Title: I can
Pairings: Implied RobxStar, BBxRae, BumblebeexCyborg, JinxKidFlash, definate AqualadxSpeedy
Warnings: Sexual situations, bad language, slash, violence, dark situations, threats of rape, implied character death
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst
Rating: R

Summary: The girls can take care of themselves.

A/N: Here it is, last chapter. Enjoy. The sequel will be up...whenever I feel like writing it. xD

"This movie sucks."

"Hey, maybe next time you can actually get up off the couch and go with me! Then it won't suck."

"Even if he goes with it'll still suck."

"Yep. The movie won't change just because you both go to the store."

Laughter from the group. It was times like this that they were thankful for how big the couch was. Raven sat at the edge of the group, Beast Boy's arm around her waist. Bumblebee lay with her head against the arm, her legs across Cyborg's lap. Starfire and Robin lay snuggled up in the middle. Kid Flash and Jinx sat between them and Cyborg, while Aqualad and Speedy sat on their other side.

Speedy pulled Aqualad closer and scowled. "Next time, we don't let the girls pick the movie."

"Hey." Raven snorted. "Don't blame me. This was Beast Boy's idea."

Flash smirked at the green boy. "You picked out a chick flick?"

"Robin told me to."


"Star likes them! I was just trying to make her happy!"

"Thank you Robin..." The smile that appeared on Robin's face as Star kissed made the others laugh. It had been five months since their detainment, and things were slowly returning to normal. The six girls had to share a room for a month, just to assure themselves that they were all okay, and Melvin had only recently stopped having nightmares, but all of this was to be expected. They knew that they had to keep living and enjoying themselves, or Neko really would have won. Slowly, the laughter and jokes became less forced and joy came back to the Tower.

"I know why Robin really wanted a chick flick." Cyborg laughed as the masked boy glared at him. He pulled Bumblebee closer and pretended to hide behind the laughing girl. "Whoa, calm down Rob!"

"I do not understand."

Raven threw the other girl a sympathetic look. "Don't worry about it. They're just being idiots."

Jinx nodded and leaned her head against her boyfriends shoulder, smirking slightly. "It's what they're best at."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Aqualad laughed. "We get it. We're morons." He paused for a second, then said thoughtfully; "Hey Raven, have you heard from Melvin lately?"

"Yes. She's doing much better. The monks are helping her to control her powers, and she's been too tired to dream about anything." Raven's eyebrow arched slightly as the movie ended. "Finally..."

Flipping the channels casually, Robin frowned as a news alert caught his attention. "What the...?"

"...Authorities say that she is armed and dangerous. I repeat, the dangerous criminal Neko has escaped jail. If you see her, call this number immediately. Do not attempt to detain her on your own. Call this number if..."

They flipped the television off and simply sat in shocked silence. It was Beast Boy who, hugging Raven closer, spoke up first. "What do we do now?"

"I guess...we find her."

"And this time, we won't be so nice."