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Part 6

Sara walked back into the place which she was most of her hours of living, the lab, and headed through the lobby. "Sara?" A woman called to her. She looked to her side.

"Yeah?" She asked, a little withdrawn.

The woman smiled sympathetically knowing that something wasn't right tonight, hell the whole lab knew now, "Some guy dropped off a parcel, left before I could get his name" she explained as she held the package up.

Sara just nodded, taking a few steps back she took it from the woman. "Thanks" She looked at the brown envelope – wondering what it was.

"No problem"

Sara just continued on her way through the lab, she headed straight to the break room. "Hey you" Nick was sat on the sofa in there.

She looked up, "Hey yourself..."

"how are you?"

"Shit" Is all she said.

"Why don't you head home…a little personal time?"

"Truthfully, home isn't somewhere I like been. I'd rather be around here"

Nick just nodded his head, then noticed the parcel, "What you have there?"

"I'm not sure…" She explained, she walked over and lent against the counter top as she began to open the large brown envelope.

Nick watched, also intrigued as to what it was.


The clink of the bullet as it dropped into the metal container, there was more than one, those blood covered bits of metal that had taken the life of this guy. Warrick looked at the face of the man – he must only have been a few years older than Sara, five at the most. Must have been hard for the girl, Warrick always had a soft spot for Sara, she was like a sister to him and when she was in pain he wanted to do all he could to make her feel better – she hadn't got many people in her life, no family having lost contact with them. Not many people at all and for the few she had to be taken like this … it was one unfair world. All he could think of throughout the autopsy was that, he was going to do all that he could for her.


"Catherine" Nick ran into the lab where Warrick and Catherine were both going over stuff found in the case – and trying to get somewhere with it. "You better get to the break room"

He was worried; both of them could see this and in an instant were following back to the room. When they walked in they saw Sara, she was stood looking at the paper she held in her hands. Catherine pushed her way forward and was first to get to the woman. "Honey, Sara…" She placed her hand on Sara's arm, "Sara look at me"

It took a few seconds but she did look up, and for the first time Catherine saw a deep fear, that it invaded her own mind and scared her. "What is it?"

"I…" Sara mumbled, she shook her head…

"Girl, you okay?" Warrick asked from the door. Sara looked to him and then she turned back to what was in her hand.

"Is that from him?" Catherine guessed.

"Yeah…" Sara managed.

Instantly Catherine turned to Warrick, "Get it to the lab" She instructed. He nodded his head, and then put gloves on that were in his pocket.

"Sara give it to Warrick… we could get evidence from it" She wasn't really paying attention but let it be pulled from her hand, Warrick bent down and also picked up the envelope. He looked in it, "It's a tape" he explained.

"Dust it, see if there is anything on it…then get back to me." She explained, then she looked back to Sara, "You sit now" She instructed.

Sara pulled away from Catherine and walked over to the Sofa, her mind was running over one hundred and one things. Mostly, the thing that scared her was the reality that he'd succeed in making her pay this time. Maybe this was it! Warrick left the room, and headed back to do what Catherine had asked while Nick still stood in the doorway. He was so close to her, he was in the same room yet could do nothing to help her out.

Catherine also felt the same way though, she'd do her best.

She walked over and sat down, "Okay, Sara where did you get the Letter?"

"I…came in to the Lab after been with you. I walked through Reception and Rachel gave it me." Sara explained, "he'd been here…he's been in this place Catherine." She felt invaded, this was her safe place…or though she had thought.

"Nick?" Catherine looked up, "We need Grissom"

Nick nodded, reluctantly he left the room where Sara was to find Grissom.

"He's going to do it…he'll make me pay"

"He won't Sara, not as long as I can help it"

"You can't stop it… he always gets what he wants…in the end"

"not this time… I promise you that"


"No prints, no nothing" Warrick explained as he walked back into the break room where Sara, Catherine and Grissom all sat. Sara and Catherine on the sofa, and Grissom on a chair from the table, "There's the letter and then…this" He held up a tape, in his hand and then he held up a few photos, "and these"

Sara stood up slowly, she walked over, having not got further than looking at the letter last time she took the photo's from his hand. Looking at them she knew exactly what he was doing, he was hurting her more than she thought possible.

"What are they Sara?" Grissom asked.

"Photos" He voice cracked, emotion running threw her words, "of Dave and me…" a single tear tumbled down her cheek.

Grissom stood up, "What does the letter say?"

Sara closed her eyes, she just shook her head. This was it, the moment that they were all going to find out – she passed Gil Grissom the letter – and in the few seconds thought of everything that she had worked towards and how this letter was pulling her back into her old life and destroying this one.

Now, now Sara, my baby –

Don't tell me you forgot all about my little promise, I always said I'd be back. Now, I take it you found David, poor David. He just did listen, Sara, and you know I hate it when people don't listen. He got in my way, so I had to sort him out!

Don't let anyone else get in my way babe, because if they do I'll kill them…got me! I'm going to get what I came for – I'm going to get my revenge!

you took away my life so I'll take yours.

Take a look at the tape! Hope you like. See you soon baby - JC

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