It took Jack a good twenty minutes to get rid of Felger so he could get changed and geared up. The yapping man spoke so fast that Jack was unsure to what he was agreeing to. In the end he had to admit the man made a good argument. Which was why, against his better judgment, he agreed to let Felger tag along.

Call it a moment of weakness, call it what you will but in the end he would have agreed to Siler joining them if it helped them get Carter back. He knew above all else what Baal was doing to her and he knew the type of decisions he was making were not be made based on tactical facts, they were being made on raw emotion. Raw emotion for the woman he loved. A woman he wasn't supposed to love.

When Jack reached the gateroom he was moderately impressed to find Felger already present and ready to go.

"You guys ready to go?" he asked as he approached.

Chevron one encoded


"Yes" replied an obviously nervous Felger

"Yeah and what exactly is the plan?" asked Daniel as he tightened the strap on his pack

"Get the ship, get Carter, and come home"

Chevron 2 encoded

"How are we going to get the ship? From what Teal'c has told me, the Jaffa swoon over it"


"I'm serious Jack. It is going to be guarded"

Chevron 3 encoded

"We steal it. Unless of course they are willing to give to us?" he replied looking at Teal'c

"That is unlikely" replied Teal'c

Chevron 4 encoded

"Stealing, it is"

"How do we do that?"

Chevron 5 encoded

"Daniel—" Jack began but was quickly cut off by Teal'c

"There will be several patrol changes, especially during the night. The opportune time to steal the ship will present itself during one of those changes"

Chevron 6 encoded

"There ya see? Any more questions, Daniel?"


Chevron 7 locked


"Sg-1 you have go."

"Thank you sir" Jack replied over his shoulder as he marched up the ramp and into the event horizon without as much as a second glance. The others quickly followed suit.

"Good luck Jack" whispered Hammond just as the gate shutdown.

Daniel had to admit that for something the Jaffa held in such high praise, it was relatively easy to steal. Under the darkness of night Jack and Teal'c moved so quickly, he was sure if he blinked he would have missed it.

He was also surprised to find Felger quiet throughout the ordeal. While he was sure he heard a muttered 'yes,' he was equally surprised to find he contained his composure when they entered the ship. He kept waiting for the man to jump all over Jack and congratulate him on a job well done, but all he did was sit down and keep silent. Guilt will do that to a person.

Jack was relieved when they were met with little to no resistance. The last thing he wanted to be delayed with was Jaffa small talk. He made sure Teal'c informed one of the barely coherent guards who had taken their precious ship. He knew Teal'c wanted to avoid more unnecessary blood shed between the two factions. In all honesty, he could've cared less. All he wanted was to get the ship, take it to the planet, and get Carter.

He was even more relieved when Felger walked past him and sat down without saying a word. He was so not in the mood for the man's hero praising. Walking past him and Daniel, he came to a halt next to Teal'c, who had begun to power up the ship.

"You can fly this right?"

"Indeed I can O'Neill"

"Good. Then get us off the ground and out of here"

Without saying a word Teal'c complied and the ship began its ascent through the planet's atmosphere and into space.

"How long till we get there?"

"It will be at least 8 hours, O'Neill. This ship, while acquired in good condition, still contains some damage to its engines. It is operating at a little more than half of its full capability"

"And you don't know of a way to make it go faster?" he was getting impatient. He knew that but eight hours was just too damn long to leave Sam alone with Baal.

"I do not"

"Damn" he muttered. Leave it to the Jaffa to steal a defunct ship.

"Excuse me Colonel?"

"What is it Felger?"

"I could take a look at the engines. Maybe see if I could get the crystals to increase their energy output?" he sputtered

On any other occasion he might have welcomed the offer. But Felger's help was what got them into the situation they were in. However, he did know the engines and he had agreed to let him come for situations such as these. "Alright, go. Daniel, you go with him. Make sure he doesn't touch anything other than engines"

"Ok" Daniel knew what kind of wrath one could incur from Jack if they touched something they weren't supposed to. He had learned that lesson, several times, the hard way.

Once the two were out of sight, Jack let his tough solider routine falter for a moment as he removed his cap and ran a hand through his hair. Letting out a heavy sigh he then plopped himself into the co-pilots seat next to Teal'c

"You are troubled O'Neill"

"Ya think?"

The Jaffa merely raised an eyebrow


"There is no need to apologize." After a small pause he added, "It would seem that Doctor Felger has succeeded. The engines are now running at nearly maximum performance"

"Good" it was a solemn reply and Teal'c quickly picked up on it.

"Major Carter is strong, O'Neill. I have no doubt she will prevail as you once did."

"Yeah." was all he could mutter as he stared out the window of the Teltac.