Summary: When nobody seems to care, what else can you do but become you worst enemy? Especially when it's the enemy that's acting as a friend rather than foe. So why doesn't anybody notice that something's wrong when Ed goes as close as he can to goth? Instead they're too busy and pass it off as a 'phase' and something that'll 'pass soon'. How wrong they were. But when Edward starts to become exactly like the homunculus and people finally start to notice how dangerous the issue had become, will they be capable of getting him back to normal? Or is it to late to change things back?

Rating: T for teen. I have my reasons...

Genre: Angst and surprisingly humor. Trust me on this one.

Warnings: Dark themes, possible OOC, self-mutilation, abuse.

Couple: I have no clue at the moment.

Fanfic By: K. Hasen

Posted By: Faramir02

Chapter One: A New Beginning

(Central City; Edward Elric; 2:49 p.m.; February 21)

Snowflakes gently fell from the darkening sky to land on the dirty streets of Central. The blonde alchemist Edward Elric, or better known as the Fullmetal Alchemist, slowly trudged down through the snow filled streets while his golden eyes held an unusually distant look within them. This had become a daily ritual for him. He'd walk through the streets deep in thought, not caring about the world around him. But then again, why should he? After all, nobody really cared. He was used as a tool to make the people like the military better, he was used as a stepping stone for his superior to become the top dog, his own brother was technically using him to return back to normal, and then seven homunculi were trying to use him in order to create a philosopher's stone and become human. So why should he care? Especially when they didn't.

The snow began to fall harder, finally catching the teen's attention. A quiet sigh escaped from his lips as he turned around and began to head back to the rat hole that he and his brother learned to call an apartment. Not that he wasn't grateful. He just didn't think it was the most sanitary or the safest place to live. Ed never had, and more than likely never would. His apartment, or so it was called, was located in downtown Central. Not the best of places to be at. It had rats, which was fixed thanks to Alphonse getting another stray that his brother absolutely despised. Plus it was extremely small. It had a closet that was supposed to be the main bedroom, a small bathroom, a kitchenette, and a living room. All of which were filled with the things he needed for his job in the military. From files, to papers, to work; Edward earlier decided that he really didn't have anywhere to live in the so called house. But how could he get something better in Central? Not with what the military gave him to live with anyway.

A gunshot rang through the empty and quiet streets as the Fullmetal Alchemist went deeper within the downtown area of the city. A few clubs and bars were open even with the snow as Ed passed them by with a small shudder. He wasn't fond of the places or the alleys around them. One reason was because he knew what happened in them. He'd seen it himself. Ed had seen all right. He'd seen what the world he knew had slowly come to while he was so oblivious. But his eyes were opened when he moved to such an area. To see people killed or raped. To hear the fights and to watch an innocent bystander get dragged away and mugged. Yah, his eyes were definitely opened to what was happening around him now. How could they not be after everything that was going on around him? The worst was that the so called military kept turning a blind eye towards anything like it.

As Edward made his way up the unstable stairs to the fifth and final floor, and unfamiliar quiet met him. When he opened the door to his so called home, he was greeted with the same silence. "Alphonse?" Ed asked quietly, waiting for a moment to get any form of answer from his younger sibling. When there was no answer, the blonde carefully shut the door with a light thud as he maneuvered through the maze of a mess and sat down on the old couch in front of the rickety coffee table and frown. On the table was an answer to his question about where his younger brother was at. "So, he left for the weekend. Again. Why is it, that this doesn't seem right to me anymore?" Ed asked the empty room.

As of lately, Al had been spending as much time as he could in Risenbul and away from Edward. Why? The blonde had absolutely no clue. When he had asked about it, his brother had instantly changed the subject. Or at least tried to. When he noticed Ed wouldn't drop it, Al had just gotten upset and left. Again. So, could that be the pattern? Was the youngest Elric brother leaving because of Ed? Was he as fed up with the golden-eyed teenager as everyone else? And if so, why didn't he just say anything? But then again, wasn't he? Wasn't he technically showing it?

