In this story, everyone chapter is going to have a different episode when I think up a blooper they could have made. Suggestions for other bloopers and episodes on scenes are greatly recommended in your reviews. But this isn't a serious story- just when will this update when recommendations are made and/or I though up another blooper in my spare time. Enjoy!

Episode: Southern Air Temple Author: Kelcita

Word Count: 166 (for the blooper)

Warning: Pure Silly-ness

Comments: During the production of the Avatar for this episode, the characters had a tiny screw-up (Well, Zhao actually did, but hey, respect the deadtear)

Disclaimer: Avatar belongs to the people who said, "Hey, lets make a show that has a hot evil guy so fangirls can write fanfics about!" Man, have they succeeded.

"Next time you get in my way, I promise, I won't hold back," Zuko said down to Zhao, how was currently lying on the ground, defeated. Or so Zuko thought, as he turned around and started heading for the door outside the Agni Kia stadium.

Just as Zuko took a couple of steps, Zhao stood up slowly, then threw his leg out towards Zuko's head, flaming erupting out of his soles.

But right before the flames touched Zuko, retired General Iroh grab Zhao's foot, causing the fire to die. As Iroh gathered the strength to throw the commander backwards, Zhao pursed his lips together, trying to hide the grin from his lips, but was failing miserably.

"What's so funny, Zhao?" Iroh demanded impatiently while squeezing his foot even more. Zhao couldn't take it anymore. "Let go! It tickles!" he bursted out and falling to the ground, giggling.

Zuko looked at Zhao like he had gone insane, then quietly ushered for his uncle to leave with him.

Hope you guys liked it! It's my first dribble/story/blooper-craziness anything for Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love this show! ((I'm for Zutara-ness)) Katang (or kataang) is cute, but zutara is HOT.

(Later) What's the thing that says 'charater 1' then '2' when making a new story? How odd.