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Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler walked into Central Park. They caught a rape at three in the morning. It was still raining from yesterday and by then the park was muddy and not a sign of people there. The fog too heavy and you couldn't even see a person right in front of you. They walked over the M.E. who was examining the body.

"What do we have?" Elliot yelled over the rain.

"She was shot in the head. Hands are gone so she must've scratched him. We have a condom wrapper. No fluids. He cleaned up pretty good. We can't find a thing." Warner said as she stood up.

"Was she raped? Any ID?" Olivia asked.

"She was raped about once or more. And he probably took her wallet. There is no ID. Also her hands and knees are all muddy like she was on her knees and hands begging for her life or something anyway I'll call you guys if I find anything else." She said walking away back over to the body.


Olivia and Elliot returned to the squad with their coats, knees down on their pance and hair soaking wet at 5. They hung up their coats and sat down. John just sat their looking at them. Finally Olivia put down her pen and looked at him.

"Ok Munch what is it?" Olivia said defeated.

"You two are wet and mucky." He said. pointing to her pance.

"Well yeah we are your point being?" She said annoyed with his obvious.

"You guys came into work at the same time." He said stating yet another fact. Fin and Elliot looked up. They knew where this was going.

"Ugh john for the thousandth time Elliot and I are not together! We came in because we got a case at 3am and now I am really tired and I just wanna ID our Jane Doe. Ok?"

"Ok you are really cranky this morning." He said returning to talk with Fin.

Elliot on the other hand thought getting together with Olivia wasn't that bad. Olivia saw him staring into space and she threw a pen at him and he looked at her.

"Why did you that for?" he asked.

"You fell asleep well staring into space." She said. Cargen walked into the squad room and went over to Olivia and Elliot.

"Do we have a ID on the body?" he asked.

"No ID, but the best part is we filled out a missing persons, turns out she has a tattoo so we have that and the height, etc." Elliot said.

"Ok she was raped?" he asked not sure.

"Attacker used a condom. Cut her hand off so we think she scratched him. Also a gun shot to the head which probably killed her. We won't know till Warner calls us." Olivia said.

Before anyone could say anything a man with a dozen roses walked in.

"Uh I have a dozen roses here for a Olivia Benson." The Teenager said.

"That's uh me." Olivia said standing up and taking the flowers young boy gave to her.

"Whose it from?" Fin asked.

"You never told us you were seeing anyone." John said.

Odd Olivia hadn't bee seeing anyone. She found the note and read it a loud.

"To my dear Olivia,

It's been three years since I last saw you. Do you remember? I bet you you don't. How's Detective Stabler and his family? Oopps… I heard he got divorced how sad. I also heard your mother died. Did you cry? I bet not. I hope you liked my little gift. Sorry for the no hands but she scratched me and she had skin under her nails. She begged for her life as you will be doing soon Olivia. I'll write to you when I have time. Tell Stabler to watch his back and that he won't be able to be your night in shining armor in this one.

I love you and in time we can be together. ' No hard feelings' remember that?



Olivia just stood there rereading the letter to herself.

"I don't get it. Who is this person?" Fin asked like he was missing something.

"Richard White" John said.

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