Television, Cars, and Coffee

Chapter One: Consequences of Illness


Kagome slung her yellow bag onto her back and bid the group farewell. Inuyasha stood up and grabbed her shoulder, spinning her around to face him. "Just where do you think you're going?" he asked. Kagome removed Inuyasha's hand.

"I'm going home," she said, "We're running low on supplies, and I'm falling behind in school again. Today's tuesday. I have a test Thursday. I'll be back by Saturday."

Inuyasha snorted, "And why do you need to stay home until Saturday?"

"I want to see my family for a little bit. Is that so much to ask?" she replied, annoyed. Turning around again, she left the village and headed towards the Bone Eater's well, already her mind filled with visions of math equations. Inuyasha watched her go until she faded from sight before returning to his previous spot on the ground, mumbling about the uselessness of school, but did not dare go after her in fear of being sat. Sango came around a minute later with a bowl of food, hoping it would distract him.

Kagome, for her part, reached the well with little difficulty if one didn't count getting caught in some underbrush. She laid her hand on the sun-warmed wood and prepared to jump when she was hit by the presense of a powerful aura. It swept over her miko senses, wrapping itself around them tightly, as if it was trying to smother them out. The aura was familiar. Already knowing what who it was in the pit of her stomach, Kagome peeked over her shoulder only to have her hypothesis confirmed by seeing the stoic Sesshomaru standing not twenty feet away, eyeing her cooly. She averted her gaze quickly, only now berating herself for leaving her bow at camp.

The thought of just ignoring the demon lord was greatly appealling to Kagome, but was soon dismissed. He might not take kindly to being ignored. Grudgingly, she straightened up and turned around to face him, her hands feeling for the lip of the well incase she would have to make a quick get-away. She waited silently, hoping he would say something, and when he remained silent, she let out a small sigh before starting the conversation herself.

"Can.. Can I help you with something, Lord Sesshomaru?" she asked. He remained silent, comtemplating his response. Kagome felt like curling up in a ball under his gaze. His presence controlled the area, and she knew that he knew it. Finally, Sesshomaru spoke: "My ward is ill. No medicine of my knowledge can cure her."

Kagome just stared at him, not comprehending. Realizing this, Sesshomaru continued. "I wish to barter for some of your futuristic medicines. Perhaps one of them will be of worth."

A look of comprehension dawned on Kagome's features. "Do you know what she has?" she asked. Sesshomaru replied with a single shake of his head. Kagome looked to the ground, knowing she would regret what she was about to ask. "Could you bring her here?"


Kagome nodded, "Then please do so. It'd be good to find out the major symptoms at least. Perhaps something in my bag would be enough to help."

Sesshomaru retreated into the trees and returned one minute later with a small, feeble-looking Rin lying across the back of Ah-Un, followed by Jaken who walked grumbling by the dragon's tail. With one glance, Kagome could tell the girl was definitely sick. Her face was flushed a warm red, her eyes were bloodshot, and she had broken out in a sweat. She smiled weakly at Kagome upon seeing her, and Kagome returned the gesture before approaching. She helped the girl sit up before asking, "When did you start feeling sick?"

"Three days ago," Rin answered. Kagome nodded and felt her forehead. She had a fever.

"What are all your symptoms?" she asked, receiving a confused look from Rin. Kagome simplified, "What's everything that's bothering you?"

"Oh, right. My head hurts a bit, and my tummy. I even threw up once," she added, blushing even redder with embarrassment at the thought. "And my throat really, really hurts." Kagome gently felt Rin's neck, noting that some of the glands were enflamed. She took a step back and seized up the girl. "I can't be certain at this point, because I'm no doctor." she said, and paused, not really wanting to say the next part, "But I think you're going to need a real doctor's appointment for this one."

Chapter one, rewritten. Enjoy.
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