Chapter 5

Okay, a bloody knife in the middle of Kamui's bedroom. Now this was a situation Kamui didn't want to be in. As quickly as he could he got a pillowcase and put the knife in it.

He put the pillowcase under his bed and waited until morning to throw it into the river. Kamui had a restless sleep. Who could sleep with a murder weapon right below you?

Morning came and Kamui took the pillowcase. He snuck out of the house. He had to make this quick. He didn't want to worry his brother.

He ran and ran to the nearest river. He looked at the pillowcase. Blood was staining the white material. "Not anymore!" said Kamui. He tossed the knife into the river. It sank deep into the black abyss. "So long Fuuma," said Kamui and he returned home to what hoped to be a regular day.

The knife sank deeper and deeper. It actually cut through the pillowcase material. The blood washed away. The knife landed right into a hand. The hand was connected to an arm. The arm was connected to a body. It was Fuuma's. He had a smile on his face. His body was tossed into the river just like all his victims, except Kamui.