Title: I can
Pairings: None
Warnings: Kickass girls, starfire being competent, bad language, idiots
Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor
Rating: PG-13

Summary: The girls can take care of themselves.

A/N: I'm considering making this one into a multiple chapter. I already have a few ideas, but for now it's a one-shot. Oh, and the name is short for 'I can defend myself', 'I can fight', 'I can take care of myself', and all that other good stuff. I hate how the girls are ignored, unless they're being used in a romance, or being bitchs to further one of the other girls romances. Personally, Raven and Bumblebee are my favorite characters, so I dedicate this fic to all the people who write the girls as competent, intelligent people.

"Dude! It's that Raven chick!"

"Damn, she's hot. I like Starfire though."

"What? Why?"

"'Cause with Raven you'd have to be nice for a while. With Star, you'd just have to tell her it's a ceremony and she'd probably fuck you on the first date."

"Yeah…but she's strong. I think you could guilt Raven into it." The two slime balls laughed. They were your typical scum; dressed in clothes too tight for their bodies, long unwashed and unkempt hair hanging in their faces. Today was a normal day of bad attempts to pick up girls. However, today they decided to mess with girls just a tad bit out of their leagues.

"Hey, what about Bumblebee?"

"Bumblebee? She's cool too, and she doesn't have that many powers, so she'd be easy." They laughed again. Three eyes twitched in unison, and two glowing hands reached down and pulled them from their seats.

"Guilt me?" A cloaked girl stood a few feet away, controlling the hands made of black aura, "You thought you could guilt me?"

"I am not that foolish! I have been taught Earth customs." A redhead floated near the boys, green eyes blazing and arms crossed, "And you are lucky we are here, or Raven would have sent you to another dimension!"

"Hey boys! Here's some advice; if your gonna insult heroines, at least make sure they can't hear ya." Bumblebee darted up to the boys, her stingers only a few inches from their noses, "Got it?"

The two boys nodded, eyes wide, and Raven dropped them unceremoniously into a heap on the ground, "Remember this. And don't think that just because some girls aren't heroes means you can mess with them." They nodded again, stood up, and bolted away, not even noticing as the three girls returned to the group they had been hanging out with.

"Hey, Bee, you know we could have taken those guys out!" Seven boys waited for them near the entrance of the food court, looking concerned.

"Yeah, I know Sparky. But so could we."

"Just because we're girls doesn't mean we need you to defend us."

"Yes! We have opened many cans of the butt whoop! Now may we please go get pizza? I am hungry!"

The boys watched as they walked off, blinking. Speedy rubbed the back of his neck, then looked at the others, "Hey, did you guys ever think about how strong those three are?"

"I try not too." Robin said dryly as they hurried to catch up.


Beast Boy answered for him, "Can you imagine thinking about that while you're dating one of them? It's a scary thought."

"Oh. Good point."

"Yeah. C'mon, y'all, if we make 'em wait much longer…" Cyborg shuddered, leaving the sentence hanging, and they all darted after the three females.