Chapter 15: May Angels Lead You In by: Jimmy Eat World

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One year later

"Dawg, it's unbelievable. You guys have been together for almost a year!" John exclaimed.

He and Randy were currently waiting for their girlfriends to finish shopping as they sat in a local diner, drinking cups of white chocolate mocha espresso. "I know," Randy smiled, shaking his head. "It really is unbelievable."

"Hell yeah. This is a first for you, man," John teased.

"And this will be the last," the Legend Killer grinned.

"What does that mean?" John asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. Randy shrugged, a sly smile displaying on his face. John decided to drop the topic as he asked, "What are you gonna do for her on your anniversary? Sure, you thought of something, right?"

"Of course," Randy smirked. "I booked something. It's gonna be a surprise. We're gonna be leaving for a week."

The Doctor nodded, very impressed. "So where you taking her?"

"The place where I know she's always dreamt about going to her whole life."

John smirked back at Randy. "Which is?"

Leaning in, Randy whispered his answer as the two of them smirked at each other.

"I like your plan, dawg."

There's no one in town I know

You gave us some place to go

I never said thank you for that.

I thought I might get one more chance

What would you think of me now?

So lucky, so strong, so proud

I never said thank you for that

Now I'll never have a chance

May angels lead you in

"Randy, where are we going?" Stacy asked, zipping the last of her bags.

"It's a surprise," he winked, grinning at her. Stacy just eyed him curiously as he loaded their bags in his new silver Lexus convertible before opening the passenger seat's door for her. "You're in for the biggest surprise of your life," he said, pressing a kiss to her lips as Stacy hopped in.

"Really now?" Stacy smiled deviously.

"Really," he raised his eyebrows twice before winking and driving off towards the airport.

Upon reaching LAX, the couple checked-in their luggage and entered the lounge of Lufthansa Airlines where an old lady dressed in a baby pink, Versace lawyer suit rested on a massage chair by the window while drinking a strawberry smoothie. Across her, on a sofa watching TV, two women in similar business suits spoke French about a current issue regarding what they saw in CNN. From a far, a group of men talked about football while enjoying drinks of brandy as beside them, on another table, an old couple held hands while sweet talking each other.

"Randy, I feel so under-dressed," Stacy whispered, eyeing her attire. She was in a denim pair of Escada jeans, a white, long-sleeved, turtle-neck top from Moschino and a beige, faux fur trench coat from Marc Jacobs. She wore black, leather boots with pointed heels from Nine West and she carried along a beige purse from Ferregamo.

"Under-dressed?" Randy raised an eyebrow, completely confounded that his girlfriend thought she was under-dressed. "You look fine, babe," he whispered back with a wink as he was clad in a gray pair of Perry Ellis slacks, a white polo from Matinique and had a black Fred Segal coat over.

"Randy, seriously. Where are we going?" Stacy asked.

Before he could answer, the speakers inside the lounge spoke ahead. "Passengers on Flight 286 of Lufthansa Airlines flying for Paris, France, please board the plane now."

Stacy's jaw literally dropped as she stared at Randy, wide-eyed. "Paris?" she repeated, watching as his grin grew bigger and bigger by the second. "Oh my god…" Stacy uttered, wrapping her arms around him. "You have no idea how much I wanna pass out right now," she told him, her smile never leaving her face.

"Come on," he said. "Let's go."

Taking her hand, they boarded the first-class section of the plane and made their way towards Western Europe.

Stacy Keibler stared in awe at the marvelous view right outside the balcony of their suite. The sun was out in a jovial glow while amidst it all stood the Eiffel tower just a mile away from their hotel. Below, a couple of stores and restaurants were seen along the occupied brick roads of Paris as every corner, French women walked in stylish clothes and business suits, all busy talking on the cellphone while men sat in local cafes and restaurants, reading newspapers or enjoying cups of hot chocolate and buttered croissants.

"This is beautiful," Stacy whispered. "Just like how I'd imagined it to be."

Randy smiled, wrapping his arms around her from behind. He was only in a pair of boxer shorts while Stacy wore her usual tank top with matching panties. "You know what today is, babe?" he said, kissing her bare shoulders.

Stacy smiled, turning around to face her boyfriend. "Our first anniversary?"

Randy grinned, pulling her in for a passionate kiss. "Remember that dress I bought you last week?" he asked after pulling away.

Stacy nodded. "What about it?"

"I want you to wear it tonight when we head out to dinner, okay?"

Stacy beamed. "Okay!" she said, before Randy started tickling her to the ground.

Hear you me my friends

On sleepless roads the sleepless go

May angels lead you in

So what would you think of me now

So lucky, so strong, so proud

I never said thank you for that

Now I'll never have a chance

May angels lead you in

Sweat trickled down Randy's forehead as he waited for his girlfriend to finish dressing up inside their beautiful, marbled bathroom. He wore a black, Armani Exchange suit with a red Ralph Lauren polo under while on his feet was his expensive pair of black, Valentino, leather shoes.

