Dragon Quest

By Madame Ergoth

There in the darkness of the distant forest

The rain trickles and pours down in little streams

Down the ragged, burnt-brown hill from whence it came

And the desolate village sits alone, small and sleepy.

A small grl, a peasant, she's barely getting by

Begging money on the streets and "will work for food".

Long musty brown hair, it hangs in her eyes

As she brushes it away and goes down the cobble-brick road.

Then one day, dawned bright upon the village

A gallant knight rides by, dressed in noble chain-links and armor

He is the picture of authority, clearly (an extravagant sword by his side).

"Hail!" he booms across town. "Hail! All citizens of Taryngoth!"

And he says to all, "Excavate Exhilarate! Flee! The Dragon has come!"

Knights are never scared when in full armor

But riding on his valiant steed (sword a-glistening white)

He looks afraid; his eyes tell the whole story.

Edwina looked up, she'd heard the news

And thinking there was some way to aid

To break free from the harsh irons of poverty

She sets off in a quest, her dragon quest.

Traveling the beautiful backcountry, and comes to a cave

"Adhirranir!" she bellows. "Come out and fight!"

Adhirranir looks at her, with a glowing red eye

And thunders, with booming footsteps, toward the girl.

A myriad of glistening black scales

And an eye is fixed menacingly on Edwina, his next meal.

Threatening, challenging her to a fight. Opens his mouth

Wide and spouts fery steam toward the girl in an outrage.

She throws herself just in time, and crashing to the floor

She is regretting, and cursing herself, for thinking

Actually believing she could do anything. She was but a girl.

A small, helpless girl.

Whats this? A knight comes by, or is it? Heavily iron-clad in armor

On a shining white steed. The helmet comes off...

A woman! With long, beautiful red hair, speeds off toward her mighty foe.

Edwina squints to find her savior, but she is nowhere in sight.

A mighty crash! Boom! Bang! and an explosion like a nuclear bomb!

Silence. Cold, still silence. Squinting through the smoke

Nowhere to be seen, but wait! A shadowy figure

Traversing through the devris, holding something...

A sword! Glittering alabaster-gold, with moonstones at the hilt

Edwina gets up to thank her, but suddenly, she is gone.

Reaching through the dust, and clawing at something invisible--

She was never even there, was she?

Edwina looks at a blood-stain on her shirt, the clang! of metal

Down to the ground...the sword! Its there! And the ghost-girl, where was she?

Picking up the sword in her arms, and looking closely she sees:

This is to my lovely daighter, Edwina. Love, Your Mother.

Tears well up in her huge brown eyes and she has a revelation:

The "ghost-girl" was her mother! Wiping her face, tears of joy

And she sheaths the sword, to head back to her home.

She did not gain great riches or fame, but her destiny now fulfilled.

For ages past, a prophecy was made

She would be the one: with a glittering shield, and

Slay the foebeast, once and for all. Stories would be told

Edwina Aldbert, and her Dragon Quest.

So everyone knows, so the great legend goes,

Of the girl and her great Dragon Quest

All will remember forevermore,

Sometimes the peasants are best.