Jack's Hands

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Warnings: Hints of Jack/Will


"Will, mate-" William Turner glanced up from his vantage point by the wheel, and little unnerved at sitting while he stood. Ever since they had 'commandeered' the Intercepter, he had felt vaguely uneasy, without proper reason. It wasn't that he didn't trust Jack- well, no. He didn't trust Jack. He didn't believe that the pirate would do anything to endanger him at the moment (somehow, being acquainted with Jack Sparrow made you feel oddly used, no matter what the situation), but it was his eyes that bothered him.

They sort of scoured your soul, ravaging your mind and leaving nothing left to question. Will found it increasingly hard to make any sort of lie to Jack, feeling almost immediately guilty when they made eye contact. Somehow, he always knew.

As it were, William clambered to his feet, sealegs still developing. He reached out to catch his balance on the roped wheel, trying to look as if he were perfectly used to the rollicking waves and failing miserably. "Yes, Jack?"

"Well, William," Jack began in that peculiar accent that really wasn't an accent, but a blending of many, "I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to escort me to the cabin, as I've found some rather int'resting things that you'd might be wanting to take a look at-" He kept talking, but the blacksmith had stopped listening.

Unwise to the ways of Jack, Will had been sidetracked by his hands. They were tanned and scared, and covered in smudges of what appeared to be charcoal to boot. Each hand was a seperate map, telling of a life of callouses, blood, and wickedly handsome eyeliner that had gone awry. They danced with his words, swaying back and forth, the fingers occasionally twiddling this way and that. A deaf person could understand what Jack was saying at any given moment, the way they illustrated his words. Will fleetingly wondered if you tied his hands behind his back, would he still be able to talk?

"So, what do you think?" A winning grin, a flash of golden teeth. "Um-yes," Will stammered, caught off guard and still not thinking properly. "Excellant! Come with me, then," he slurred, grabbing Will around the shoulders and leading the confused man off, which was precisely how he ended up in bed the Jack for the first time.