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Tonight is all about I miss you

Draco stared out the window of the Slytherin dormitories and sighed sadly. He felt empty and hollow inside even though he knew it was the best thing that could have happened for him.

"You ok Drake?" he heard Blaise ask him.

"Yeah I'm fine" Draco replied morosely.

"Don't be so sad you're the one that suggested he leave the school" Blaise said.

"I know" Draco whispered, selfishly wishing he hadn't said anything to him that night two weeks ago.

"Damn Umbrige to Azkaban" Fred muttered as he entered the Slytherin common room.

"What'd she do now?" Draco asked smiling at his boyfriend.

"She took mine and George's brooms away from us, says we can't play Quidditch anymore can you believe that toad."

Draco stood and wrapped his arms around Fred hoping to calm his love down.

"Come on" Draco whispered as he began to pull Fred up to his dormitory.

"You alright?" the blond asked as the two sat down on Draco's bed.

Fred sighed "I dunno it's just that this place has gotten outta hand since Dumbledore left and Umbrige is making everyone's life a living hell and I just…"

Draco frowned before leaning in and catching the older teen's lips with his. Fred deepened the kiss making Draco moan happily.

Pulling at Draco's shirt the Slytherin smiled at Fred's eagerness and quickly removed his shirt. Fred gently pushed Draco back onto the bed where he began to explore his lover's upper body.

"Baby?" Draco said shyly as an idea came into his mind.

"Yeah?" Fred said as he looked up at his Slytherin.

Sitting up Draco took Fred into his arms "Why don't you leave school early."


"Well I mean you hate it here and you and George have the money that Potter gave you from the tournament, you could leave and open your own joke shop like you've always wanted" Draco explained silently wishing Fred rejected the idea.

"But I'd be leaving you, sure this place is hell but you make it better" Fred said.

"Glad you think so but I don't want you to be miserable all the time when I'm not with you" Draco said.

Fred made a move to protest but Draco put a finger to his lips "You need this Fred there isn't anything for you here."

"You're here and I'm not going to leave you"

Draco smiled "I have two more years here are you going to stay while I finish them?"

Fred frowned "I don't want it to seem like I'm abandoning you"

"I'm the one that suggested it" Draco said trying to smile.


"Baby look at me, I want you to cause a disturbance somewhere in the school and when Umbrige comes use the Accio spell to get yours and George's brooms from her office" Draco explained

"Draco please" Fred whispered

"Shh and then I want you to fly as fast as you can out of this place understand" Draco said tears pricking up in his eyes.

Fred nodded before kissing away Draco's tears. "I love you dragon" he whispered.

"Love you too Fred"

Draco sighed again as he continued to stare out the window into the never ending darkness. "I miss you Fred" he whispered knowing that wherever his love was he was happy and thinking about his dragon.

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