Ed shook his head as if to drive away that train of thought. A light shiver racked his petite form as he stood up to pace. Another problem with his choice of living space was that there was no heater. Meaning that the winter was as harsh inside as it was outside. If not worse. Unable to stop the nagging thoughts that it was his bodiless sibling was leaving so often, he froze in mid pace at the sudden idea. He could fix this. Why not? If he was truly a nuisance, then why couldn't he change that? He could get out of this apartment, he could get people to stop using him, he could get people to respect him, and he could get his brother to not act as if he hated him. Sure, not exactly legally. Not exactly in the kindest manner either though. But then again; what others didn't know, couldn't hurt them.

(Outskirts of Central; Envy, Lust; 4:22 p.m.; February 28)

Just outside of the city Central, there was an old manor that sat on top of a hill. Nobody dared to go near it, due to the many rumors revolving around it being haunted. The homunculi made sure that the rumors stuck. Who ever was stupid enough to go into the mansion, never came out. Not that it was to complex for them. After all, they weren't exactly human anyway. So what if they happened to kill a few trespassers. At least it kept the more curious citizens out.

As of recently, their 'master' had begun to get bored of them. Infuriated even. If they wanted to continue existing, then they needed something new to please her and quick. Even Greed understood what was happening and was currently in Central to help. The situation was slowly making itself evident on how dangerous things were becoming. Especially now when all seven of the sins decided that they needed to depend on each other.

But within the last week, the seven sins had also taken a notice in a formerly blonde alchemist by the name of Edward Elric. Now stalking around with black and dark blue highlights, the teen was making it obvious that he wanted things done his way. His entire persona had done a complete one-eighty. Along with his look. All black, cold, almost gothic really. His entire aura screamed to get as far as possible or to die a slow and extremely painful death. In other words, he easily caught hold of attention from the wrong group. What was strange was the fact that nobody else noticed. It was always "he's just going through a phase," or "He'll be back to normal in no time". That was four days ago.

Because of the drastic change, Envy had brought it to his comrades' attention immediately. So that caught even more attention. So, maybe the runt was their key to pleasing Dante once and for all. Only time would tell that. But then again, could they get him to even agree?

"Envy? Anybody home in there?" Lust questioned, noticing with some distaste that the shape shifter had been tuning her out with his own thoughts. "I asked you a question!" She snapped, rapping on the other's head with her knuckles.

Envy smacked her hand away and shot the other homunculus a cold glare. "And I care why? I was thinking on our current situation here. But by all means, go ahead and continue what you were saying. Especially if it has to do with said situation or if it's more important. I doubt it's the latter." He growled harshly, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back against the wall.

Lust shook her head and crossed her own arms in a way of mimicking or mocking Envy. Neither really cared which it was at the moment. They had more important things to discuss at the moment. "I was trying to ask about the Fullmetal Alchemist. I want to know what you plan on doing with him." She explained, forcing her voice calm despite how she felt inside. Personally, the oldest homunculus seriously annoyed her to no end. But he was good to have around. Was a decent tool in what needed to be completed.

Slowly, a harsh sneer spread across Envy's face and his eyes to on a wicked gleam. Just as slowly, the sin pushed off of the wall with a cat-like grace and rolled his shoulders. "You want to know what I have planned for the Chibi-san?" He asked quietly, his voice holding a deadly undertone as he used his nickname for Edward Elric. The shape shifter watched the slow and hesitant nod from Lust before his already fatal expression became darker, yet sly at the exact time. "Easy. I'm going to make him exactly like me and you. He's going to become a homunculus without dying. Lust, I'm going to make him nothing more than a puppet. And what's better? Is he's going to be willing because nobody else cares about him" Envy purred, exiting the room to leave Lust standing there with a stunned expression. Something that he hadn't caused for a very long time.