CSI – Bloodbath

Date: 2nd January, 2006

Author: Spokenvoice

Rating: T (language and content)

Summary: Sara Sidle finds herself a target – he wants her dead…and no one will get in his way.

A/N: This is my Fist CSI fan fiction… so if the characters seem a little OOC I apologies.

Part 1

She sat in the solitude of her truck, her mind running through everything the night shift had brought her – they'd sent her home, insisted she got some rest but she had no idea how the rest of them could do it. How the rest of them could close their eyes without been plagued by the images they saw! The images which Sara Sidle was haunted by…

She loved her job, any fool could see that.

She loved the feeling she got when she was able to enforce justice, when she was able to take down the bad guys. Any fool could see that Sara Sidle was a workaholic, that what she did was bury herself in her job so she didn't have to deal with the world outside - and no one could blame her for that, they all had a rough idea of Sidle's life outside of CSI and it wasn't pretty. She had what can only be described as none existent family and, a hell of a lot of emotional turmoil in that head of hers! But Sara would have it no other way; she lived, breathed and loved CSI.

It's what she was, all she knew.

But still, no mater ho many times she saw a dead body, a wasted life…she'd be lying if she said that it didn't affect her…because it did. As she closed her eyes the images of last nights encounter were all too fresh – a small child and her mother shot dead – broke Sara's heart as it had the other two CSI that had showed up on the scene. Affecting them all in different ways – it had caused Sara, to bury herself deeper into the evidence wanting to block out all her emotion which was fighting to surface. Catherine had dealt by calling the babysitter in her first break and checking up on her own daughter, then making it home as soon as her shift was over to be with her. Grissom was his usual detached self however – no emotion.

Now as she sat in the parking lot of the Lab she had no evidence to bury herself in, so was forced to think of the victims, forced to feel something - especially for the child, the life that was stolen. Knowing that she couldn't sit here all day she was going to do what she did after every shift…try her hardest to get at least a few hours of sleep….try to block out the images. She could try…

Though before she could pull away there was a nock on the window of her black Chevrolet Tahoe. Turning she was looking at the leading CSI – Gil Grissom. She smiled, rolling down the window she knew exactly what was going to happen.

"Now Sara I'm sure I told you, home, sleep…" He observed her, looking at her reaction. He was an observer, his job, it's what he did. "Need to talk about it?" he asked.

"It's fine" She replied

"Well doors always open. Now get some sleep"
"Sure thing Grissom" He smiled, tapped the side of the car before walking away. She nodded, "get some sleep" She mumbled as she pulled out of the parking space and headed home.


Ten hours, ten hours passed as if no time at all and here she was – pulling back into the exact same spot she had left not long ago. Another night shift about to commence and she were more than ready to take on what ever the night brought. Gathering her kit from the front seat, she placed her gun in the holster and put her CSI jacket on as the night air hit her stepping from the jeep.

There was something in the night air, now she wasn't a spiritual person or anything like that it just, something was going to happen to night. She could feel it.

She stood looking out her back to the lab entrance – her thoughts were broken by the familiar voice. "now girl, tell me you haven't been standing there all day because I'm sure this is the place I left you standing."

Slowly Sara turned around, a smile on her face. "Hey Catherine, not like you to show up on time"

"Hah. Funny…Well wonder what the night has for us?" She asked,

"Yeah…" Sara put her kit over her shoulder and turned fully heading into the Lab, "Wonder" She repeated.


Grissom walked swiftly through the Lab; down the corridor heading to the break from walking through the door there he found his graveyard Crew, the CSI night shift. Sara sat at the table with Catharine, Warrick stood against the counter and Nick against the wall opposite. "Guys" He greeted.

They all looked up, and greeted him…then it was Catherine who spoke first – "So Grissom what cha got for us?"

"I got two guys, on the side of the dirt track heading south, around a mile and a half into the desert coming off the strip – Catherine and Sara it's all yours" The face of the two women lit up, they stood up from the table and Sara took a slip of Paper from Grissom, on it the exact location of the scene.

"And you two, you're still working on yesterday's case… we have a suspect"

Sara and Catherine walked from the lab and towards the car park, "I'll drive" The blond offered – Catherine agreed and got into the passenger side of Sara's SUV.

"So...what you doing after shift?"

Sara looked to Catherine, "After shift…not too sure… and something's telling me there isn't going to be an end of shift any time soon."

"No, Sara – come on, don't do that" Sara had to laugh as she put her car into drive and headed from the lot. "Why do you do this to me? When ever you say that I end up working triple shift"

It was quite a drive to the scene and by the time the two had got there the darkness had rolled in full force. No street lights lining the road forced the two to assemble flood lighting… As Catherine finished up with the last one Sara headed over to the car that had seemingly been forced into the ditch that was next to the road. Catherine followed the younger of the CSI's to the car. Only to find Sara, stood rooted in the spot, looking at the two limp bodies that were sat in the Mazda Roadster with the top down, something wasn't right. Something in the eyes of the younger brunette "Sara?"

There was no response.

Sara was stood, her stomach, turning at the sight she saw before her…bile ran up into her mouth. It couldn't be happening to her…not now – she…dropped the folder that was in her hand, and dropped her kit bag from her shoulder. She could hear the woman at her side but she was somewhere else – in her own thoughts. That's when she felt it, the tears…

"Sara?" She tried again but failed so now she grabbed her by the arm and dragged her up the bank and onto the road side just outside of the perimeter. Sara still stared, fear in her eyes, pain … hurt. "Sara you need to talk to me…what's going on?"

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