Hearing the doorknob move, he waited as Stacy emerged wearing a red, Vera Wang dress that fell symmetrically down in a short train. It had a low v-neck cut in the front as the back was left extremely bare. Her hair was in a French twist, leaving a few strands to frame her face perfectly while she wore a red pair of Manolos and carried a matching red Louis Vuitton purse.

Randy was absolutely tantalized by her beauty as he stood up from the bed, walked over and captured her lips in a short but zealous kiss. "You look beautiful," he whispered like a prayer as Stacy smiled and thanked him coyly. "I have something for you," he said, holding out a single, red rose. Stacy took it gratefully before letting him take her hand. Together, they walked out of their suite, down to the lobby, into a black limousine and drove off.

"Before you find out where I'm taking you, you have to wear this," Randy said, carefully placing a blindfold over Stacy's eyes.

Stacy giggled. "Randy, you're being silly," she said to him but willingly obliged.

Randy smiled at how cute she was being. "I just want you to be surprised."

"Like you haven't surprised me enough," the diva answered with a smile.

Finally, when they reached their destination, Randy took Stacy's hand and carefully led her out of the car. The long-legged diva felt the brisk of the cold wind along with the scent of Randy's Cool Waters perfume. Slowly, he guided her towards a lift, which brought them all the way up to the top where a candlelight dinner for two was set right in the center.

"We're here," Randy said, taking Stacy's blindfold off.

Stacy was completely stunned when she realized she was standing right atop the Eiffel tower, overlooking the whole of the beautiful city of Paris. Scattered everywhere were petals of red and white roses as on the table for two was a very delicious meal, care of the Café Ritz.

"Randy, any more surprises and you're gonna give me a heart attack," Stacy said teasingly before allowing him to pull a chair for her.

After their meal and a delicious dessert of mango jubilee topped with vanilla ice cream and cherries, Randy wiped the corner of his lips with a napkin before taking Stacy's hand. "Stace, I have one more surprise for you."

"Not again," Stacy grinned, letting Randy stand her up. Suddenly, she jumped up when a mob of loud, blazing fireworks exploded, filling the sky with beautiful lights and decorations. Then, when Stacy thought it was over, another crack exploded, spelling the words, "Will you marry me?"

Stacy gasped, shifting her gaze from the sky to Randy's baby blue eyes. "Stace, as I stand here tonight with the world as my witness, I pledge to you my undying and everlasting love. I will stand beside you as your partner. I will stand before you as your protector and I will stand behind you as your solace." Kneeling on one knee, Randy took out a small, velvet box. Upon opening it, he exposed an expensive, platinum Tacori ring adorned with a brilliant, 2-karat, heart-shaped diamond. "Please spend and end your life with me."

Stacy's eyes became a little glossy of tears before answering Randy's question. "Yes!"

Immediately, Randy grinned, scooping Stacy in his arms. "I love you more than life, babe."

"I love you, too, Randy," Stacy whispered, ending the perfect moment with a kiss.

"You're finally getting married!" Trish squealed over the phone the next day. Randy was still asleep while Stacy was busy gushing about the previous night. Her best friend, of course, was more than happy to accept the long-legged diva's call, despite the expense and the time difference it cost.

"And I want you to be my maid of honor, okay?" Stacy grinned like a little girl.

"Of course!" the Canadian diva exclaimed.

"Good. Anyway, I gotta go. I'll call you again when I can. I love you, Trish!"

"I love you, too, Stace. You don't know how happy I am for you."

"Thanks, Trish," Stacy smiled. "Bye," she said before putting the phone down.

Not long, Randy started stirring, slowly opening his eyes to see his fiancé watching a French flick on TV. "Hey babe," he greeted in a sleepy tone, wrapping one arm around her and dipping her for a kiss.

"Hey, Randy," the diva answered, pecking his cheek. "What are we doing today?"

Randy checked the time before rubbing the sleep off his eyes. "We're flying to Italy," he said with a grin.

"We are?"

"Pack your bags, babe. We're leaving in an hour," he winked.

"Randy, how much more surprises do you have in store for me?" Stacy asked with a huge beam.

"Let's see…first we're going to Venice, spend a night or two there. We can ride the gondolas and just tour the city or you can go shopping if you want. Then we take the train to Milan where we spend another night or so before flying back to where Smackdown will air next week in Greensboro."

Stacy squealed, pinching both Randy's cheeks. "I love you!" she said before running off to the bathroom to get ready.

Hear you me my friends

On sleepless roads the sleepless go

May angels lead you in

May angels lead you in

May angels lead you in

The week ended as the newly engaged couple headed back, meeting the rest of the Smackdown superstars in Greensboro, North Carolina. Apparently, Trish had already spread the news to everyone, leaving them to answer to all those who congratulated them. Questions regarding the wedding arose and Stacy was beginning to feel stressed about the whole ordeal.

Once, while she was at Florida doing a photo shoot with the rest of the divas, Randy was out in Las Vegas, having another one of his boys' night outs with John, Batista, Rey, Chris Jericho and Josh Matthews.

