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Shadows of Them


Bud had to crane his neck back to see the huge circular building above him; he had regained consciousness just a few minutes before approaching the large spherical building. The building was at least four times higher than the smaller more homey buildings near it, and it was more than twenty times longer. Bud looked at Spelunk, "I wonder what that building is…" The miniature bot on Bud's shoulder shrugged, staring at the building.

Kobe's miniature bot partner Deep Water shrugged, "Maybe you should ask Red Alert."

Zipline sighed from Lori's shoulder and fluttered up toward Red Alert, "We wanna know what that big building is."

Code Red smiled, "That's the council hall, there's a rehabilitation center beneath it."

"Rehabilitation?" Lori asked.

"Uh-huh, people who are too violent to be allowed into the society immediately." Cody answered, "Copy Cat was in there for a while, but he's a good citizen now."

Red Alert snorted before growling, "Or at least he pretends to be."

Ace giggled, then whispered to the kids, "Daddy really doesn't like him, Mommy says it's because before she met Daddy she dated Copy Cat." Destiny Prime bit her lip component hard at the look Red Alert was giving her, she knew it hadn't been good to lie to their sparklings, but the truth would have been worse.

Elita-1 leaned in to whisper something to her older creation, "Is you're brother coming to the trial?"

Destiny shook her head, "No, he has duty with Freia, and we both know he'd never miss a chance to spend extra time with her." Elita smiled, nodding.

They approached the huge doors that were guarded by to very large meches, the larger of the two folded his arms, "Name and reason for visit."

Destiny folded her arms; she then started speaking to the guard in another language, "Cor vois ui paho corve dusuis Blockade."

He retorted, "Cuine na koca Destiny."

She pointed to the Autobots behind her, "Resho fi oa abrille."

"Oa abrille? Desconu? Jiha!" He waved them in, motioning for his partner to unlock the door with him; it required two matches at the same moment to enter.

"Savba Blockade." Destiny retorted as the door opened, waving the bots and humans behind her in.

When the door closed behind them, Hotshot looked at Destiny in surprise, "What was that about?"

Destiny looked back at him in surprise, "It's far more polite to speak to someone in their language than it is to speak to them in your own. Besides, Blockade's language skills aren't that good in any but his own. So it was also just easier."

Cody grabbed Destiny's leg, looking up to her with a quivering lip, "Mommy, Daddy's staying here right, if the council lets Grandpa and his teammates go to back to earth?"

"Um… Scythe?" Destiny looked at DeathScythe, who was keeping a close eye on her son Chaser. Scythe looked up at Destiny, clearly asking what Destiny wanted. Destiny approached her, cradling Pax in her arms, Destiny whispered to her friend and cousin, "Would you mind keeping an optic on Ace Cody and Pax? I don't want them at this trial."

DeathScythe nodded, "Don't worry Destiny, Blurr and I'll keep an optic on them during the trial."

Blurr folded his arms, "Why do you insist on volunteering me for things you want to do?"

"Because we're bonded, ergo, you have no choice." Blurr grumbled something under his breath as Scythe took Pax from Destiny's arms and Scythe gestured to Cody and Ace to follow them away.

Ace stomped her foot, "Why do can't we go in! I've watched other trials before!"

Destiny was about to speak to her when Red Alert held up his hand, "Ace, go with DeathScythe and Blurr right now."

"But Daddy!"

"Go." Red Alert had never used such a harsh tone with his sparklings before, so Ace did as told.

Ultra Magnus looked at Red Alert and Destiny, the two seemed to be sharing a unspoken unease, something was wrong. Magnus' optics met Destiny's, they told him all that he needed to know, something was going to happen at this trial, and it wasn't anything sparklings needed to hear or see. What was it?

The kids and their miniature bots stayed like glue with the Minicons, the huge circular room was ominous, especially since those not on trial had to stay to the sides, seven large seats around them, Starr Prime in one of them.

Starr stood up, looking at the 'bots in the other seats, "Council members, case 92344100460, there has been a request for them to be allowed to return to the planet they came from."

