The sky lit up with a fantastic array of colorful explosions. "Oohs!" and "Ahhs!" escaped the opened mouths of the mystified watchers. Other fans and contestants alike cheered aloud. Clouds of multi-colored confetti burst into air and are carried away by the light, cool breeze that came and went throughout the day. Music could be heard playing across the stage and on the bleachers. Only one thought was on everyone's mind, though. Today was the day. The annual martial arts tournament was beginning, but only after they had eliminated the weaklings from the champions.

Amongst the numerous fighters were Goku, Gohan, Goten, Pan, Vegeta, Trunks, and the rest of the Z Fighters.

"Hey Goten! Did you hear? WE GET TO FIGHT IN THE ADULT'S LEAGUE THIS YEAR! YIPPEE!" Trunks shouted excitedly. He couldn't wait to go up against the tougher opponents. The young sayain was sorely disappointed with the kid's tournament.

"I know! This is going to totally awesome! Hopefully Kayla is in the audience today. Then I can show off for her!" Goten said as he boasted yet again that he had a girlfriend. Goku and Gohan laughed at the adolescent, trying to remember what it was like to be that age. It was a good thing Chi-Chi didn't hear that. She didn't approve of Goten dating at the young age of fourteen, but she didn't fight it either.

The gang walked on with a jolly aura, pleased that peace was on Earth and that they could fight in the tournament. They had all trained for this tournament, even Gohan, who was coerced into it at the last minute. The scholar wasn't originally going to do it, but Goten begged him to.

"C'mon! One last time! You won't need to ever do it again, I swear!" Goten had said as Gohan prepared to leave for work. Pausing for a second, Gohan gave it some thought.

"Okay, but this is the last time! Now, if you don't mind, I have to leave for work!" Gohan said over an excited brother.

Everyone had arrived early so that they could talk together before they would divide into enemies. They wanted to make the most of the day. Of course, Goku and his leviathan appetite had spent up most of the morning.

Once everyone, including Goku, had finished eating they all decided to do their own thing. Bulma, Pan, Videl, and Chi-Chi went shopping at the nearby mega-mall. Trunks and Goten went to scan for girls in the promenade. Gohan noticed a few fellow work mates and went to talk to them. Krillan and 18 took their daughter, Maron, to the amusement park for the rest of the morning. The rest of the Z Fighters ended up stretching and practicing with each other.