Unmei: Hi minna-san! This is my first digimon fanfic (second fanfic overall), so I hope all of you will like it. Oh, before I forget, the disclaimer:

Hikari: Unmei no Hana doesn't own any of the seasons of Digimon, nor the characters, only the plot.

Unmei: Okay, let's go onto the story! Oh and happy 2006!

Unmei no Hana

Chapter 1: Prologue

Of Clones and Outcasts

It is the year 4027 A.D. There have been many changes in the future.

For one, the majority of men were destroyed in the epic battle between men and women. The only men that now are alive are outcasts, living deep in the mountains were no one can find them and live by stealing women that wander too near their homes.

Women, on the other hand, thrive by cloning. For hundreds of years now, they have lived using cloning methods to create their population. Also, to keep company, they have made robotic men.

The world has changed…it is a world of robots, clones, and outcasts.

Unmei: I know this chapter is short…but it's a prologue. Hopefully I can get the second chapter out soon. Hope you all like it.