"Captain, they found White." The officer said out of breath…

CHAPTER 17 Elliot's POV

We went to the ware house by the docks. It was still raining outside and we all just wished this weather would go away! (Ok in the last few chapters it was still raining so I'm sorry if I forgot to mention it!) We walked over to two officers who were standing by their cars.

"I'm Captain Donald Cragen." My captain said to them.

"Oh yes, we got your guy. He was staying in that warehouse." The officer said pointing to the building where white was hiding in. they talked some more and we transferred white into our car.

The ride back to the 1-6 was quiet. Once we got back I took white into an interrogation room. I didn't want to question him because I knew I would loose it. I stood outside the room and watched with Cragen and Casey as Munch and Fin questioned him.

"So, white can you tell us what happened." Fin said. It wasn't a question it was more like an order.

"You're new around here." White said to him.

"White cut the crap. Tell us what happened." John said in a harsh tone.

"Well what do you want to know?" White asked playing stupid with them.

"Everything." Fin said.

"Well, she came to me, but of course you all know that. I brought her to the house and I laid her down on a bed in the quest room. She was wet so I changed her cloths. Kristi, she was my "Daughter". Well not really. She was Maureen Stabler's Child. Sweet girl. She did what she was told. I told her to call me daddy and that we would have a mommy soon. When Olivia was there we acted like a family. I would go to work and she would mind Kristi and I would come home dinner would be ready. We were a prefect family." Richard said.

"One night I came home drunk. I didn't know what I was doing. I came home from work. Kristi was eating her dinner and I cornered her in. I started to kiss, but she wouldn't go along with it so I struck her with a needle. I carried her upstairs. I had sex with her. Then I started to beat her. I threw her against the wall. The next day Olivia went for a little nap during the day. Kristi she got me so mad so I grabbed her by the hair. She started to scream and Olivia came downstairs. She told me to let go of Kristi and that we would have some fun.

"I started to kiss her and the bitch didn't like it. She told me to sop. I didn't even know the little brat left. So she kicked me in my dick and she started to run. I grabbed her foot and she fell. She hit me in the nose and got up. She ran towards the basement stairs and I got up. I pushed her down the stairs. Her head hit each stair. It made a weird sound. Like thump, thump, thump. And with that it sounded like a crack. I carried her upstairs and tied her to the bed.

"She was knocked out and I decided to have some fun. So I undressed her. I put tape on her mouth so no one could hear her. I entered her and that's when she woke up. She tried to scream, but they were only muffled by the tape. She started to cry when I thrust deeper into her. I was lying next to her when I ripped the tape off her. She begged me to let her go.

"I laid a knife on her stomach and went in for round two. Once I was done I dressed and hovered over her. I stabbed her six times, but they weren't deep in, but then I stabbed her deeper and I left the knife in her. Then I craved my name into her neck it was hard, but I did it.

"I left the house because I knew Kristi would find help. And now here I am!" Richard said finishing his story.


I felt my blood boiling. I felt like throwing up. We were lucky he didn't' describe everything.

"Book him." Casey said quietly. I looked at her and there were tears in her eyes, but she wouldn't show them. She walked out of the room. Fin and Munch stepped outside the room.

"He's one sick man." Fin said.

I walked into the men room and threw up. Once I was done heaving I went into the Captains office and told him I was going home. He gave me the week off.

We caught him, but I still felt hopeless. I wanted Olivia back.

Life went on. Fin and John caught the cases while I refused a new partner. I said I wasn't gonna wait till Olivia came out of a coma. It has been one month since we caught White and threw him in jail. I would visit Olivia everyday and so would my kids when they got time. All her wounds healed, but she would have a scar.

I remember one time when I got shot and the doctor said I would have a scar Olivia said, "Every scar means you did something good". She said to me. And it was good because now as I look at the scar I remember saving a little child. I sat at my desk wishing she was right a cross from me cracking jokes.

My cell phone started to ring.


"Elliot, it's me Kathy. Get down here right now. Elliot she's awake!" Kathy said into the phone. That was all I needed. I shot right up closing my cell and ran towards Cap's office.

"That was Kathy, she's awake." I said to him. We ran towards my car and called Munch and Fin and told them. We got to the hospital and ran to her room. There she sat drinking some water. She didn't look good, but she was awake.

"Hi." We said walking in.

"Hi." She said smiling back at us.

"Well guys she's in great shape, but we wanna keep her here." Kathy said leaving the room smiling. We sat down in the chairs beside her bed.

"I'm sorry guys it's just I didn't want more girls to die." She said to us.

"It's ok, but we have good news." Cragen said.

"Wait, is Kristi ok?" she asked.

"Yes, she's ok. She's been visiting you everyday." Cragen said.

"Ok, but we caught white. He's in jail and he can't hurt you." I said to her. She just nodded.

Soon Casey, Fin and Munch came in the room. We talked a lot. Olivia seemed happy, but we needed her statement, but I didn't want to ruin the moment. The doctor came in and said she would be leaving tomorrow. Once everyone left she broke down in my arms. She cried herself to sleep and I knew it was only the beginning. The next day I took her home.

"El, thank you so much." She said to me.

"Your welcome, little girl." I said to her. She smiled.

"Well you know I've been asleep for a long time and I've been thinking." She said to me.

"Wait, you could think in a coma?" I asked her.

"Yea, you can. I heard what you said." she said to me.

"Oh." Was all I said.

"El, you know I feel the same haven't we talked about this?" she said laughing.

"Yes, I know." I said smiling.

We went to bed just lying next to each other. She would wake up crying, but I calmed her down. The next day she had to give her statement.

The 1-6

Interview room

"Ok, Olivia you can stop anytime you need to. Just tell us what happened there." Fin said.

Olivia started her story……



You probably want to know what has happened since then. Well white got life in prison and thank god for that! Elliot and I moved into together, but Cragen threatened him with the dad thing. It was great to be back. Elliot proposed to me and is aid yes. I am now pregnant with his child. Were having twins! And there due in four months.

I stopped having my nightmares along time ago and I was glad about that. Were all one BIG family!

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