A/N - I don't think they have Laptops in Hogwarts but I'm just pretending that they do.


'Open Diary' - the newest craze on the Magicnet. You pay two galleons to open an account, to which you can then make journal-like blog entries which can be seen by all other members (unless of course you decide to block certain ones out.)

Unsuprisingly, Draco Malfoy had been one of the first people to create an account. He didn't so much plan to write entries, only to read other's. Yesterday he had stumbled across Harry Potter's account, every entry was read to every last word. Something which came as a shock was how much his name came up in it. Some of the most recently written sentences caught his attention the most.

"I just don't get that boy. There's something about him which just doesn't match up to current personality - at least the one he uses as a front. I bet he thinks nobody can tell but it's so blatently obvious. Sometimes when I look at him (which I try not to make a habit of,) he looks as though he's about to burst into tears. Yesterday I caught sight of his back. I've never seen such horrific scars. Except... they weren't scars. They were pretty fresh."

Harry had seen his back? That wasn't good. Now Draco would need to talk to him.


"You're not writing on that thing again, are you?" Hermione asked whilst shaking her head in disbelief. When Harry didn't answer, she peered over his shoulder. "Oh, you are. It's incredibly pathetic if you ask me, why pay for that when you have perfectly good parchment right here?" She was pretty much talking to herself now. "You could at least answer me, Harry. We've got to get going. Potions starts in ten minutes!"

"I'm not writing on it." Was his simple reply, it wasn't even a lie. He wasn't writing another entry, he was just reading who had been visiting his account. 'Malfoy' was one name that stood out, though it didn't cause much bother. If Draco wanted to waste his time reading Harry's ramblings then so be it.

"Come on, Harry." Hermionie urged, smiling in satisfaction as she heard the laptop click shut.


After Snape had explained their expected potion, Harry recieved a note. He opened it up and was suprised at the sender.

I need to talk to you, meet me after class. - Malfoy

He was also suprised at how neat the other boy's handwriting was, but quickly pushed the thoughts out of his head. He didn't send a note back, but looked over to Draco and nodded, confirming their 'meeting'.

The lesson passed by quickly, Harry seemed pretty 'out of it' as he was continuously thinking about why in the world Malfoy would want to talk to him,

Expectedly, he and Ron had messed up their potion but much to their relief, so had most of the other students.

"You two carry on," He said with a nod towards Hermione and Ron, "I have some business to attend to - I'll just be a few minutes."


"Potter," Malfoy said as Harry approached. "I... you saw my back?"

Oh, so THAT'S why he wanted to talk to me. Harry thought before nodding. "You read my Open Diary?"

Malfoy nodded back, a grim smile on his face. "Yes, I did. I just wanted to ask you not to tell anybody about it,"

"I wasn't planning on it," Harry replied with a happier smile. "Do you fancy telling me how it happened?"

"I guess so, but not now." The other boy said quietly, "I'll send you an OD message later."