"Yeah," Randy laughed. "It's on February," he said, walking with Batista and John towards the bar. They were currently waiting for Rey, Chris and Josh to arrive as the other three ordered their drinks.

"Who's your best man going to be?" Batista asked, placing his Coach sunglasses inside the breast pocket of his polo.

"That would be me," John grinned, placing an arm around Randy.

Batista snickered, shaking his head. "What about Stacy? Who's her maid of honor?"

Randy shrugged. "Who else? Trish. She's the closest Stacy has to a sister."

Just as the rest of them arrived, Randy's phone started ringing. "Hello?" he answered after flipping his phone open. "Trish?"

All eyes were on him, especially John, as they heard Trish babble on and on about something concerning Stacy. Randy sighed, shaking his head. "Alright. Let me talk to her."

A few seconds passed as a new voice took the call. "Randy?" came Stacy's soft, melancholic tone.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Randy asked, putting his Budweiser down.

"Randy, I never realized there's so much to do! I can't contact Oscar regarding my dress 'coz his secretary said he's out of the country! I still haven't found the right pair of shoes and the invitations aren't done yet! I'm not even sure if I invited everyone I want to invite! I can't decide on the decorations and I keep arguing that I want white roses but the flower guy insists that I use tulips! I haven't done anything about the reception yet and Randy—everything is just so frustrating!" she cried.

Randy bit his lips to keep from snickering. Lately, Stacy had been throwing random tantrums out of nowhere, it was getting very unpredictable. He figured tonight's tantrum was caused by the diva shoot, care of Torrie, Trish and Lita, who were constantly asking her about the wedding and were more than excited to help plan it out.

"Baby, the wedding's not until February! We have six months!" he reminded her. "Just calm down. I'm here to help you," he said in a soothing voice.

Stacy sighed. "I miss you."

The Legend Killer couldn't help but smile. "Do you want me to fly there right now?"

"No, it's okay. That would be such a hassle and—"

"Nothing's a hassle if it's for you, babe."

From the other line, Stacy couldn't help but turn red. "Sorry, Randy. I'm just stressed about our wedding."

"Come on, baby. Don't be too hard on yourself."

"I'll try."

"You know I love you, right?"

Stacy smiled. "I love you, too, Randy."

"What's my baby doing right now?"

"Nothing much. Trish and I are watching a movie. Torrie and Lita went out to buy pizza. What about you?"

"I'm here at Ponti with John, Dave, Josh, Chris and Rey."

"Oh… so when am I gonna see you again?"

Randy inwardly shrugged. "I can come there tomorrow, if you want."

Hearing this, Stacy had to smile. "Really? Can we go shopping?"

"Sure, babe. If that's what you want."

"Awesome! Trish wants John to come, too."

Randy snickered. "Well then… I'll bring him along."

"Great! I'll see you tomorrow, Randy!"

"Alright. I love you, babe."

"I love you, too."

"Sweet dreams, okay?"

Stacy giggled. "You, too, Randy."

And with that, Randy flipped his phone close and sighed. "Love is in the air," John said in a sing-song voice while Batista and the rest shook their heads and snickered. "You've got it bad for her, man."

"Which is hard to believe if this was the Randy Orton we were talking about before he met Stacy," John teased.

Randy smirked, turning to his best friend. "We're going to Florida tomorrow."

John's grin reached from ear to ear. "Now we're talking."

"Looks like Randy's not the only one who's got it bad," Batista teased, making John grin widely.

"We're abstaining from sex," Stacy proudly announced as she and her friends looked through shoes and bags from Nine West.

"Are you serious?" Torrie asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yup," Stacy nodded. "We're preserving it for our honeymoon," she grinned a little.

"You do realize that it's still in five months," Lita pointed out.


The two divas shrugged. "You think Randy's gonna last that?"

"Of course he will," Stacy said chirpily. "If he loves me, he'll be able to."

"Stacy, the difference between you and Randy is that he's a guy and he has 'needs'. I have no doubt you'll last it but will he?"

Stacy gave her two friends a disappointed look. "Don't underestimate him, you guys. I'm sure he will."

The blonde and the redhead both shrugged. "If you say so."

"She won't even let me get to second base!" Randy complained to John for the umpteenth time. "She thinks abstaining from sex until our honeymoon's gonna make it really special! I don't see the difference!"

John had to laugh. "She does have a point, Randy."

"But John! NO SEX FOR FIVE MONTHS!" he bellowed, clearly startling the rest of the customers in the diner they were in.

"Keep it down, dawg! You're embarrassing me! So what? It's just five months—"

"Try not having sex with Trish for five months. Are you gonna last that?"

John pressed his lips together and gave Randy a sheepish smile. "You have a point there."


"Well if you love her, you're gonna do this for her. Right?"

Randy sighed. "Exactly. And that's what sucks."

John's eyes widened in fear. "Are you saying Stacy sucks!"

"No, dufus!" Randy slapped the back of John's head. "I'm saying the situation sucks!"

John snickered at his best friend. "Too bad for you, dawg."

