EDIT : You know what, I've been getting a lot of encouragement from you guys.

I started this story, I'm going to finish it dammit. More chapters on the way ^^

Nevermind all this shit down here...

Hello all of you, Vyntresser here!!

I know you guys are getting impatient with me not uploading my next story, but there are reasons...

Here are some of many:

My inspiration for it has kind of deflated a bit; I'm not as passionate to this story as I used to be, and when my heart isn't in something, I have a REALLY hard time doing it... I'm so sorry if this is a disappointment to most of you but, it's the truth...

I have just recently taken commissions on deviantART which means, more time making sure I'm earning some money, drawing and all that jazz; after all, my passion is more art directed - not writing directed.

Avatar is done and over with, and I'm moving on to things that I can call my own, things that I can put my own watermark stamp on and call 100 my OWN... I LOVE my originality, and I'm going to roll with it, because people who are original, who make their own characters, write their OWN story rather than sticking to fanfiction for their whole life won't get anywhere, art-department wise... nor writing wise. you can't SELL a story you made with the Avatar characters in it...

As much as I have loved this story, and as much as I have had so much fun with it in the past, it's not going anywhere really... I mean who knows, I MAY come back to it, but I'm not sure...

If you guys would really like me to tell you in short summary what happens in 'Sidkah's Eclipse' I'd be happy to tell you. Individually of course, but if I get enough people wanting to hear about it, I'll post another essay, such as this one.

Please understand all of you; I'm growing up, heading out of highschool in about 7 months, I have a boyfriend, I'm getting a car, I'm going to the Art Institute, I need to have my own original stuff... and with this ficion, it's holding me back, cause I'm constantly worrying about it. I don't wanna worry about it anymore...

I really hope you guys aren't disappointed, but like i said, the door is still crack. I may come back to this if I decide to.

I want you all to know that you have made me so happy, and inspired me to continue when I was writing this, so thanks so... SOOO so much to ALL of you - I love you ALL so so much!

ATTENTION VYNTRESSER FANS ... there is a spin off to this story!!

that's right - if you'd like more Vyntresser action, please visit me at http : / / VyntresserDrake1991. deviantart . com - disclude the spaces - for my all new 'Vyntresser Drake' online comic! I currently have 8 pages up, and more will come soon. I really hope this sort of, fills the void for you guys. I don't want anyone to be angry with me.

Again, please visit my DeviantART account for my all new comic - It's sure not to disappoint you!

Love you all!