Back in the gymnasium, Goku, Vegeta, Tien, and Piccolo were sparring against each other. Sweat was flying from their bodies as volleys of punches struck and missed their targets. Goku was against Tien in a practice fight. The two fighters were levitating above the ground about two feet as they went at it. Bestial grunts of energy erupted out of their mouths each time they swung an arm or a leg. As a last effort, Tien disappeared behind Goku and attempted to strike him on the head, but the sayain side-stepped the assault and in one effortless motion, landed a kick right in Tien's left rib cage.

Tien hollered out in pain dropping to the floor instantly. Two bones had been broken.

"Gee, I'm sorry Tien. Here ya go!" Goku said while he was handing Tien something. Taking the object out of his hand, Tien ate it without even looking at it. A crowd of watchers wondered what it could possibly be.

After swallowing what he had eaten, Tien stood up and let out a cry of triumph.

"Ahh! Much better! Thanks Goku. Good match." Tien said.

Vegeta stood over in the corner, not paying much attention to Goku and Tien's brawl. He was more worried about Bra. As a father, he should have been stricter with her.

Before leaving for the tournament that morning, Bra and Vegeta had an argument. She wanted to go to a party that night, but Vegeta would have rather had her watch him in the tournament. That way, he could try to prove his coolness to her. However, she simply didn't want to go, and just so that he wouldn't end up even further down the popularity chart, he let her go to the party.

Outside, under an enormous tree, Piccolo sat in a meditative state. Lately, his preferred warm up was to meditate. Although he did that before, he was doing in more frequently. The Namekian found it to soothe him before the upcoming battles that would no doubt be tough. Nobody knew why Piccolo joined in the tournament, because he would never use the money anyways. They just thought that he enjoyed the fighting.

Enjoying the fights was indeed one aspect to his reasoning, but he also liked to see how much he had improved, and only what way to tell than to fight against the sayains?

Chi-Chi and Bulma were still not getting along. They both held it in their opinion that they had the better husbands and sons. Pan and Videl kept insisting that they make up, but the mothers just wouldn't do it.

"Grandma! Shame on you! After all those times you force me to make up with Goten, I would think that you of all people wouldn't do this!" Pan chastised Chi-Chi.

"I know, but this is different, sweetie. This is not just childish tiffs; this is about things that you won't understand yet. Besides, we get like this every tournament, and you see that we are still friends, even after all of these years." Chi-Chi explained as she tried to hold onto her title of the world's strictest grandma.

"Yeah right." Pan mumbled under her breath.

"What was that young lady?" Chi-Chi yelled at her granddaughter.

"Nothing!" Pan quickly answered.

Bulma and Videl were walking and talking in jewelry shop. The display of all the sparkling gems and diamonds caught Bulma's eye.

"Oooh! How pretty! That would look nice on me!" Bulma exclaimed as she gazed longingly at a ruby necklace with a rock the size of a golfball. "How much is it?"

"Twenty thousand yen, m'lady." replied the clerk.

"Twenty thou… Well, there goes my dream." Bulma said to Videl who was looking at a pair of earrings.

"Now, Bulma, come on! You need to apologize to Chi-Chi. I'm sure that she will apologize too." Videl tried to persuade Bulma.

"Fine. I suppose I should. But, if she doesn't, I'm going to hit her so hard, she'll wake up and her clothes will be out of style. Not that they already aren't, but you know what I mean." Bulma said coldly.

Taking that as a positive sign, Videl steered Bulma out of the jewelry shop and to the clothes store that Chi-Chi and Pan were at.

Once Goten and Trunks had finished eating their hotdogs and drank down the last of their soda in silence, they got up and walked towards the nearby woods. The summer sun shone through the limbs of the tree, casting rays of light and darkness upon the ground and other living things.

Like his older brother, Goten had a way with animals. After entering the forest a few feet, birds flew above his and Trunks' head, singing merrily. Squirrels leaped from branch to branch, sometimes knocking a leaf or two from it. Deer grazed boldly in a little meadow not that far in. They looked up at the two boys and with little interest, started eating again.

Goten looked at his friend worriedly, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Goten patted Trunks on the shoulder and said, "Tag. You're it!". Trunks looked up from his feet, gazed at Goten, and with a smile, lunged at him.