"RANDALL KEITH ORTON!" came Stacy's angry voice as Randy quickly came out of the bathroom wearing only a white towel. His hair was dripping wet and his body was still drenched in soap suds.

"Yeah, babe?" he answered in a petrified tone.

"WHAT ARE THESE DOING UNDER OUR BED!" the long-legged diva bellowed, holding a couple of Playboy magazines and a Stuff magazine that wasn't even her on the cover.

"Oh…ummm…those? They're not mine! Uhhh…they're Jericho's! Yeah!" he tried to lie.

"Don't try prevaricating, Randy! I know it's yours. What are you doing with them?" Stacy asked sternly.

"I was just looking through them—"

"You idiot!" Stacy snapped, hitting his shoulder with a rolled-up magazine. "I can't believe you! What next? Am I gonna find out later on that you're sleeping with one of those hookers we see in cheap bars! Is that how it's gonna be, Randy? I had so much faith in you! How could you?"

This time, Stacy's voice was beginning to crack while tears filled her eyes. "I've been stressing over our wedding for the last two months and all you can do is hang out with John or Dave or Rey or Chris and go to stupid bars while I stay up late at night making phone calls and arrangements for the damn thing we've both been dreaming of happening!"

Randy was about to say something but Stacy cut him off. "Don't. I don't wanna hear it," she said. Wiping the tears in her eyes, she grabbed her hoodie jacket and wore it over her tank top and boxer shorts.

"Baby, where are you going?" Randy tried stopping her.

Stacy rolled her eyes and lightly pushed him away, "Somewhere. Away from you," and with that, she slammed the door shut, making her way towards John and Trish's room.

Knock! Knock!

"Go get the door, John!" Trish ordered, changing the channel of the TV.

John smirked at her before standing up. "Yes, your highness."

Upon opening the door, a tear-stricken Stacy emerged. Her blonde hair was up in a messy ponytail as her arms were wrapped around herself. "What happened to you, baby girl?" John asked, allowing the diva to enter.

"Randy's such a jerk," she said, wiping another tear that fell down her face.

Hearing this, John wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "Why? What did he do? Do you want me to hunt him down and beat his ass for you?"

Stacy giggled a little before being welcomed by Trish. "What happened?" her best friend asked.

"A while ago, I accidentally dropped the remote control and it fell under our bed. When I bent down to get it, I found a bunch of Playboy magazines and a Stuff magazine that wasn't even me on the cover!" she wailed to Trish.

John turned beet red while Trish gave her best friend a hug. "I think I know where those magazines came from," he said with a coy grin.

"Who?" Trish asked.

"Me," he replied sheepishly.

"JONATHAN FELIX CENA! How could you?"

"I had it way before I even had you!" John explained.

"Yeah, but you still have them until now?"

"I didn't—"

"I don't wanna hear it!" Trish roared. "Come on, Stacy. Let's go," she told her, grabbing her hand and pulling her out of their hotel room. "You can spend the night alone, Cena!" she yelled, slamming the door shut before heading towards Torrie's room.

"Dude, we're so screwed," John pointed out the next day as he and Randy sat inside Coffee Bean while drinking frappucinos.

Randy simply glared at him before carrying on in calling Stacy's cellphone. "Shit," he muttered after Stacy dropped the call for the hundredth time. "This is your entire fault, John," Randy told him.

"My fault? You asked for those magazines, dawg! Why is it my fault?"

"You should've have given those to me in the first place!"

"What was I to do? I tried warning you but you sounded so desperate!"

Randy exhaled a sigh. "Stacy's probably gonna call off the wedding now," he uttered quietly.

"Dawg, don't think that. Just look for ways to apologize."

"Wanna give me ideas?" Randy asked sarcastically, glaring at his best friend for the millionth time.

John shrugged. "I'm still trying to think of a way to apologize to Trish," he answered sheepishly.

Randy rolled his eyes, throwing his frappucino cup at the nearest trash can. "If I end up not marrying her, John, I swear I'm gonna kill you."

"Stacy, that's enough," Trish scolded, grabbing the shot glass from a very inebriated Stacy Keibler.

"No, Trish! I'm totally fine! Give me my drink back!"

"Stacy, you've had six shots of tequila! You have to stop!"

The two divas were currently at a bar in Tijuana where the long-legged blonde had decided to get herself totally wasted to forget about her whole ordeal with her fiancé. Dressed in an extremely short, Moschino denim skirt and a long, brown, halter top with beads and sequins lining the v-neck neckline from Anne Klein, she downed her seventh shot of tequila before grinning widely at her best friend.

"I feel like I'm floating," she said in a slurred accent.

Trish rolled her eyes, dressed in a pair of Esprit low-rider jeans and a symmetrical tank top from Mango. "Stay here," she yelled against the roaring sound of the hip-hop music. "I'm gonna get you a bottle of water to sober you up. Don't go anywhere," she repeated, walking away towards the bar.

Five minutes later, Trish returned, only to find an empty seat where Stacy was in previously. "No effin' way," she muttered, frantically looking around for her best friend.