A dark colored mech cleared his throat. Looking at them, "If I'm not mistaken Starr, isn't that against all regulations?"

"And so is allowing a black hole to swallow the universe, including Tolerace!" Destiny shouted, approaching the central hub.

The dark mech glared at her, "You have no place to be so rude to us; you've broken enough regulations."

"Isn't saving life across the multi-verse more important than old regulations?"

A silver-blue femme cleared her throat, "Don't be impudent Bleak, Destiny may have a point. If they are not released then the black hole may not be stopped."

The dark mech jumped up, "You always take the underdog's side Artemis! You have no grasp of the rules!"

A gold mech held up his hand, "Watch your tongue Bleak, we worry about Tolerace as much as you do, but you must think reasonably."

Bleak snorted, looking to a dark femme beside him, "What do you think Shock?"

Shock sighed, "I agree with Apollo, we need to approach this logically." She looked to a green mech, "Soaul? What do you think?"

Soaul shrugged, "Well, I'm not sure."

A bright orange femme shook her head, "They've all been in war so long I'm not sure it would be wise to keep them in our society, I also don't think it would be wise to free them either…"

"You bring up a good point Juika." Starr pondered, folding her arms.

A door opened slowly, more light coming from the doorway than the entire room. Every member of the council rose to their feet, Juika gasped, "Master Primacron! You haven't left your temple for a hearing in…"

"8000 years." Primacron answered tartly, "I've come at the request of Destiny Prime."

"Primacron! I thought you were just a legend, a story Primus told the servants as an explanation of whom created he and Unicron!" Vector Prime exclaimed, optics wide.

Primacron waved his claw-like, bony hand, "Think nothing of it Vector." He turned to the council, "I believe Destiny has something to say about this trial, and she should be allowed to say it. Believe me, it is important."

Destiny moved to the circle, Red Alert at her side, she looked up, "I believe that leaving should be an allotted option, to anyone." She glanced at Red Alert, "Anyone."

Ultra Magnus resisted getting up, he suddenly knew what Destiny was about to say. He looked at Elita, wondering if she'd realized it too. Elita shook her head when her optics met Magnus', she had worked so hard to get Red Alert to stay with her, and she was about to throw it all away. Destiny felt optics on her, some wondering where she was going, others knowing.

"Including Red Alert, they need him; they need everyone who's willing to help them. And those children need to be with their families."

Starr raised an optic ridge, "You wanted to get him here so badly, and now you want him to go?"

Red Alert interrupted, "Destiny and I have discussed it, and I agree with her."

Juika shook her head, "I thought you were a servant of Primus, Protecting the area assigned to you!"

Destiny shook her head, "It is true I am a servant of Primus, but I am an Autobot first. And a true Autobot does what is necessary to protect the entire universe and beyond. My sworn duty is to protect. End of story."

Primacron looked at the council, "If you will not give them permission to leave I will have to take destroying that black hole into my own hands, and release Tornatron, my third, pure-energy creation."

Starr stomped her foot, "If you dare release that monstrosity again…"

Primacron waved is hand, "If you release them I won't have to."

"Slimy, blackmailing bastard." Bleak hissed, "I vote they go."

Shock shook her head, "I won't submit to blackmail. I vote they are put in rehabilitation."

Soaul shook his head, "I vote they go."

Apollo let his head droop, "I vote attempted rehabilitation."

Juika rose her head angrily, "What is wrong with you? Submitting to blackmail like sheep! They should not be aloud to leave! And that is my vote."

"They should be aloud to leave long enough to stop the Black hole at least!" Artemis snapped, standing up for her own opinion.

Bleak looked up at Starr, "Dead draw. We need a tiebreaker Starr."

Starr looked at Destiny, "You aren't going to stop here are you? You're going to try to get the force field dropped."

Destiny folded her arms, "I'm taking this one fight with the council at a time."

Starr's shoulder's fell, "They are to be allowed to go home."

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