With gleefulness, Goten ducked and raced away with Trunks quickly giving pursuit. Taking flight, Goten broke through the bough of a tree and into the clear sky. Not hesitating, Trunks followed suit and flew into the air. Soaring through the wind with a feeling of invincibility, the two boys exchanged tag after tag, laughing when one of them fails to touch the other.

There's the Trunks I know, Goten thought to himself as he chased after a happy Trunks. After a while of this game, they both landed near a pond that was further in the forest. Taking a short break to catch their breath and get a drink of water, Goten took the opportunity to question Trunks.

"Trunks?" Goten asked nervously.

"Uh-huh?" Trunks said, stooping down to cup some water into his hands.

"I was curious. What was the matter with you earlier? You know, when you weren't talking?" Goten inquired, hoping that Trunks wouldn't become furious with him for asking.

"No reason. I was just thinking." Trunks answered after giving it some thought. He didn't feel ready to tell Goten what was on his mind just yet. Especially since he liked him.

It was about a month ago when Trunks realized that he liked his best friend. He didn't know why, but he found himself fantasizing about Goten more and more often. At nights, Trunks would frequently have dreams about his friend, and he just couldn't figure out the reason for it all. He eventually concluded that he had a crush on Goten, and this made him feel awkward around him.

Gohan had finished talking to his colleague and decided that he was going to grab something to eat, seeing as it was nearing lunch. He walked over to a nearby food stand and ordered a cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate shake. As the stand prepared his food, Gohan scanned the tables for an empty spot.

The lady served him his meal and he went over to the spot he had picked out. Sitting down, Gohan finally realized just how hungry he was and started munching into the burger.

Sensing a person behind him as he ate his fries, Gohan turned to see who it was. Some huge man with a bursting six-pack looked down on him with a leer in his eyes.

"Eh! What you think you doin' sittin' in my spot, pipsqueak?" the man barked at Gohan.

Swallowing the mouthful of fries, Gohan calmly replied, "Sir, you must be mistaken. This is my seat. Nobody was here when I got here."

"Is that so? Well, I was just gettin' a drink. So, you think you can just mosey on over here and steal my spot? I ought to teach you a lesson!" the man sneered.

"Look, I don't want any trouble. There are other empty seats that you can pick from. This one isn't that great anyways, so you'd be better off just leaving me alone." Gohan replied sternly.

"All right wise guy, stand up! You and I are gonna fight!" the man roared.

After wiping his mouth with his napkin, Gohan stood up and faced the hoodlum. Taking off his glasses and sticking them in his pocket, Gohan took his fighting position.

"Okay. You got yourself a fight!" Gohan said irritably.

The man took one swing at Gohan, and collided his fist with the side of Gohan's face. But, instead of the sweet victory he had envisioned, pain coursed throughout his entire arm. Pulling away, the man looked at his hand and saw it swelling up.

"Argh! That hurt! How the hell did you manage that, you dork?" he yelled angrily at Gohan, who was sitting down to finish eating. The man left without an answer, knowing that he needed immediate medical attention.

Spending the rest of the morning going on roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, bumper cars, and all the other rides, Marron was getting tired, so Krillan and 18 took her back to the hotel. They put her in her bed and closed the door, letting her know that they would be downstairs in the pool.

The couple left their daughter to her nap, and went to the changing rooms to get into their swimming gear.

In no more than five minutes, they had rejoined and sank into the deep side of the pool. The freezing temperature was refreshing, since they had been in the hot sun all day long. Krillan engaged 18 into a little game of splashing, and to be the gentleman, he let her win. They both laughed as some younger kids slipped into the pool and played water tag.

They tired out a little afterwards as the pool teemed with more and more kids. Retiring to a couple of lawn chairs, Krillan and 18 lied in the sun, both getting a thorough tan as they reminisced quietly to each other.

After about an hour, Marron found them still basking in the sun. Begging her mommy to help her get changed, 18 and Marron left Krillan.

Krillan's two ladies returned and after teasing his daughter, he finally got up and went swimming again with Marron. They swam around, doing flips and hand-stands, dives off of the board and going down the water slide. Krillan dunked Marron a couple of times, but every time she came back up, she was laughing. They both begged 18 to join them, but she wouldn't comply, so they ended up splashing her until she agreed to enter the pool. Krillan and Marron cheered with joy as 18 did a spectacular dive, and then clapped madly.