"Excuse me?" Trish asked one of the Mexican men originally seated next to Stacy. "Have you seen my friend? She's about this tall, has long legs, and was wearing a brown top and skirt?" she said, showing approximately how tall Stacy was.

The man scratched his head curiously before finally realizing who Trish was describing. "Stacy? Stacy Keibler?" he asked in a native Mexican accent.

"Yeah! Stacy Keibler!" Trish nodded eagerly. "If anything happens to her, Randy is going to kill me," she thought to herself.

"Lo siento, senorita. She left a few minutes ago—stumbling out of the bar."

"Oh my god…was she with anyone?" Trish exclaimed.

"No, I didn't see, senorita."

Trish raked one hand through her hair in frustration.

"Do you want me to call police, senorita?"

Trish shook her head and smiled gratefully at the native. "No, it's okay. I'll take care of this," and with that, she dashed out of the bar in search of Stacy.

And if you were with me tonight

I'd sing to you just one more time

A song for a heart so big

God wouldn't let it live

May angels lead you in

Ring! Ring!

"John! It's Trish!" Randy exclaimed, checking his ringing phone.

"What? Dawg, answer it!"

Immediately, Randy flipped his Samsung open. "Hello?"

"Randy!" Trish cried out in a desperate voice.


"Randy, where are you?"

"I'm still here in San Diego. John's with me. We're on our way back to the hotel. Why? What's wrong? Where are you guys?"

"How long will it take you from San Diego to Tijuana?"

"Ummm… I dunno. About an hour if it's not traffic. Trish, what's going on?"

Trish inhaled, preparing to launch her story on how she and Stacy went on a getaway trip to Mexico and decided to head to a local bar in the middle of the night. To finish it off, she explained how Stacy got lost and was now currently nowhere to be found.

"WHAT!" Randy exclaimed, pulling the brakes to a sudden halt, causing John to stumble forward.

"Dawg, what the fuck?"

"I'm on my way there, Trish. Try looking through every bar and every alleyway. Check the motels, too. I'm gonna try to call for back-up. Trish, be careful."

And with that, he flipped his phone close and headed towards the highway while explaining everything to John. "I had a feeling something like this was gonna happen! This is all my fault, John!"

"No, dawg," John shook his head, "It's my fault, too. Even Trish was mad at me, remember?"

Randy sighed, stepping on the gas and reaching more than a hundred miles per hour. It was nearly one in the morning and fortunately, the highway was clear of other cars. Randy had all the freedom to speed as fast as he could.

"Randy! John! Oh my god!" Trish exclaimed, running towards the two Superstars and giving both of them a hug. She looked to be so frustrated and was already shedding tears as she told them she looked everywhere but found no Stacy.

By this time, the pernicious city of Tijuana was full of night-trippers, hookers, drunkards and hobos; all out to gamble, play and drink the night away. Randy, dressed in a white, Greyhound polo with four of its buttons open, a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans and his favorite, leather Hugo Boss shoes, thought of places where he could find his fiancé. Scantily-clad women wearing heavy make-up eyed him and John lustfully while batting their long, fake eyelashes at them flirtatiously as Trish inwardly glared at these hookers for staring at her boyfriend in such way. John was simply dressed in a pair of Adidas skater shorts, a white shirt from Billabong, a beige, Quiksilver cap worn backwards on his head and a pair of Nike sneakers.

Placing a protective arm around his girlfriend, he leaned in to whisper, "Baby girl, don't this remind you of the OC? We've got Marissa Cooper a.k.a. Stacy Keibler on the loose and you're her best friend, Summer Roberts while I," he grinned, "get to be the Seth Cohen to Randy's Chino boy, Ryan Atwood," he winked. "And what a coincidence! We're right here in TJ, Mexico!"

Trish gave him a cold glare, swatting his arm away. "First of all, Mr. I-think-I'm-cool-enough-to-be-Seth Cohen, I am still mad at you. Second, you're already on my nerves so quit making it even worse. Third, my best friend is still missing and it's partly because of you and Mr. Chino-boy over there and lastly, since when did you start watching Orange County?"

John shrugged, giving his girlfriend a sheepish smile before replacing his arm around her shoulders as men were starting to flash her oeillades, which he did not like one bit.

Randy inwardly groaned. It had been thirty minutes of searching almost the whole of TJ and still, Stacy was nowhere to be seen. Questions arose as he asked himself if maybe she was abducted or worse, raped. Murder was out of the question for he refused to believe his fiancé was capable of suffering such fate.

"Randy, what about there?" Trish suggested, pointing towards a dim-lighted pub with a few Mexicans smoking weed outside.

Upon entering, the smell of stale alcohol and second-hand smoke filled the air as seated by the bar was a frustrated Stacy Keibler, head on her hands, with five men gathered around her, poking her and pestering her while she yelled for them to leave her alone. The men all had wicked smiles on their faces, taking in the pleasure of having their hands on the long-legged blonde. Instantly, Randy's blood simmered, stalking over towards them.

"Hey! Get your fucking hands off my fiancé!" he yelled, closing his fists and gently supporting Stacy in his arms.

