezing her hand. He squinted through the soft darkness and caught a glimpse of her eyes. Katara looked down as yet another tear slipped down her cheek. Aang frowned and gently placed his hand on her cheek and wiped the tear away.

"There's… s-something I want to tell you, Katara," Aang whispered ever so softly, basically gluing himself to the little wooden shack she was harshly placed in. Katara quickly looked up at him, a surprised look crossing her features. She nibbled her lip slightly, wondering if this was what she thought it was.

"I-I…well, I-" Aang's stammering was interrupted by Sokka, his impatience shown by his foot tapping rapidly on the ground, causing dust to kick up.

"Hurry up, Aang!" he yelled. He then motioned towards the quickly disappearing guards in the distance; they were headed to the large castle on the hill.

Aang turned around and glared at Sokka. Before he pointedly ignored him and turned back around to face Katara. She was still patiently awaiting what he was going to tell her.

"I-I… I'll tell you later, ok?" Aang muttered softly. As he gently gave Katara's hand one last affectionate squeeze.

Katara frowned as Aang slowly pulled away from her grip and walked away. She slumped down on the ground and let a few tears stream down her cheeks...Her heart then skipped beats. She was half scared to death yet half excited about what Aang had to tell her. She smiled a small smile, knowing in her heart that the sweet airbender she knew and loved would save her.

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