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Warning: Wow I'm writing a lot. Oh well. There is a bit of a darker form to this one. I really don't know if it's a good idea for some to read this, but that's your choice and this will also make you want to question Edward's sanity.

Title: While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.

Cold rain slowly fell as the sky continued to pour out the sorrow and pain felt by others. The wind continued to blow, causing the trees and houses to make loud and obnoxious whining sounds around him. So much pain. So much sorrow. So much hatred. This had to be Central's worst storm in such a long time. Nobody was out on the streets. Nobody that mattered at least. After all, who would care about a young teenager walking through the streets late at night in the middle of a storm? Nobody. Because nobody cared. And no one ever would.

Deceit gently hummed his favorite tune to himself as he walked, a small bounce in his step. Black highlighted, golden hair lay against his shoulders and back as icy water dripped down onto his already soaking clothes and pale skin. He had been outside in this weather for a good five hours now. He shouldn't be able to move right now. He should have hypothermia by now. But he didn't. Instead, he was having the time of his life.

I Haunting, playing, killing, hating. Laughing, fighting, thinking, yelling. Screaming, trying, clawing, biting. Squirming, moaning, scratching, dying. Sighing, breathing, sleeping, death./I

The sin sighed heavily before he kept humming, turning in a half circle suddenly and continuing his walk backwards. He loved the weather. He wasn't going to let it get to him. He needed no one, so why not be alone? Deceit's violet eyes shined brightly as he spun back around, twirling a scythe effortlessly between the fingers of his left hand. He had created a new toy for himself to use when he had to. And tonight, he had to.

I Hush my child and don't say a word, 'cause either way you won't be heard.../I

A small laugh escaped his slightly blue stained lips as he ignored the shiver running down his spine. "Oh what has this world come to? That one simple thing could cause such a large chain reaction? But no matter…For tonight is the night! Tonight is the night that all become aware of their new threat!" He giggled, talking to himself. Really now. Where had the sanity gone? Time flew so fast now days. Never anything to enjoy the day with.

I But if by chance some one hears, you'll be reliving all your fears.../I

The golden eyed teen spun around again, still twirling the scythe in his fingers carelessly, ignoring his surroundings by now. He was almost to the manor again by now. He was once again alone. Envy was terrified of him. Greed was avoiding him. Pride was too busy. Wrath was worried. Gluttony was Gluttony. Lust was trying to find out what was wrong. Sloth wasn't able to get within ten feet of him. Therefor, all seven sins had gone off on their own. Just like before. All alone. Oh so alone within this cold and empty world. Just like a red, red rose. Wilting and dying in the slowest of fashions.

I And if that trick doesn't work, you'll be getting seriously hurt…./I

Softly he hummed his haunted tune, walking through the gates of the manor with a cold smirk. He'd show them. He'd show them all. Deceit made his way to the center of the room, trailing the blade of his weapon along the wooden floor as it scratched the surface. A cold smirk came to the soaked alchemist as he knelt down, lightly brushing his fingers across the giant array. The living sin walked away from the manor as it went up in flames.

I And if that pain is too much to bear, it doesn't matter because no one cares…/I

A reddish glow illuminated his figure in the freezing night, the rain pouring harder than before. Really now. One would honestly think that the rain, water, would have doused the fire almost immediately. But it didn't. That kind of thing never happened. The blonde laughed childishly to himself as he started off done the street. Manor, taken care of. The next item on his list, Central's beautiful military headquarters. That'd look absolutely marvelous going up into flames, fire and smoke licking at the cloud covered night sky.

I And if this seems to hurt inside, just remember that it's in your mind…./I

Deceit smirked as he walked casually down the street, not a care in the world. Sloth, water, was in the Central military headquarters. The young sin had taken it upon himself to make sure it would stay that way. She was stuck inside, with no way out. Sloth, water, was about to get caught in his second roaring fire. Water, when to hot, evaporates into steam. Sloth was water. The building was about to become fire. Then she would truly be gone and out for good.

I So if you seem to be insane, simply think about all your pain…./I

Deceit stood in front of the building with a malicious smirk in place as he lay his hands upon a previously drawn array. The alchemic circle glowed faintly as numerous others became activated as well before the entire headquarters burst up into flames. A sudden shout was heard from the furher's office and the rattling of a window took place in the far distance of once Fullmetal alchemist's mind. But he did care. He had one more stop to make. With that thought, he took the collar off and tossed it into the burning building's only opening and turned on his heal to leave.

I So hush my child don't make a sound, because no one really wants you around./I

The rain continued to pour as smoke rose into the sky from two separate directions. But he didn't care. He'd taken care of what needed to be done. Edward Elric was dead. Deceit ceased to exist. So then who was he? There wasn't an answer to that. So he simply turned around and began to walk. He slowly walked down the road, away from Central. Away from his life. And away from the one he once loved and always would.