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He Nose Our Secret

Chapter 1: Of Bets and Bars

Kagome sat at her desk, her head against the cool wood as her fingers drummed against it, her nails ricocheting the sound a little. It was absolute torture to her in every way. Today was the last day of school until the summer, and although only a minute remained until the final bell, the seconds ticked by like hours. Her ebony orbs watched the second hand on the clock, watching it like it was the last thing she'd ever see.

Her best friend, Sango, folded paper into a flower, no longer needing to follow the instructions from the book, which she had memorized so long ago. Inside a message was written in her small, neat writing, addressed to the girl in front of her. She completed the rose and passed it down to Kagome.

She smiled at her friend's beautiful creation, glad that she had something on her mind besides the final seconds of school. She carefully untucked the paper in its careful folds holding the creation together and smiled at the message.

Let's hit the club tonight. What do you say?

Sango! 3

Kagome handed back the paper without a reply; her friend would already know the answer. The magenta orbed girl took the paper back and refolded it for her friend. Kagome had a whole drawer full of Sango's designs and kept every note.

She jumped up with a smile as the bell rang, throwing her small bag over her shoulder and pulling down the forest green skirt of her school uniform. That was the last time she'd wear it for awhile. Sango got up as well, smiling and waving to people as they walked towards the bus stop.

"So, when do you want to go?" Kagome asked as they arrived at their destination and stood waiting for the bus. They were going to be in the 12th grade next year, and they were still car less, having to take the city bus to and from school. It really got irritating to them, but they never really complained. They were poor and on their own.

Sango shrugged her shoulders, steeping back a little as the bus pulled up and other students entered. She slung her bag on the floor in front of her seat.

"I hear that Shunichi Miyamoto is performing tonight at the Tokyo Plaza Night Club. We should go around sevenish!"

Kagome sighed; Sango was obsessed with the teen singer. (A/N: I don't blame her, he's hot!) She just smiled and nodded. "Sounds good!" Nothing could ruin her happy mood now that school was out.

They arrived at their apartment twenty minutes later, in which they immediately threw down their bags, kicking them out of the way for awhile, and collapsed on their beds, the fan swirling around nonchalantly above them.

"Think we'll see any hot guys today at the club?" Kagome asked, jumping up from her bed to dig out their fake IDs.

"Yup!" Sango replied smiling.

"Besides Miyamoto…" Kagome replied, sighing at her best friend. She smiled when she found them, glad that they still looked somewhat like the girls in the pictures.

"There are bound to be tons there!" Sango replied happily.

Kagome nodded, looking at her clock. It was already past five thirty.

"Well, I'm gonna go take a shower," Kagome said, digging through her drawers for some under clothes and throwing them on top of the commode, hearing Sango yell:

"Don't use up all the hot water!"

Kagome agreed, turning on the water-proof radio and waiting as the sound poured out of it. She then discovered that Sango had left her CD in there. "Probably Anges…" Kagome said sighing, but smiled at how well she knew her friend when she discovered she was right.

She changed the station to one that played almost every genre imaginable as she stripped herself of her clothes and let the warm water fall around her.


Sango flipped through the channels, trying to find something to watch, though since it was six, the only things on were news and well…more news.

Sighing, she admitted defeat and flipped the television off, instead, opening the magazine she had been reading earlier. Inside it told about the Tokyo Plaza Night Club, and that's how she found out about Miyamoto singing. Plus, she and her friend really needed a break-time to relax and have fun. But more importantly, time to meet hot guys!

She closed the magazine, another sigh escaping her lips. She was bored…very bored. So bored that she even wished for something to do. It was very unlike her. Luckily that's when Kagome walked out from the shower, clutching a CD carefully in her hand.

"You need help…" was all she said as she put it on the desk, trying to find something to wear. Sango smiled sheepishly and grabbed her towel.


The club was far busier than either of the teens expecting, but somehow that was good, because security seemed overwhelmed and hardly noticed that both girls had fake IDs and let them in.

"That was easy…" Sango said happily.

"WHAT?" Kagome yelled back. The music was blaring and the noise from the crowd made it hard to hear.

"I SAID-OH NEVERMIND!" Sango yelled back, exasperated, pushing her way through the crowd, trying to find an open table, though she had no luck. She didn't like large crowds, well, only because they confined her to small spaces-not that she was Closter phobic or anything, she just didn't like the lack of space.

Kagome tapped her on the shoulder. "I'M GONNA GO GET DRINKS!" And when Sango made a confused face, Kagome made the sign of taking a drink, in which Sango nodded approvingly-glad she wasn't the one that had to wait in line.

That's when Shunichi Miyamoto came onstage, and after a few words started a song. Sango smiled as she lipped the music. Many guys stared at her, debating on whether to ask her to dance or not, but finally one man stepped forward.

He was tall and slim, with muscular arms and jet black hair pulled back into a very short ponytail, smiling almost like a Cheshire cat, or like he was very sure she would give him the answer he wanted.

"Hey babe," he said, smiling at her. "Would you like to dance?"

Sango looked around for her friend, but since the crowd was so thick, it was hard to see her. She just smiled. Well, don't be mad Kag. At least he's hot…

She smiled and took his extended hand and followed him to the dance floor. He sighed as the fast song ended and a slow one came on, but still wrapped his arms around her slender waist with a smile.