One of the men who was clearly drunk, stopped Randy from doing such as he exclaimed, "Hey! We were having fun with her!"

"Randy?" Stacy called out in a soft whisper before passing out. Placing her in Trish's arms, he turned around to face all five men.

"Look, I don't want any trouble," he explained. "I only came here to take what's mine—"

Before he could finish his sentence, one of the drunkards had already thrown a fist which he skillfully dodged, thanks to how many years of training. Instead, he was able to knee the guy in the stomach before throwing him to the ground as the rest of the men made their way towards the Legend Killer.

"Shit," John muttered, joining in to help his friend.

Seeing as both men were professionals, it was too easy for them to get all four knocked out. But John's eyes widened in fear when he saw one of them shakily pull out a gun and set off the trigger. "Randy! Watch out!" he yelled but was too late. His best friend had gotten shot square in his right shoulder, opposite the one he injured before, as he fell flat on the floor.

"Oh my god!" Trish screamed, quickly but gently placing Stacy down before dialing 911.

All five men were shocked to say the least as five minutes later, a group of cops came to arrest them, followed by an ambulance which brought all four WWE superstars to the nearest local hospital.

Hear you me my friends

On sleepless roads the sleepless go

May angels lead you in

May angels lead you in

"How is he, doc?" John asked, his voice full of concern.

It was already half past five in the morning and both him and his girlfriend were as tired as hell. Randy, as well as Stacy, had to be rushed to the hospital for the former had been shot while the latter had been heavily drugged.

"He'll be fine," the doctor assured with a small smile. "We easily got the bullet out; thankfully it wasn't as deep as I had expected it to be. He underwent a quick surgery and is now resting in room 319. You can go visit him if you want. He can leave in a week after a few sessions of intensive therapy."

John nodded. "What about Stacy?"

"She had an overdose of ecstasy in her system and it's not good that it was consumed along with tequila. Those two are never combined. We're trying to draw out everything using a filtered tube which we had to insert through her mouth. If she wakes up, she might not be able to talk for a couple of days seeing as her throat and vocal chords will be affected."

"What do you mean 'if she wakes up'?" Trish asked. "You mean to say there's a chance she might not?"

"It's too early to tell. Let's just hope the drug hasn't damaged anything else."

Trish stared widely at the doctor before he left to check on the long-legged diva. She then looked at John with tears filling her eyes. "She better come out of this alive, John," was the last thing she said before breaking down.

His blue eyes opened to a room full of white. For a moment, he thought he was in some Utopian dream until he realized he heard a television on and a faint but distinct sound of his best friend's voice was heard from a corner. "John?" he called out in a raspy voice.

Immediately, the Champ jogged his way towards him and greeted him with a smile. "Dawg! You're up!"

Randy winced a little, checking to see his bandaged shoulder. "How long was I out?"

"A couple of days. How are you feeling?"

"A little sore," Randy admitted. "How's Stacy?"

"Oh…well…" John uttered, taking a step sideways to gesture towards the bed right next to Randy's. There, lying down, was Stacy Keibler herself. A tube was attached to her mouth while on her right hand was a dextrose which gave her all the water and nutrients she needed while she was out.

"What happened?" Randy asked, eyes wide in shock as he stared at his girl. John explained to him everything that the doctor said as Randy couldn't believe his ears. "Will she be okay? Did she wake up already? How is she? How the hell did her drink get spiked?"

"Calm down, dawg. She'll be ayt. She's been out a couple of days just like you but has been showing signs that she's improving. Just this morning, she moved her head. Doc said that was good. And dawg, we were in TJ. Just about anyone could've spiked her drink."

Randy sighed. "Did I really get shot?" he asked himself more than his best friend.

John couldn't help but grin. "You did. And I'm happy you're alive man," he said before giving the Legend Killer a light hug.

"I'm happy I'm alive, too, man. Where's Trish?"

"She left to grab a few clothes and some pizza. Lita, Torrie and all the guys are on their way as well."

Randy nodded, his eyes never leaving his girlfriend. "You sure she'll be okay, John?"

"Positive, dawg. Trust me."

Randy was peacefully sleeping while John and Trish sat in one corner of the hospital room watching TV. Hearing Stacy give a sudden movement, Trish stood up.

"Oh my god, John. She's waking up!" she said in a hushed voice.

Slowly, Stacy's eyes stirred until finally opening. She adjusted to the bright color of the room as well as the lights that were slightly blinding her. Her throat felt raspy and it was giving her a great deal of pain. Earlier on, the doctors had already removed the tube attached to her mouth, leaving it parched and desiccated.

"Randy?" she called out in a hoarse whisper.

"Stacy! You're awake!" Trish squealed, running over to her best friend and giving her a hug.

"Where am I?" Stacy asked, sitting up from her uncomfortable position. Seeing the bed right next to hers and realizing who was sleeping on it caused her eyes to widen. "What happened to Randy?" she exclaimed.

Trish explained to the long-legged diva everything it is she needed to explain. "Is he okay?" Stacy asked out with a pout, not believing that her boyfriend—no—fiancé actually got shot.

