Chapter One- Snowball Fights and Hot Chocolate

Sora's P.O.V-

I was at the park chasing my best friend, Taichi Kamiya and pelting him with snowballs. One of them hit him in the face. "Okay, okay!" He cried while he held his arms up in the air. "You win! I surrender!" I dropped the snowball I had in my hand and walked over to a bench and sat down. Tai followed. "So, now what do you want to do?"

Hmmm… I thought. "Want to go have some hot chocolate?"

"Sure." Tai agreed.

"My place, or yours?" I asked him.

"Yours is closer!" He said. "I'll race ya!" He started pacing down the sidewalk towards my house, not noticing that it was covered with layers of ice. He slipped and fell into the snow bank.

"Tai!" I yelled as I ran over to him. "You need to have more balan-" But I should have not been talking because before I could finish my sentence, I also slipped and fell into the snow bank next to him.

You're so coordinated!" He said sarcastically.

"Hey!" I replied to his sarcastic remark and threw a snowball at him from where I was laying. Then I started to make a snow angel, when I was finished I got up to admire my work and Tai crushed it.

"That's payback for throwing that snowball at my face!" He said. Then we heard continuous beeping. We both pulled out our digivices; there was some kind of emergency. A text message appeared on Sora's cell phone. It read: Meet at Davis's.

"We have to delay our hot chocolate plans, emergency!" I told Tai. "Let's get to Davis's house." Davis's house was a ways away and running at maximum speed, it would still take 2o minutes to get there. We ran as fast as our frostbit legs could carry us all the way to Davis's house.

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