She blushed lightly and wrapped her arms around his neck, swaying gently back and forth to the music.

"You're beautiful…" he said smiling into her chestnut hair.

She would've disagreed in a heartbeat, but didn't say a word. In her opinion, she was far from beautiful. Her chestnut locks were twirled in a messy bun pinned to her head, though strands were falling, and her usual pink eye shadow had turned a little darker to match her clothes.

Somehow, things couldn't get any better. She only hoped Kagome was having fun as well…


Kagome, though, was having a hard time just getting the drinks. A crowd had formed around the bar; apparently everyone had the same idea as her at that time, and she was starting to get a little angry.

She bumped into a couple of people, but finally was shoved so hard she fell straight into a boy, knocking both of them to the ground.

He snarled at her. "Watch where you're going!" he yelled angrily. He got up and brushed himself off, not even extending a hand to help her. Kagome couldn't help but hate him immediately, but he was kind of…cute?

His long silver locks reflected the numerous lights, making it almost sparkle, whilst his golden orbs were deep, but to Kagome seemed almost full of hatred.

She pushed herself from the sticky floor and sent dagger like glares at him, which he didn't seem to care about.

She grabbed some drinks and hurried off to find Sango, trying to leave that boy as far away as possible. She sighed when she saw her friend dancing with some guy, wishing she had someone to dance with.

A boy with long dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail walked over to her.

"You're too beautiful to be a wall flower…let's dance!"

She put down the drinks as he dragged her on the dance floor and danced all around her. He smirked at her. "I'm Koga…"

"Kagome," she said quietly, but he heard it even over the music. With a smile he replied, "A beautiful name for a beautiful woman…"

(A/N: In NO way do I support Koga/Kagome, but he flirts with her so that's what's going on. It is an InuKag.)

She smiled and slightly blushed and as the song ended a woman with long red hair came and pulled Koga away, leaving Kagome alone.

She watched him for a moment, then decided to go find Sango. She should be used to it by now. That happened every time they went here. A guy would dance with them, obviously too drunk to know what in the hell was going on, then he would get dragged away by his girlfriend. It was like an endless cycle.

Sango was still with the mystery man from before, so Kagome decided not to bother her and took a seat at the bar. The bartender looked at her with a smile. He knew she was too young to drink, or to even be there, but didn't say a thing.

She ordered a Coke, making the man smile, and sipped it nonchalantly as she stared at the wood that made up the bar top.

The man sitting next to her looked over her way. He looked a lot like the boy she had bumped in to earlier. His hair was also silver and long, but groomed more fairly and his clothes were expensive looking, the labels confirming it.

"Can I help you?" Kagome barked, not caring how rude she sounded. He smirked.

"You don't take shit…that's good. I've got a proposition for you…"

She didn't say a word, acting like she could care less.

"Actually, it's more of a bet…let's say, oh I don't know, half a mil…"

Kagome dropped her glass, and it shattered on the wooden top, the remaining drink splattering. The bartender glared at her, but she didn't seem to notice. Her mouth was agape, making her resemble a fish out of water.

"I thought that might get your attention. My name is Sesshoumaru Takahashi-"

She interrupted him before he could get another word in. "You're THE Sesshoumaru Takahashi! The famous journalist!"

(A/N: Yes, Sesshy-kun is rich, and I know that most journalists are probably not as rich as he is, but he is an ex-model and stuff so…yeah…)

He nodded and smiled. "Anyway, to keep things short, I wanna make a bet with you. That all boys' boarding school just opened and I'll give you half a million dollars if you can stay there for two months without anyone finding out that you are a girl."

"Wait! So you mean I have to dress and act, and look like a boy!"

He nodded, and that's when Sango returned and smiled at Kagome.

"I met a really cool guy!" she said smiling, then her eyes grew wide when she saw Sesshoumaru.

"Do you know who you are?"

He nodded and Kagome grabbed her friend's attention by telling her of the bet.

"Really? Half a mil? Ohmigod!" Sango had to keep herself standing by grabbing on the back of Kagome's chair.

"I'll let you go too. Just disguise yourselves as guys for two months and you will both get half a million dollars."

The girl's exchanged stares, trying to think of what to do. Heck, for a million dollars, they could move out of their mangy apartment and each get a nice car…

But pretending to be guys? That was the hard part. They were too girly to be guys.

Sesshoumaru saw that they were debating with themselves, and each other, and with a smile said. "I'll tell you what…here's my card. Call me when you think of an answer."

He handed them a black card with white writing across the front, then put down a few dollars for his drinks and walked out of the bar.


Kagome lied on her bed, staring at the ceiling, still debating with herself in her head. She twirled the card between her pointer and middle finger, sighing as her head started to hurt.

Sango was asleep on the other bed in the room, the book she was reading open and sprawled beside her. Her heavy breathing could be heard from where Kagome sat.

"One million dollars…just to act like guys…"

She smiled. "ONE MILLION DOLLARS!" she screamed. Sango bolted up and rubbed her sleep filled eyes.


"Let's do it!"


There's chapter one! Hope everyone liked it. I'm hoping to make the chapters longer, so don't worry if this one was too short. Well, I've gotta go to bed, cuz it's like 2 a.m. Sorry if this chapter sucked! Review!

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