Trish smiled, giving Stacy's hand a reassuring squeeze. "He's fine, sweetie. He's just sleeping. He woke up a few hours ago. He was really scared when he saw you."

A blush crept up Stacy's cheeks as she tried to hide her smile. Looking over to Randy, she found him suddenly waking up. The moment he did, his eyes immediately grazed over to Stacy.

"Morning, Casanova," Stacy greeted with a huge grin.

"Stace! Oh my god!" Randy said, wanting that instant to go over and hug her.

"How's your shoulder?" Stacy asked, eyeing Randy's bandaged shoulder with a wince.

"It's in good condition, don't worry. Doctor said I only need a few sessions of therapy. What about you?" his voice softened a little. "Are you okay? I heard about what happened. You almost died, Stace." Randy trailed off.

Before the diva could answer, Trish interrupted their conversation. "John and I are gonna head out and buy some snacks from the vendo machine. You two should…continue your talk," she smiled. "Just…call us if you need us," she winked, literally dragging John out of the cozy hospital room before he could protest.

Stacy smiled gratefully before turning to look at Randy. She found the situation quite funny. Both of them were lying on hospital beds, five feet apart from each other and both dying to be in each other's arms. "I'm…I'm sorry, Randy. I wasn't thinking. I didn't mean to—"

"Don't apologize, Stace." Randy sighed, shaking his head. "It was my fault. I shouldn't have had those magazines in the first place. If it wasn't for those damn things, you wouldn't have taken off like that. I'm really sorry."

Stacy bit her lower lip as her heart melted. "No, Randy. I overreacted and—"

"Stace, no. Listen. You had every right to react the way you did. I disappointed you and I know I really hurt you. Just the thought of that makes me contemplate that maybe I did deserve getting this shot," he gestured towards his shoulder.

Stacy shook her head, "No, Randy—" but again, he cut her off.

"Stacy, you mean the world to me. I was stupid to ask those magazines from John. I should've known better. I feel like shit for not wanting to comply with this idea of yours of abstaining from sex until our honeymoon. Come to think if it, you're right. We really should so that we could make that night as special as it's supposed to be. I'm sorry I didn't prove it enough that I can comply with it. I made you think I couldn't when in all honesty, I'd wait forever just for you. And there's only one reason to that: I love you. I'm sorry if I made you doubt how much I do."

A few tears welled up Stacy's hazel eyes, glossing them a little as she gave him her hundred watts smile. "I love you, Randy. And I'd do anything just to kiss you right now."

Randy smiled, suddenly getting up from his bed. He had all the strength in the world to take just five steps to give what his girl wanted. Climbing in bed beside her, he made sure her dextrose didn't get in the way and that her delicate hand was safe from getting hurt. Once they were comfortable and Stacy leaned close to Randy, she looked up at him. Slowly, he lowered his head and gave Stacy the most amazing kiss.

Hear you me my friends

On sleepless roads the sleepless go

May angels lead you in

May angels lead you in

The scenic rays of the late afternoon sun shone down upon Los Angeles as a pearl-gray Corvette drove through its busy streets, heading for Sunset Boulevard. Traffic was magically minimal as the car zoomed through Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Los Feliz and then turned north into hilly Griffith Park, leaving the city behind. The chauffeur followed the road to the Griffith Observatory until finally, the storied tridomed building and planetarium came into view. Turning onto a narrow driveway and reaching its end was a valet parking stand where beautiful people were being helped out of beautiful cars.

As the chauffeur came to a full stop, he immediately went down the car and opened the door for his passenger. Randy Orton emerged dressed in the most expensive Armani tuxedo complete with leather Ferregamo shoes. His intoxicating scent took everyone's breath away, besides his strikingly good looks and such charming demeanor. He seemed to be wearing a cool and calm façade masquerading what he really felt inside.

He was drop-dead nervous.

Upon stepping down the car, his best friend immediately came out to greet him. "Dawg," he greeted, a cheeky grin on his face.

Randy simply gave a curt nod, obviously revealing that he was as anxious as everyone hadn't expected. Giving John a hug, the two of them entered the observatory's main rotunda. It was already crowded with the rich and famous, all of who seemed to know each other. The interior was spectacular. The massive globe was still in the center of the room but was swathed in red and gold velvet. Above it, a huge brass bell swung gently at the end of an iron cable. Dangling from the bell was a gold angel, shooting an arrow through a red heart. Randy gazed up and smiled at the famed ceiling murals, the planets depicted as mythological gods and goddesses. He grinned towards John as he discreetly pointed upward at a mighty Zeus, whose face had been replaced by a likeness of his own. Nearby, Aphrodite had a similar visage of Stacy Keibler. "That was my idea," he slightly boasted while John couldn't help but snicker.

