Television, Cars, and Coffee: Chapter 16 - Returning

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Inuyasha had jumped into Kagome's open window, and was waiting for her to return from her shower. He landed on her bed and let out a soft growl. Sesshomaru's scent was all over the place in there! Inuyasha continued to grumble to himself until the bedroom door opened and Kagome walked in the room with wet hair and a towl around her shoulders. She looked up at him. "Was there something you needed Inuyasha?" she asked.

"Yeah" he replied gruffly, "We agreed Saturday morning, remember? It's way past then. I've given you plenty of extra time, even you have to admit it"

She looked at him with a small frown before replying, "Yes, I suppose you're right. So, do you want to tell the demon lord down stairs that he has to leave the house, or should I?" Inuyasha blinked. He had forgotten about that. "Uh..." he stuttered, "I'll do it, since you still have to dry your hair and all" Kagome smiled at him.

"Thanks Inuyasha. Just don't do anything...reckless"

"Keh" Inuyasha replied before exiting Kagome's room and making his way down stairs towards the livingroom where he knew his brother was. He leapt down the last ten steps and landed on all fours before straightening up again and entering the livingroom. Sesshomaru, who was settled on the couch with Rin beside him and Jaken on the floor in front of him, looked up upon his arrival. "You have to leave Sesshomaru" Inuyasha said, crossing his arms. Sesshomaru blinked.


Kagome had just finished combing her hair when she heard a crash from downstairs. She sighed and ran down the hallway to the staircase where she could hear yells floating up from the livingroom. She hurried down the stairs to the cause of all the commotion.

"Keh! I said you had to get your hide outta here Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha yelled at his halfbrother on the other side of the room.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyebrows at the hanyou before turning his gaze to the miko who had just entered the room. "What was that crash?" she asked, flustered. Inuyasha turned to look at her. "Sesshomaru over there tried to kick Jaken at me" Kagome blinked and looked at Sesshomaru, looking for confirmation. He merely looked back at her blankly. Kagome turned back to Inuyasha. "Ok. I know I promised we'd go on Saturday, today, so let me get my stuff packed. Sesshomaru" she called to the Taiyoukai, "I'm sorry, but a promise is a promise. I have to leave, and I can't leave you guys here alone. Not that I don't think you'd be able to manage" she added in quickly, seeing his eyes narrow. He didn' t answer right away, but after a few seconds, he replied. "Tomorrow is the fullmoon, correct?"

Slightly caught off guard by the randomness of the question, Kagome answered, "Yes, I believe so"

"Very well then" he replied, "I must return to the western lands. There is business that needs attending to" Inuyasha just looked at Sesshomaru. Had it really been that easy to get him to leave?

"But, before that" the Taiyoukai continued.


"Miko. I seek to strike a deal with you"

"Me?" Kagome asked.


"Oh of course you meant me. What other miko is there around here? Ehehe"


"So, uh, what did you need?"

"I wish to strike a deal concerning the Pepsi drink" Kagome blinked. That was unexpected, yet in some twisted obscure way, that was exactly what she thought he'd say.

"Everytime you return here" he continued, "You will gather some of it to bring back with you to deliver to me. Of course, you will be paid in return for your efforts"

Kagome thought about it. The group could always use extra money. It's not like they had a steady income, unless you counted Miroku's exorcisms. But, even then, not much profit was made in that field either.

"How much are you talking?" she questioned, feeling brave. Sesshomaru thought about this.

"As much as the drink costs, in addition to fifty percent more, for your labor charge" he replied. Kagome held his gaze, and considered the offer.

"Done" she said finally, and he smirked.

"Ok, ok. Now that you're all done playing the business person Kagome, could you pick up the pace a little?" Inuyasha cut in.

"Yes, yes, ok. Hold your horses" Kagome replied before going off to pack. "Sesshomaru" she called over her shoulder, "Go ahead that grab the pepsi that's in the fridge. I can always get more later"

He nodded at her back and disappeared into the kitchen. Kagome re-entered the livingroom fifteen minutes later, her huge yellow bad flung over her shoulder. Sesshomaru had returned, and the three bottles of pop along with the three books Kagome had gotten him and Rin, Jaken's candy, and Rin's nailpolish were sitting on the coffee table.

"I'll get you a bag" Kagome volunteered, going into the kitchen only to return a second later with a few grocery bags. She loaded stuff into the bags and handed them to Sesshomaru. He grabbed them and nodded in return.

"Ok" Kagome announced, everyone ready? Do you have Rin's medicine Sesshomaru? Remember, three times a day"

"Hai, I have it" he replied.

"Yes! We're all ready!" Rin cheered, jumping up.

"Right, let's go then"

Then exited the house after Kagome left a note for her mom and locked the door. The group crossed the cement and entered the well house. "Now" Kagome said, "we'll have to grab onto eachother again"

"We're not all going to fit" Inuyasha said, peering down into the darkness of the well.

"You're right. Inuyasha, you go through first with Jaken and I'll follow with Sesshomaru and Rin"

"Why do I have to take Jaken?!" Inuyasha protested.

"Would you rather take Sesshomaru?" questioned Kagome.

"Good point" Inuyasha replied hurriedly, and Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. The hanyou grabbed the toad youkai by the shoulder and leapt, the blue light surrounding them.

Once they were gone, Kagome grabbed onto Rin's hand, and she in turn, grabbed onto Sesshomaru's. The three of them jumped over the edge of the well. They were engulfed in the blue light and transported back to the past.

They arrived in the fuedal era seconds later, and Kagome climbed the vines up the wall while Sesshomaru jumped out, taking Rin with him. Once Kagome reached the top, she saw Inuyasha and everyone waiting for her.

"I shall return for more pepsi in the future" Sesshomaru informed her, 'and you will be paid for it then, along with money for the books you purchased"

Kagome nodded, "Ok, but don't worry about the books. Let's just call them gifts, ok?"

"As you wish" Sesshomaru replied before turning around and walking away.

"Rin, Jaken" he called over his shoulder, "Come"

"Hai Sesshomaru-sama!" the yelled, chasing after him.

"Goodbye Kagome-chan!" Rin called back at the miko once they were a good distance away, "See you soon!"

"Bye Rin!" Kagome called back, waving.

Once they were out of sight, Kagome turned towards Inuyasha. "So" she said, "Jewel shards?"

Inuyasha smirked, "Jewel shards"

They began walking down towards Kaede's village when Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara appeared coming up the hill. Kagome smiled.

'Ah, everything's finally back to normal' she thought as a little furball of a fox collided with her stomach.

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