Hotch rubbed the bridge of his nose. His head was pounding.

"Black, two sugars." Morgan held out a paper cup.


The two men turned at the sound of footsteps.

"Where is he? What happened?" Gideon barked.

Hotch nodded towards the room. "He was drugged, but otherwise unhurt."

"Drugged with what?" Gideon glanced through the open door at Reid, who was finally sleeping.

"Rohypnol." The doctor chimed in as he walked up.

"He was roped?"

"Yes Agent Morgan. And a rather strong dose."

"Is that what caused the memory loss?"

The doctor nodded. "Temporary amnesia is a common side effect. Although generally not so extreme. The heavier dose could be the cause."

"What now?" Hotch asked.

"We have Agent Reid on fluids to counter the dehydration and help flush the drug from his system. We'll run a few tests, EKG, CAT scan, just to make sure there's no other concerns."

"And his memory?"

"It should return in a day or two. At least the basics. He might not ever remember what happened when he was drugged."

"We'll work around that. We just need Reid healthy and back to normal." Morgan smirked. "Well normal for Reid."

"And then we find out what happened and who did this to him."

Hotch put a hand on Gideon's shoulder. Anyone who had spent even an hour with them knew that Gideon saw Reid as more than just another agent, more than some boy genius. Reid was like a second son to Gideon. And even Hotch had to admit that there was something about Reid that made him feel like a protective big brother.

"Don't worry, Jason. We will."