They continued to walk until they reached the place where the ceremony was to be held. All around, seated on gold pews, were Randy and Stacy's family and friends. People were slowly filling in the grand area which was adorned in nothing but gold. In front was a gold altar made of oak as beside it were gold Greek posts like that in Hercules. Gold, satin cloth hung from the ceilings in a wave-like manner as decorations while beside each pew were large, gold pots of white roses. In the center, of course, was the aisle garnished not in red but a gold, Egyptian carpet. It was exquisitely beautiful. Randy couldn't help but grin to himself. His bride did an amazing job.

Randy mingled with his and Stacy's friends and relatives for a while before walking to the front and stood beside John near the altar.

"You ready for this, dawg?" his best friend asked him.

Randy sighed, loosening his white collar a bit. "I've been waiting for this since day one, John. Hell yeah I'm ready."

John smiled, placing an arm around Randy. "I'm proud of you, Randy."

Randy only smiled back as the sound of the bell rung, clearly announcing that his bride had arrived. A beautiful, classical violin piece played throughout the whole place as the flower girls first marched, accompanied by the ring and bible bearers. Again, the theme was gold as both flower girls, the daughters of Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin, were dressed in gold, Versace, gowns while ambling slowly down the aisle with huge grins bedecking their cute, little faces. The sons of Shane McMahon and Chris Jericho meanwhile, dubbed as the ring and bible bearers, were donned in miniature, Ferregamo suits.

Closely behind the little ones were the two bride's maids and the two groom's men whom Stacy was more than happy to choose. Arm in arm together were Lita and Matt Hardy in a strapless, Dolce Y Gabbana dress with sequences around the neckline and a dark gray Moschino suit. Behind them were Torrie Wilson, clad in a simple, linen, Elizabeth Arden evening dress and Batista, looking very handsome in a Ben Sherman tux.

Up next were the veil, cord and candle sponsors. Candice, in a symmetrical, satin, Galliano dress and Hunter, in a Fred Segal tux held the veil while Stephanie, dressed in a gold, Gucci creation with a strategically placed brooch and Chris Jericho, sauntering in a preppy, Henry Lloyd suit were assigned the cord. Then it was Ashley, dolled in a silk, Vera Wang frock and Rey Mysterio, in a VanHeusen tux who finished the last of the sponsors.

Trailing after them were the five godmothers and fathers of the wedding and it was no surprise that the fifth and final couple was Vince and Linda McMahon. Finally, the second to the last person sauntered down the aisle. Trish Stratus, the bride's maid of honor, was donned in a haltered, Marc Jacobs, a-line dress—her pearly whites exposed through her captivating smile. John's heart melted as he watched his girlfriend in awe, all the way until she reached her place near the altar. He winked at her and she smiled at him before turning their heads to await the bride.

The wedding march finally played and all the more that Randy got anxious. Hundreds of ooohs and ahhhs were heard from each one as Stacy Keibler slowly made her entrance and faced the massive amount of people she invited to her wedding. She looked beautiful—not even the goddesses could compete with the splendor she had.

Randy felt like he was punched right in the stomach as his beautiful Stacy took his breath away. She was donned in a strapless, white, satin dress, designed exclusively for her by Oscar de la Renta. It had an elegant, simple neckline that was modest in the front but dipped down to just above her butt in the back. With it, she wore her perfect pearl necklace and the diamond stud earrings Randy had given her on her birthday. Her blonde hair was up in a beautiful twist, perfectly framing her naturally exquisite face. She held a bouquet of white roses as her white, Charles David pumps hit the floor gracefully in every step she took.

Stacy Keibler felt like a princess the moment she entered the room. People stared at her stack-jawed as if she was the most beautiful thing on earth. Of course, to Randy, she was. An elegant smile was plastered on her face as she took the final steps before reaching Randy.

He couldn't help but grin at her as he offered his arm and she took it. Patting him on the back twice, John then looked at Stacy and winked at her before standing beside Randy on the altar while Trish did the same, positioning herself beside Stacy.

The ceremony was long but amazingly beautiful. As Randy slipped the platinum Tacori band with a diamond stud on Stacy's finger and she did the same, slipping a matching ring sans the diamond on his, they couldn't help but smile widely at each other. Randy wanted to kiss her that instant but was able to restrain himself until the priest finally uttered that he may kiss the bride.

Lifting the veil off of Stacy's face, he placed both arms on her waist while she wrapped hers around his neck. Dipping her gently, he pulled her in for the most passionate kiss they ever shared.

"I love you, Stacy."

"I love you, too, Randy."

"Awww… thinking back on our wedding makes me wanna cry!" Stacy declared, hugging Randy in her thin arms.

"You were the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes upon," he winked. "Of course, you still are."

Stacy smiled, lowering her head and giving him a kiss. "Well…now that you've given me your anniversary gift, can I give you mine?"

"Sure thing, babe," Randy smiled.

"Remember when you said we'll just have to find out who the better cook is when we have children so that they can judge?" Stacy mentioned. Randy nodded his head, his smile never leaving his face. "Well you better get your cooking skills in gear," she winked, placing another kiss on his lips.

Randy's eyes widened, his smile turning into a grin. "You're—?"

Stacy nodded. "I'm pregnant, Randy."

And with that, he pulled her in to share a very passionate kiss.