A short little introduction to my "Shadows of Them" multi-chapter fic. This chapter takes place at the very begining of Energon, but the Majority of the fic takes place in the Cybertron series and connects Armada, Energon, and Cybertron. Also incorperates my explination why Fred and Billy weren't in Energon (if it explained in the series something different I'm sorry; I've only seen a few episodes of Energon) Tell me what you think! Reviews are appreciated, but not neccesarily needed.

Shadows of Them

The things we do

Fred answered the phone, his toddler daughter playing nearby. "Hello?"

"Fred! They're back! They need our help again and-"

It was Alexis. It had been about ten years since they had last seen the "them" she was talking about. His son was actually about five, and his daughter was barely one. He was 24, and had met the "them" when he was in seventh grade (he and his best friend Billy had been held back twice beforehand).

He let Alexis babble about how great everything was, and how she couldn't wait for the whole gang to get back together. He wondered if Billy would go, or any of the others. But Billy had two little boys at home, would Billy risk everything for them? Could he?

He waited for Alexis to calm down, and waited until she said those four little words that he knew it would hurt to answer, "When are you coming? I already talked to Rad and Carlos-"

"I'm sorry Alexis. But I just… I just can't. I've got a family now, and I can't risk them getting hurt. I can't do it. I'm sorry."

She was silent a moment, then lowered her voice, "Billy said the same thing, it's alright. I understand why you can't. But I will call you guys from time to time to let you know how things are progressing."

"Thank you Alexis." Shortly after he hung up and sat down on the couch, glancing at his little girl, "My sweet little angle; I know you would've had fun with my friends… but I can't endanger you. I love you… my little Lori."

It wasn't long before the phone rang once again, "Hello?"

"Hey Fred, long time no almost-get-blown-up-together."

He couldn't help but chuckle, "Hey Bill, Alexis told me you turned down her offer too." There was a sudden… understanding silence between them, but he felt he had to say something, "So Billy, how your boys doing? Tim started school a little while ago didn't he? And what about the younger one, how's he doing? What was his name?"

"Kobe, his names Kobe, Fred." They both laughed a little, reminded of how forgetful and gullible Fred used to always be.

"Right, well… How's he doing?"

"Great. He's doing great…" The conversation drained away for a long while, before Billy finally said, "I talked to my wife, and pretty soon we're gonna try for a girl, she feels outnumbered as it is… I take pity on her if we have another boy."

Fred laughed a little, and they began talking about normal things, pretending like the friends they'd been waiting for, for ten years, hadn't returned; and also ignoring the fact that the friends were giant alien robots. Fred couldn't help but make a weak smile when he looked at his children, thinking to himself, Boy the things we do… for loved ones…

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