Searing pain, that's what she felt as her body lurched forward. She had been careless. Normally she would never turn her back on the enemy but with no back up, a whining Felger and the Jaffa closing in she had to make a choice. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the wrong one. Hitting the ground with a thud, her first instinct had been to roll over and return fire but the numbness in her lower limbs preventing her from doing just that. She could feel the warm sticky blood begin to trickle down her side as the smell of her burnt flesh assaulted her nostrils. "God this hurts"

She could hear Felger yelling for in the distance and she knew him well enough to know he would be stupid enough to attempt to rescue her. Fighting against the pain and the urge to retch, Sam lifted her head off the ground and looked towards the open gate. Seeing Felger predictably move away from the gate and toward her position, she yelled as loud as her battered body would. "No. Felger go through."

Felger attempted to protest but several staff blasts forced him back and through the open gate. Once she was sure the gate disengaged, Sam dropped her head to the ground and let the darkness overtake her.

Felger tumbled through the gate and landed unceremoniously at Hammond's feet. Rising quickly to his feet, he tried not to pee himself when he saw the stern glare of the general. Although, he knew this would be nothing compared to what O'Neill was going to do to him when he found out.

"Doctor, where is Major Carter?"

"She was…..I um…" He really had to work on stopping the stuttering when he got nervous.


"She was hit with a staff blast in the back. General, I tried to go back for her but she told me to go and then there were all these staff blasts and Jaffa" he trailed off, hoping the Hammond got the general idea.

"Is the gate network back online?"


"Good." Hammond replied before turning to the control room, "Start recalling our off world teams."

"Yes sir" replied Walter.

Hammond turned to leave when he was stopped by a still blubbering Felger. "General you have to send a team for Major Carter."

"Doctor, you said yourself that the area was teaming with Jaffa. I can't send a team into that kind of ambush without more information. I'm sorry." With that said Hammond left a shocked and very scared Felger standing in the middle of the gate room.

"O'Neill is so going to kill me."

Jack was more than happy to be getting off the planet. Besides the fact that the Jaffa were beginning to get on his nerves with their bickering and finger pointing, he was actually looking forward to hearing Carter's explanation as to how her Felger had fixed the problem. In fact, he would just be happy to hear her voice. When Hammond had told him that she and Felger had gone to the planet, Ba'al's planet, by themselves he felt his stomach tightened in all types of knots. He had been tempted to say 'screw being nice to the Jaffa' and steal the really nifty ship they had commandeered. But he didn't and when Hammond had contacted him two days later and simply said 'clear to dial home' and the gate cut out, he didn't question it, he just followed orders. Thinking back on it though, he should have been more inquisitive since the looks on Hammond and Daniel's faces when he and exited the wormhole told him he wasn't going to like what they had to say. Quickly taking note that Carter wasn't among them, he knew he wasn't going to like what they were going to say.

"Where's Carter?"

The two men looked at each other pensively before Daniel cleared his throat. "Sam didn't make it back"

"What?" His mouth had gone dry and he was sure his stomach was now in his boots. She hadn't come back. It had been two days. Two days that she was a captive of Ba'al. That thought alone sent shivers down his spine.

"Dr. Felger said she was providing covering fire when she struck in the back by a staff blast. He tried to help her but she ordered him to return here"

"Sir, permission to—"

"Denied Colonel"


"We dialed the gate and sent a M.A.L.P. through but it was destroyed as soon as arrived on the planet."


"I suggest you and Teal'c get your post mission check ups. We can finish this discussion in one hour in the briefing room. Is that understood Colonel?"

"Yes sir" Yep, definitely should have stolen the ship.